Saturday, December 29, 2007

Match Report - SMU vs All Star Old Boys

The match featured some big names for the All Star team such as National Prop Tan Mian Yi and Raffles legendary fullback Melvin Tan. The All Star team even featured, NTU's missing player KKK (Ku Ku Kuan). The NTU's star winger played the full game and was reported to be 'setting his priorities right' - that is, playing for the All Star Old Boys rather than for NTU, both of which had matches on the very same day. Nevertheless, we shall not digress here at with the affairs of the priorities of NTU's player.

The match started 30mins late as the All Star Old Boys slowly made their way to the stadium. The match was played under a typically hot and humid Singapore weather and it certainly did no favors for both team with the poor state of one of Singapore's worst rugby field.

SMU were missing a couple of their players, such as National 7s player, Daniel Marc Chow (DMC), Lorenzo Escano Lim, Lionel Kong, Daniel Lee and Chew Yin Xiang. But the team showed some depth and took the chance to rotate players around and gave every one a run. The team experimented a couple of combinations and was also glad to welcome recently signed flanker Joel Leong, who had a storming game.

Generally, the City Boys looked to put up a much improved performance against the All Star team. They looked more organized and were able to put in a few phases. There was some signs of continuity in their play, but they still look a bit vulnerable at the breakdowns. Overall, the management are pleased with the performance and feel that they are moving in a right direction in their preparation for the Tri-Universities.

The City Boys have been given a day off on New Year's Eve and will resume training on the 2nd of January 2008, Wednesday.

SMU vs All Star Old Boys
Final Score: 34 - 5

Tries: Desmond Wee, Amos Siow, Joel Leong, Alex Ong, Alvin Tan
Conversions: Amos Siow (2), Desmond Wee (1)
Penalty: Amos Siow (1)

All Star Old Boys
Tries: Melvin Tan

Friday, December 28, 2007

Friendly Match SMU vs All Star Old Boys

SMU vs All Star Old Boys
29th December 2007, Saturday
10am Kick off @ St Andrews Secondary School, Potong Pasir
SMU players to be there at 830am.
The All Star Old Boys, will feature old boys from St Andrews, Raffles and Anglo Chinese. SMU will be without a few of their key players, but will be looking to put up a good performance and hopefully come away with a win.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sherman 'Shermanator' Yeo

Previously on SMUrugby News...we brought to you all the drunken escapades of our star prop Sherman Yeo We here at SMUrugby News have decided to give a proper introduction for Sherman.
2007, like every year before it, has seen a number of talented young players emerge from the shadows to stake their claim in the local rugby scene. Sherman 'The Shermanator' as we like to call him at SMU first shot to fame playing for Raffles Junior College (RJC) in 2003/2004. The young prop lead the side to their first A Division title after beating Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) in 2004, before being called up to Singapore Armed Forces Sports Association (SAFSA). After giving a few scintillating performances for SAFSA in 2005, 'The Shermanator' began to make waves and was linked to several local universities, only to be involved in a freak accident during training where he broke his nose. Since then, SMU managed to pay up and got their man in August this year.

This season, Sherman Yeo has seized his chance in the Blacks Midnight 10s, SMU Ringemail 7s and IRAUG Rugbys 7s and is certainly in the right place here at SMU to continue his development. In a team whose qualities stem from their greater attacking arsenal, Sherman Yeo has repeatedly proved to us that props can indeed play beautiful rugby and wowed the Aussies Down Under with his flashes of brilliance that one could only describe as 'unbelievable'. 'Uncle' Wei Nurn told the press that Sherman Yeo could be one of the brightest prospect ever to step into SMUrugby and he is widely tipped to be the next skipper of SMUrugby team once current skipper Amos Siow's contract with the City Boys runs out.

Off the field, room mates on the IRAUG tour could only shake their heads in disbelief when they stumbled into Sherman's room one fateful night and witnessed Sherman's shocking sleeping pattern. Local gossip celebrity Cunning Conniver and a group of paparazzi were seen snapping away outside the window of Sherman's room and these pictures have found their way here to SMUrugby news. When interviewed by the press, team mates on tour who were clearly traumatised said,
" ...We understand that the coaching panel has imposed the 'no-sex' curfew on us and do not allow the SMUrugby Wives and Girlfriends (WAGs) to stay in the same hotel as us, but there's no need to be so BLATANTLY KINKY right?"

Nonetheless, as the season comes to the half-way point, Sherman Yeo will most probably be remembered for being one of the more consistent performers for SMUrugby so far. With the Tri-Universities Rugby Championships 2008 coming up with less than a month to go, many rugby fans are licking their lips in anticipation as they await the showdown of Sherman Yeo and legendary rugby icon Rong Jing Xing aka 'Rebel Rong' (who is said to be playing for NTU) in the opening match as they renew their rivalry which dates back to S
herman's SAFSA days. Ex-SAFSA team mate Darius Sit (who is set to snub SMU for NUS in the 2008 transfer window after clearing his medical with SMU) was interviewed and gave his 2 cents worth,"Who is Rong? Sherman is young, fit and hungry for his first IVP title. I have faith in Sherman. I'll put my money on him. Hell...I'll put money on myself if I am playing. I myself can't wait to don the NUS colours and play against him. Afterall, we are the future of Singapore Rugby."

Player Profile: Sherman Yeo Wei Liang
Age: 21
Position: Prop/Hooker

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Match Report - SMU vs SRC

The final score between SMU and SRC was 40-0.

The City Boys were off to a slow start and were scoreless in the first quarter. But the SMU side soon found their feet and gradually put in the tries in the later quarters.

This was the first time the team has gathered to play in the 15-a side game and were visibly struggling to get used to each other's play. The general flow of play was disruptive and untidy, however when SMU had the chance to counter attack, the team looked lethal and were clinical in putting the tries away in broken play.

There isn't much time left till the Tri-Universities Rugby Championships, but the team looks to have a good platform to work with after today's performance. Certainly, much more work needs to be done and the boys will be looking forward to their next friendly match.


Tries: Amos Siow (2), Desmond Wee, Goh Zhuwei*, Lorenzo Escano, Melvin Tan*
Conversions: Amos Siow (3) Lorenzo Escano (1) Lionel Kong (1)

Good performances by:
Daniel Marc Chow
Sherman Yeo

* Foreign players on loan to SMU for this particular fixture - Melvin Tan, Edwin Tan and Goh Zhuwei. Thank you boys.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Brother of SMUrugby - Tafadzwa L Marasha

Tafadzwa L MARASHA is from Zimbabwe and has been in Singapore for almost 4 years now. He picked up the sport not too long ago and is identified to be a very raw talent to SMUrugby. Usually soft-spoken, the Information System undergraduate is a man with few words or none at all. However the trip to Perth allowed team-mates to know a bit more about him and provide an opportunity to interact with him.

Of all 12 players up in Perth, Tafa was observed to be closest to room-mate, 'Uncle" Chong Wei Nurn. They were seen to hit off on a right note and were described to be 'TIGHT'. Describing their friendship, one player who did not want to be named said,

"its really sweet between the two. Wei Nurn does all the cooking and talking, while Tafa just nods and eats..."

However, SMUrugby press uncovered that behind the soft-spoken image, lies a very dodgy character. Tafa, was always seen wandering suspiciously by himself in Perth and was reported to go on random outings in Perth on his own disclosing that he was meeting 'a friend'. Also, there were a number of occasions when Tafa was stopped along the road by random stranger,

"Hey Brother, would you by any chance have weed???"

However, weed or no weed, "brother" Tafa, was all about determination and focus on the field. After having had limited chances to play on the first day of competition, 'the brother' was hungry and raring to make his first contribution to the team. Finally when he started against Curtin University, the Zimbabwean set off the afterburners when he made his first touch of the ball, side-stepping the defence and running through the defence - until a last-ditch tackle stopped him inches from the try line.

The "brother" was also seen to have had a bit of tension with the crowd's most irritating player, Simba from Curtin University. When probed by the management about what conspired with he and the Australian-bound player, "brother" Tafa just told SMUrugby press,

"It's racial! brudder."

However, sources tell us that the tension between the two had something to do with whose 'schlong' was bigger and longer instead - perhaps it's all the same.

Player profile: Tafadzwa L MARASHA
Age: 22
Position: Second-rower/Winger

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Friendly Match SMU vs SRC

Friendly Match
22nd December 2007, Saturday
5pm Kickoff @ Yio Chu Kang Stadium
All SMU players to inform the committee of availability

Good things come in a pair - Vicknesh & Yin Xiang

There are many people out there seeking for answers in the world today. Many who are still in search for their soul-mates, each day yearning and believing that their true love is some where out there - that destiny and fate will find them and lead them to it.

At SMUrugby, two very special friends reunited in our university, after having been separated for almost a decade. Vickneswaran S/o SELLATHURAI and Chew Yin Xiang aka The Mouth were known to be BFF (best friends forever) back in primary school. However, fate took the two apart after PSLE, sending the two friends to different schools. Vicky went to SJI and Mouth to ACSI, the two went to polar extremes in junior college when Vicky joined Raffles Junior College, while Mouth headed off to brother school Anglo Chinese Junior College - the two schools which have a well established rugby rivalry over the years.

But all of that didn't matter, when the two finally reunited back in SMU and signed a 4 year deal with the City Boys. Up in Perth, the two were 'so into each other' that they were almost inseparable. The duo even collectively turned down a team's outing to the town, to keep each other company - apparently Mouth was tired and Vicky didn't want to leave him behind.

Well...but later that night, while the team was making their way back to the apartment, the two were spotted having a rendezvous - having a nice warm dinner together. Upon being spotted, the two looked bashful and embarrassed and were quick to deny any 'crooked business' going on.

SMUrugby News wanted to find out more about the relationship between the two and what effects it had on the team. We interviewed tour captain and room-mate, Lionel Poh.

"Vicky (below) was a very useful player to have on the tournament, but from the time he rediscovered his primary school classmate, he became a victim of change (V.O.C). He stopped being a team player and showed a lack of focus....he used to shred a whole BBQ chicken for the room, used to wash the dishes and make the kitchen all neat and clean, but his productivity took a beating after he found Mouth...during the last few days of the tour the kitchen was an absolute disgrace!.... and BY the Way! who the hell ate all my gummies and left an empty box of gummy in the fridge?! the least you guys could do was throw it away right?!"(LP slams the fridge and walks away)

Another person we interviewed was Uncle Chong Wei Nurn, who adopted them as his dear nephews,

"The team expresses their happiness over the 'holy' reunion of Mouth and Vicky, its sweet. But we just didn't expect them to take it to be a public affair. Nevertheless, I love them still, they are very obedient and listen to all that I have to say."

Both players have declined to make any statements regarding the issues and choose to focus on the upcoming Tri-Universities Rugby Championships.

On the field, both players had a good outing with the City Boys up in Perth. Vicky had a good performance recording a brilliant assist to Sherman Yeo in the match against ECU and scoring a crucial try against UWA to book a place for SMU in the 3rd/4th playoffs. While Mouth proved to play an integral role in the tournament, stepping up to slot in at centre when Lorenzo Escano and Amos Siow were both out with concussion. The latter contributed a great assist for Lionel Kong to score, when he turned the ball to his weaker left foot and punt it down for Lionel Kong to chase and touch down for the try.

Mouth was also issued a warning by the Players' Association, after he repeatedly ignored a bag check, for a missing 'sweater' - which eventually was in the possession of Lionel 'robber' Poh. The Mouth felt that his game of Football Manager was more important than the bag search. During the search, the player was glued to his laptop as he claimed to be managing a top English club and was playing a crucial game, Manchester United against Blackburn.

Player Profile: Chew Yin Xiang aka The Mouth
Age: 21
Position: Scrumhalf/Centre/Winger

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tri-Universities Rugby Championships 2008

Registration fee for each team is $300/=

SMUrugby is the main organizer of the tournament and supported by both NUS and NTU rugby teams. The tournament will be looking to be sanctioned by the Singapore Rugby Union (SRU) and promises to be an exciting tournament with all 3 teams evenly matched.

The crazy 'robber' strikes - Lionel Poh

An outstanding performer up in Perth, Lionel Poh led the team by example. Earlier before the trip, the selection of Poh as Captain for the tournament rumored to have brought some question marks in the team and fans. But the 'Pohster' repaid the management's confidence in selecting him as captain by turning in a remarkable performance and was arguably one of the team's player of the tournament.
While the captain picked up a few tries during the tournament, he was remembered most for his ferocious hits and turnovers, constantly being a menace to the Australian opponents. However, team-mates on tour reported that Poh to be a constant menace on and off! the field

Off the field, Lionel Poh was observed to engage in absolutely random behavior. Room mates on the tour confessed that LP’s queer antics were hard to keep up with. One famous example cited, was how the latter left his empty gummy box in the room’s fridge and for all 9 days of the trip repeatedly walk up to the fridge to open it and scold all his room-mates for finishing all his gummies and leaving the empty gummy box in the fridge.
“Who ate finish all my gummies?! The least you all can do is throw the box away right?!”
After which he closes the fridge and walks off. In addition, the room had to endure another crazy nut-head, Alex Ong who would repeat Poh’s exact stun and script of words. Opening the fridge and scolding his room-mates about the empty gummy box and closing back the fridge. For 9 days the rest of the room-mates endured and entertained them.

On the tour, the tournament’s captain nearly single handedly dug himself into trouble with the school’s administration when a freebie jacket which was meant for the SMU tennis boys was missing. Each athlete on the SMU contingent was entitled to one item each, but after doing a 2 hour search and interrogation, Lionel Poh stepped up to claim his middle name of “robber” Poh and owned up with 2 jackets. The skipper, claimed to have thought every one was entitled to as many as they wanted, but soon switch his cover-story to him taking an extra set for the roaming tournament photographer Lim Wei Ming, who was busy snapping up-skirt shots of tennis boys and girls.

Overall, the tour was filled with much fun and entertainment with Lionel Poh. He proved to be an influential captain who led the City Boys to a credible 4th position finish and in the process record the team’s first ever overseas victory.

Well done Poh!

The player has also been nominated Most “wacko” Player on the tour.
Player Profile: Lionel Poh
Age: 23
Position: Flanker
Favourite Quotes "hmm???! It's ok. It's ok. Go back to sleep..." and "WHAT THE..."

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The man behind the lens - Lim Wei Ming

There were many people who made the tour to Perth a success for SMUrugby. We had the administration from our school's Office of Student Life (OSL) constantly making sure our every need was well taken care of. We had the players and support staff giving their 110% in every game. We had all that we could have asked for. And all this was made perfect with a 'special one' who made sure that all this wonderful moments were captured and left to be savoured.

Player-Team Photographer, Lim Wei Ming, was all over the place with his gigantic professional camera. He was always seen with his 'beloved', from the airport to the streets of Perth and even to the rugby field! Weiming was seen walking around in his playing kit by the side lines, snapping shots and shouting words of encouragement from the sidelines. Occasionally the player would stop to take a stretch and make a few runs by the side line to keep warm - always prepared to throw his camera aside and jump onto the field to get some action.

Apart from taking wonderful photos, Wei Ming had a credible performance up in Perth. Especially in the 3rd/4th playoff against Curtin, the lad came on as a substitute and spurred a possible comeback for the City Boys with a great assist for Captain Poh to score a try under the post.

The Dean's Lister, had been reported to spend hours on the tour snapping shots and editing the photos into the wee hours of the day. There are little shots of him in action, evidently because he was the one with the camera. However, we at SMUrugby news wish to sincerely thank the man behind the lens for all the wonderful captured moments and for the good performance up in Perth.

Majority of the photos seen on this blog captured from the SMU ringEmails 7s and IRAUG 7s are proudly brought to you by Lim Wei Ming aka weims.

Player Profile: Lim Wei Ming
Age : 23
Position: Second rower

Saturday, December 15, 2007

It wasn't me...or was it?

Our next player has earned himself many various names. Some call him 'zo' for short, while his full name will probably sound something like, Lorenzo Escano "Shaggy/It wasn't me" Anton Lim aka Pino (due to his Filipino heritage).

Lorenzo Escano Lim has been a consistent performer ever since joining the City Boys. The winger, who also plays centre, has proved to be an illusive runner and a clinical finisher for the team. Off the field, the player (no pun intended), is often known for his quirky and cheerful antics and is a popular figure among his team-mates.

Unfortunately up in Perth, Lorenzo got hit on the head during the first match of the tournament against ECU and was concussed. The concussion left him waltzing around the field aimlessly and shouting at his team-mate randomly and starring at them blankly. After being substituted, the Filipino-Chinese laid down on the ground with his eyes closed, but with his mouth rattling away. He was reported to be repeatedly saying, "This is not good for my GPA (Grade Point Average)."

The team was generally concerned for the 'almost-mentally retarded' condition of Lorenzo. But after a day of rest from the concussion, he told Tournament captain Lionel Poh that he was fit to play and would be able to feature in the 2nd day's tournament clash against Curtin University. The team's management was largely apprehensive of getting Lorenzo involved in the fixture, but compromised with the player to allow him to have a few minutes of play against Curtin in the second half.

Lorenzo came on as a substitute for Lionel Kong late in the second half and finished the game with what seem to be another lapse of memory. This lead to the confirmation by the management of SMUrugby that Lorenzo would play no further part in the tournament for safety reasons. In addition to that, the player was observed to behave far from his 'normal' self.

He was at times caught trying to look and behave like a donkey from the cartoon Whinnie the Pooh. And was also spotted to be gathering a crowd in public to show how he had the 'special powers' to make his 'schlong' go from 'sitting position' to standing position aka erected.

Many members of the public actually found him entertaining and hurled tokens of appreciation, mistaking him for being part of the Buskers association in Perth.

Lastly, the player was issued a warning by the Players' Discipline Committee before boarding the plane to Perth when he turned up at Changi Airport 20 minutes late and drunk. However, considering the nature of Lorenzo plus the repeated concussions, no one can be sure that the player recalls any of these events happening.

Friday, December 14, 2007

IRAUG top try scorer - Lionel Kong

He is a man of many talents. a Dean's Lister, SSU president, who excels in badminton, soccer and was even the National Inter-School Champion in Javelin! A few years back, no one would have thought of Lionel Kong to be a rugby player. In fact, many critics expressed that he should only stick to games that will not risk him destroying his pretty-boy face.

However, up in Perth, Lionel Kong made his mark and silenced all his critics. He was the team's top try scorer with 4 tries and was evidently the man with the wheels to burn. His funky hair-do also made him a popular figure among the supporters and players, some liken him to look like a 'Samurai', while others called him "Hiro Nakamura" (the character from the TV series Heroes)

Off the rugby field, Lionel Kong was often mistaken to be part of the SMU tennis team, who went up to Perth together with the rugby team. The mistake was not because he showed much talent in tennis, but because he simply LOOKED like he was part of the girls' tennis team.
While the management at SMUrugby tried to clear his name and proved that he was everything else, but a girl. (and that he was solely representing the men's rugby team) The paparazzi caught the latter together with his socialite room-mate, Alex Chew getting intimate, causing more headaches for the management.

Said a SMUrugby spokesperson,

"Its becoming a growing concern in our team, as we have been seeing more and more of our players taking to such a 'trend of behavior'.We are not sure what can we do about it, but we hope to 'straighten' things out soon before it gets worst!"

The photo of both Alex Chew and Lionel Kong has caught the attention of a particular post-card company and has ever since used their photo as a Christmas Postcard this year. This exclusive postcard is available in all bookstores now.

Photos courtesy of Lim Wei Ming, our official rugby photographer for the tour.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Countdown with our 12

With 12 days to Christmas, we at SMUrugby news will be providing you 12 different post each day as a countdown to Christmas. The post will feature highlights from the recently concluded tour to Perth and provide a possible shaming or complimenting story of each of the 12 players that were on tour. Whatever story it may be, it was memorable to all who were present and contributed to making this a successful and memorable tour.

#1 Alexander Lincoln Chew (Alex Chew)

Alex Chew had a stormer of a tournament. The latter clocked up the most amount of play time throughout the tournament and was probably on the field for every minute of it...not till he 'knocked-out' after chasing back to make a cover tackle and was sent rolling around in his own try area. After a couple of tossing and turning, socialite Chew gave in to the 'vomit-monster' and allowed the flood gates to open. However, someone didn't tell him that one needs to have his mouth facing ground wards rather than skywards. This lack of information, eventually lead to the star performer puking and swallowing his own debris all at the same time - certainly not showing a clear understanding on the laws of gravity.

While Alex Chew will probably be remembered for his diligent cover tackles and non-stop running all over the field. His 11 other team-mates will remember him most for a particular inspirational speech before the team's first game of the tournament against ECU.

As the team were all psyched up and in a team huddle, Alex Chew was seen looking nervous and was down on one knee as he delivered his inspirational speech to counteract the jitters, "We got to give our opponents no respect! We got to go out there play to our pattern and let it FLOWwww (ahhhh)...."

Apparently, he meant more than one kind of flow and certainly resulted in the psyched up SMU team, biting their lips and tongues in the huddle, as he disseminated more than just his speech but his 'showers of blessing', thankfully to the ground and not to the sky this time.

The player got himself into further trouble with the laws of gravity, as he was caught walking around with his pants down during the closing ceremony, causing quite a stir among most of the male audience who were present.
The player was heavily fined by the SMU Rugby Players' Association later that night for both acts of misconduct.

Player Profile: Alexander Lincoln Chew
Age: 22
Position: Winger/Centre/Scrumhalf

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tri-Universities Rugby Championships to kick off in January 08

It's official. The Tri-Universities Rugby Championships is set to take place in January, with the opening match set to feature SMU taking on the Boon Lay Warriors, NTU.
The tournament is set to be played in a Home and Away format, with teams playing each team twice. Today, the 3 team captains from SMU, NUS and NTU were spotted at Holland Village, having a discussion and agreement on the format of the tournament.

The meeting had been arranged by the hosting team, SMU and was coordinated by SMU's captain, Amos Siow. NTU's skipper Tze "cat walker' Shien (picture extreme left), was accompanied by team advisor "undroppable" Qing Soh (photo left) for the meeting. While NUS was solely represented by team captain, Shafiq Zulazmi (photo right).

There were some disputes over the arrangement of some of the fixtures, in particular the clash between both NUS vs NTU, as their match was set to coincide with the Chinese New Year holidays. But both sides, were amiable towards each other and easily came to an agreement to an alternative date.

There isn't much time left for all 3 teams to prepare for this tournament, but with the competition among the teams to be equally matched, fans can expect this year's Tri-Universities to be a real cracker!

News Updates:
NUS has confirmed the likes of Anil Singh, Andrew Lee, Thomas Zhang and Jonathan Chen to be playing their final tournament for NUS.
While NTU has also confirmed that former Captain, Daniel "Potato" Thiam will be set to play for his Boon Lay Warriors.
SMU will be likely to face problems with the absence of key players like Lionel Poh, Daniel Marc, Alex Ong and Justin Lum who are either out through injury or set to be going on overseas exchange.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Boys back, but WAGS no where to be seen!

The squad of 12, finally arrived back in Singapore early yesterday morning. While the boys strolled out from the arrival hall with eager anticipation to see their loved ones again, most of the boys were left disappointed to find only their respective private chauffeurs waiting, except for forward Lim Wei Ming. Noticeably, there was only 1 representative from the SMUrugby Wives And Girlfriends(WAGs) who was seen at the arrival hall welcoming back the team from Perth.

The recent poor turn out from the WAGS for both the departure and arrival of the boys has sparked off top SMUrugby tabloid magazine "Rumor has it" from making various speculation of the welfare and love life of some of the players at SMUrugby. One player who declined to be named expressed his disappointment with the SMUrugby WAGS,

"We(SMUrugby players) fetch in the big pay-cheques, work hard to get our bodies in shape for them..the least they could do was show up in public in full force and show their support for us"

All WAGS when contacted by the press declined to comment.

Friday, December 7, 2007

SMUrugby misses out on the bronze

In a very closely fought battle in the league standing for the IRAUG 7s. SMUrugby faced a pressurizing task to win or draw their last group game against University of Western Australia (UWA) or exit from the tournament.

The boys were in a relax mood as they got ready to face the host and perhaps, even more relax when they realize their opponents were no where in sight during the time of kick-off. A possible forfeit of the game was on the cards, but UWA's players started to stroll in just as the game was to be awarded to SMU. But, after much discussion and after being 20mins late from the kickoff, the match eventually took place with SMU taking on a depleted UWA side, who only had 6 players on the field.


Even with a numerical advantage on the field, the SMU boys were unable to stamp their authority on the host. The host were the first to draw first blood, taking an early lead with an unconverted try, to bring the score to 0-5. This cause a bit of panic among the City boys as they attempted to settle their nerves and make use of the extra man. Eventually a quick break just before half time from forward Vicknesh Sellutharai brought the score levelled, 5-5. The conversion by Amos Siow was unsuccessful.

In the second half, the City boys were not contented with sitting back for a draw in the game and piled on the pressure on UWA. Pressure soon turn to points when substitute and old guard, Chong Wei Nurn once again bulldozed his way to the try line to score, bringing the score to 10-5. The conversion was once again unsuccessful.

The rest of the game was evenly matched as both teams made breaks, but failed to put their respective chances away. The lack of clinical finishing by the SMU team proved costly as UWA scored a last minute try to equalize 10-10. With the conversion to be taken, a successful conversion would defeat the SMU boys. But the angle and distance was shown to be out of reach for the UWA's kicker as it fell short and was off-target.

The final score was 10-10 and was enough to send the City boys into the 3rd/4th Playoffs.

3rd/4th Playoff: SMU vs Curtin University

In a repeat fixture, Curtin University was all out for revenge in the playoff for the bronze medal. With the 3rd/4th play-offs taking place 30mins after the game against UWA. Players such as, Lionel Poh, Alex Ong and Lionel Kong were unable to recover in time for the game and were not featured in the starting line up. In addition, the tournament organizers extended the game play for the finals, imposing 10 minute halves from the original 7 minute halves.

The SMU team was visibly tired during the warm-up. On the other hand, Curtin who had ample rest from their previous group game were fresh and were quick to capitalized on the sluggish SMU side romping to 3 early tries in the first half with SMU having no reply for the energized Curtin.

In the process, SMU lost Amos Siow through a concussion in the first half when a break from a pass from Sherman Yeo, was quickly closed down by the covering defense that saw him taking a knock on the head and needing to be substituted at half time.

With the dreams of a bronze medal slipping away, changes needed to be made quickly to the team. Substitutes Lionel Poh, Alex Ong and Lim Wei Ming all came on and made an impact immediately. Tries from Lionel Poh, Alex Chew and Chong Wei Nurn spurred a fight back against Curtin. But it all provided too little too late, as Curtin turned on the style and hammered another 3 more tries in the closing minutes to sink the hearts of the City boys. The final score was 17-36.

The boys from SMU finished 4th out of 6 teams in the IRAUG 7s. Although the boys were clearly disappointed, a slightly drowsy SMUrugby President, Amos Siow had more than his fair share of words on the tour,

"The boys have worked very hard to get this far in the tournament. To come here (Perth) to win a game and play some good rugby has been no easy task. Being the only Asian team and competing against 5 other top Australian Universities, 4th is certainly a position that we are not to be ashamed about. If only, we won our games against UWA and Murdoch University, things could have possibly resulted in us finishing a 2nd."

On the whole, the trip has been a huge success in many ways, all players have benefited from the experience and have bonded over the past 10 days. The boys will be looking forward sharing their experience with their fellow-team mates and will get ready to compete in the upcoming Tri-Universities Championships in Mid Jan.

The squad of 12 are due to return on Monday, 10th December at 7.15am.

Flight details:
10th Dec - Perth to Singapore (SQ 216)
Departure/Arrival: 0255/0710

The SMU tennis boys and girls both finished 2nd in the respective tournament. Congratulations!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

SMUrugby registers first ever overseas victory!

Today, SMUrugby made history of their own, registering their first ever overseas victory. The City Boys, swept aside Curtin University in clinical fashion, finishing the game 19-0.

SMU vs Curtin University

Curtin University had some outstanding players, who had recently competed with their respective clubs in last month's Singapore Cricket Club 7s (SCC 7s). However, this didn't deter the City Boys from recording their first win of the tournament.

The game started off with SMU receiving the kick-off and saw them make good use of the possession. Showing composure and confidence to pass the ball around the park and attack gabs at will. The side was soon rewarded when scrumhalf Alex Chew picked the ball from the ruck and attacked the blindside together with Captain Lionel Poh in support. The break resulted in centre Amos Siow opening the accounts for SMU with a try under the post. The try was converted by Amos and the scoreline 7-0.

Curtin appeared shell-shocked and started to pile on the pressure for the rest of the half. But SMU stood their ground and defended well against their Australian opponents.

In the second half, the City boys, were determined to shut the game down and put Curtin University away and came out from the break with a try through an assist from Captain Poh to Lionel Kong to score under the post - bringing Lionel Kong's personal tournament try-scoring tally to 4. The try was converted and the score was extended to 14-0. Possession of the ball was mainly SMU's and the Singapore University made multiple breaks, constantly putting Curtin on the back foot.

The game was finally sealed by the City boys, when Chong Wei Nurn powered through for a try from the base of the ruck to bring the score to 19-0, ensuring SMU's first ever overseas victory.

The boys were ecstatic after the game. When interview about the game, President of SMUrugby team, Amos Siow said, "This victory meant a lot to us and the boys have been working hard for this victory!"

However, the joys from recording the first victory of the tournament was short-lived when they faced UNDA in their second game of the day


UNDA boasted several state players and were ranked the top team going into this tournament. They were the recent runners-up in the Australia University Games and have been dominating the whole IRAUG tournament and were sitting on top of the table with maximum points.

The match against UNDA proved too much for the SMU side, smashing the short-lived high spirits of the boys and trouncing them 41-0. The boys had made a couple of breaks in the game, but UNDA were simply too good for them.

While the City boys left the field clearly disappointed, they take heart that they lost to a much better team and will be looking forward eagerly to their game against the host team, University of Western Australia (UWA).

While there has been no major injuries to any of the players. Another knock sustained to Lorenzo Escano's head has possibly put him out of action for the rest of the tournament, said Captain Poh, "We do not wish to aggravate his condition and we take any head injuries sustained to our players seriously."

The boys will have the whole day off tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rest Day for City Boys

Today, the City Boys had the chance to take the day off to recover from the first day's matches. The boys spent the day doing a light training session in the morning - playing American Football and Soccer. After the session, the boys went down to the tennis courts to support the SMU's Tennis Team (Boys & Girls). The Tennis boys romped to victory winning 4-1, while the girls team succumbed to defeat 1-4. The rest of the day was free and easy for the team and the team spent the afternoon doing a bit of shopping before heading back to the apartment for an early night's rest.

Tomorrow the team will face Curtin University(CURT) and University of Notre Dame (UNDA) and will hope to register their first overseas win in history.

Set to leave for SEA games

All at SMUrugby wish both our players, Daniel Marc Chow and Desmond Wee all the best at this year's SEA games. Both players are set to leave for Korat, Thailand tomorrow night.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Day 1 & 2 of IRAUG

The City Boys have arrived at Perth and are reported to be safe and sound. The boys had an early visit to the match field upon arrival and even had a 1.5hours training session. The rugby team who is up together with the SMU tennis team, spent that 1.5 hours getting used to the UNBELIEVABLE nice field (that you will never get in Singapore) and sorted out some game plays

Today, the team kicked off the opening ceremony with games against EDU and MDU. Playing the games at 2pm and 3pm. (Perth time respectively)


The first game proved to be a tough one as the boys attempted to blow off the pre-tournament jitters and conceded a very early try in the 1st min. ECU continued to put pressure on the City Boys and played to their strengths of adopting a more direct style of play, attempting to out muscle the evidently smaller SMU boys. Before half time, ECU put in a further 2 tries to make the score 0-19

However, the City boys had never showed a sign of backing down from the challenge as Lorenzo Escano made some good darting runs, which almost resulted in tries, if not for last ditch tackles by the panicky ECU side. The latter, then got concussed in the process of one of his runs and had to be substituted by Lionel Kong.

There were many chances for the City boys to crawl back into the game and the chances soon turn into points. Lionel Poh, made a break and made an cross field kick, which saw Amos Siow ground the ball for a well earned try. Upon scoring the try, Amos had to be substituted as well, as he suffered from heat exhaustion and could not continue for the rest of the day's matches.

Another try came for the City Boys, which drew the margin of the score closer. A brilliant off-load from Vicknesh, putting Sherman Yeo into a gap, bringing the score to 10-19. However, the City Boys' comeback effort was made futile, when ECU overpowered the SMU boys to seal the game with a rather imposing score of 10-24.


With Lorenzo Escano and Amos Siow absent from the line up. The City Boys had to settle with fielding 3 subs from a possible 5. But that didn't stop them from dominating the Australian side. The City boys, made an early mistake to concede a try to MDU. But came back firing on all cylinders when speedster Lionel Kong reigned in a hat-trick of tries to put the score at 17-5.

However, the blistering 40 degree heat proved too much for the boys and fatigue started to set in and allowed their opponents to creep right back into the game levelling the score in the 2nd half at 17-17. A last minute injury time try by MDU, saw the SMU side's hope of recording their first overseas victory go up in smokes. MDU won the game 17-22.


At the end of the day, the boys were seen to be clearly disappointed but could take heart that they have caused a stir among their competitors, sending a strong message - that the Singapore side is certainly no pushovers.

The boys will have a day of rest tomorrow, with a light training session in the morning and will have another 2 games on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo Escano and Amos Siow are reported to be fit to play for both matches and will be turning up for training tomorrow.

SMU tennis team(boys and girls) romped to victory winning their matches 3-2 and 5-0 respectively.

For the latest updates on scores you can visit

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Latest report on the missing DM

Chew Yeow Kuan of NTU, taking a shot with former Rafflesian team-mate or ex-lover?, Daniel Marc Chow?

News on the missing life-size figurine of Daniel Marc Chow(DMC) has been confirmed to be reported stolen.

Reports have claimed it was last seen with a fellow rival player, NTU's winger Chew Yeow Kuan.
Chew, was seen wandering around the City Campus last week and was rumored to have made the long trip down from Boon Lay just to have his picture taken with the figurine. But the latter, couldn't stop there(with just a picture) and was reported by sources to have carried the figurine away from its original spot and seen rushing across the road with the 1.8m figurine under his arm, hopping on to a SBS bus and taking off.

When contacted by SMUrugby news, a distraught Daniel Marc said,

"I cannot understand why any one will do such a thing!" (neither can we)

The NTU rugby management refused to comment on the situation during press time. While wanted man, Mr. Chew Yeow Kuan(aka kuku jiao)is still out at large and rumored to have fled the country into hiding with the Daniel Marc figurine.

Both Chew and Daniel Marc's figurine are wanted men.

Anyone who has seen them, please immediately call our hotline, 1900-235235-ITWASNTME or tag us on our board.

SMUrugby set to leave for Perth

Early tomorrow morning, SMUrugby club will be setting off to Perth to represent the school and nation in the India Rim Asian University Games(IRAUG). The 7-a-side tournament will be held from the 3rd - 7th December.

After yesterday night's training at Yio Chu Kang, the boys looked sharp. Although some were struggling to get back to fitness from the recently concluded examinations the boys were seen working hard and pushing themselves.
Captain of the tournament and Vice-President of SMUrugby Lionel Poh(left) had stern words for the team of 12,

"I expect some professionalism up there in Perth. Let's go up there and try to win some games. We owe this to ourselves."

The City boys know they face an uphill task of being the sole Asian Representative among the 5 teams competing, but will be looking to provide the tournament with a couple of upsets, if possible. They will be up against teams from Australia and will certainly be no pushovers.

The school has also put up a reward for grabs should the City Boys do well - an entry to the World University 7s in Spain next year and Asean Univeristy Games. When asked about the prospects of attaining these rewards, SMUrugby President Amos Siow said,

"It will be really good to be able to go up to Spain and participate in the Asean University Games, as it will be good experience and loads of fun. But for now, we have a task at hand and that's to do well up in Perth (IRAUG 7s) ...

The squad of 12 representing SMUrugby in Perth

1. Lionel Poh (C)
2. Chong Wei Nurn
3. Vicknesh
4. Sherman Yeo
5. Lim Wei Ming
6. Alex Chew
7. Alex Ong
8. Lionel Kong
9. Chew Yin Xiang
10. Amos Siow
11. Lorenzo Escano Lim
12. Tafa

Manager: Andrew Aaron Tam (SMU OSL staff, on the right)

*Please refer to the blog daily for updates as we try to bring you the latest news from Perth*

Flight Details:

Singapore Airlines

2nd Dec - Singapore to Perth (SQ 225)
Departure/Arrival: 0110/0715

10th Dec - Perth to Singapore (SQ 216)
Departure/Arrival: 0255/0710

**All Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS) are required to attend the Departure flight and come together for a group picture.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Catch our Stars!

While the week is filled with anxiety and stress. Many of our players have more than just the exams finishing to look forward to...

For 12 of our SMU boys - they will be representing SMU and the nation in the IRAUG 7s held in Perth from the 2nd - 9th of December.

And for another 2 of our boys, Daniel Marc Chow and Desmond Wee, who will be representing Singapore in the SEA games.

Recently, SMU Sports Union (SSU) has been urging the school to show their support for our National Athletes, framing life-size posters of them around school. All fans and friends are encouraged to go by to sign your good wishes of luck and "All the best" comments on the board provided outside the school's Kopitiam and outside the Pick and Bite.

Daniel Marc Chow (above) feeling the DEEP BURN: Have you bought your tickets? To the Guns (biceps) show!

You may also feel free to pose a photo with the stars and get your hands on Daniel Marc and Desmond, like you always wanted to, but never could! So catch them now...before they are taken! (literally...)

Two easy ways to take a photo with our rugby stars

1. Check out who is it you are posing with...its Desmond Wee (in this case ...and not Colin Wee)

2. Get the right stance Stomach tugged in & Chest out ...*SnAP*

And that's how you do it...

P.S Rumor has it, Daniel Marc Chow's life-size poster has gone this space as we track down about its whereabouts.

A word from editor

To all players, readers and fans...

I encourage you to support our local sports news website by completing this survey. (

The website has done many good things for the Singapore school scene and we are looking to try to engage Redsport to cover the coming Tri-University Championships and future local rugby tournaments - to give us more publicity and raise the awareness of the game, especially at the university level.

While we are in the midst of trying to revive the Inter-Varsity-Polytechnics (IVP)Rugby championships and push our sport to be covered in the Singapore University Games (SUNIG), completing this survey could help us move one step closer to bringing this game to the centre stage.

So whether you are from SMU, NUS, NTU, SIM or from the polys...let's do our part to help bring the tournaments that we play for school to a higher level and bring recognition for all the efforts we have put in for the schools.

Amos Siow
SMUrugby President/editor of smu-rugbynews

Monday, November 26, 2007

J.Lum out for the season?

Things are looking grim for the City Boys. Bad news arrived for the coaching staff of SMU this morning, when they heard Project Superstar Justin Lum, who has yet to turn up for more than one training, arrived back to the club from national duties with a swollen right knee, limping around helplessly in clutches.

The scrumhalf, was reported to have been involved in a practice tournament with the National SEA games selection squad when he stepped into a pothole and fell awkwardly, sending the former Rafflesian crashing to the ground in pain.

"I heard my knee twist and shatter into a million pieces!" said a despondent Justin through a telephone interview, who suspects he tore every single ligament in his knee and will be out for the rest of the season.

With only one training appearance to his name, players and coaches at SMU are clearly saddened by the news.

"This has come at a very bad time, with the Tri Unis (in Mid Jan) coming soon ... we will have to start looking to how we can rotate the squad and find a replacement for him(Justin)" said Skipper Amos Siow, who was lately humiliated and scrutinized of his off-field 'practices' by the press.

Justin Lum, who was named as a reserve player for the National SEA games squad will play no further part in both the National side or the SMU 7s Squad who will be flying up to Perth on the 2nd of December to participate in the IRAUG 7s.

The scrumhalf will be having his knee scanned tomorrow.

We at, wish him a speedy recovery.


  • In others news, NTU has reported to have signed back, Daniel "Potato" Thiam on a 1 year loan which will be effective from 2nd January 2008. The latter is reported to be relinquishing the opportunity to represent the Boon Lay Warriors and play alongside fellow National Player and Bedok King team-mate Big "Rebel" Rong Jing Xing. (

The coming Tri-University Rugby Championship is set to be a fierce contest between the 3 powerhouse in January 2008, so stay tuned for more updates in the transfer market.