Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big Daddy Chow making a return as Head Coach?

Daniel Marc Chow is the latest target to be linked with SMU Head Coach position

Having spent the last 6 months concentrating on the 7s game, the City Boys will be looking to get down to preparing for the 15s game once the contingent who are up in Perth are back. Due to difficulties in committing to the City Boys' 15s season, last season's Head Coach Rong JingXiang, has stepped down from the position and has agreed to make way for a successor.

For the past few seasons, SMU has yet to have a coach who has stayed longer than a season, and critics are questioning if this could possibly affect the team's performances in any way. With the team, finishing a disappointing 3rd in the recent SUNiG 7s, many are hoping that was the last time that the City Boys had to face defeat. With the club boosted with substantial fundings from the school and sponsors, the team has little excuse not to perform considering all the support they are getting.

With the position of head coach vacant at the moment, speculations of who will take over as Head Coach are growing. With many of the younger boys expressing their liking for current SMU 7s coach, Hairul Naim's coaching methods and style, it will not come as any surprise should the appointment go to him. However, insider sources have said that SMU will be looking to hire someone who is not only able to offer his expertise as a coach, but also one who is passionate and strongly affiliated to the team. This has lead to rumors that manager Andrew Aaron Tam might be looking to hire former SMU skipper, Daniel Marc Chow or EVEN! possibly veteran never-say-die Uncle Chong Wei Nurn.

The decision has yet to be concluded, but till then the speculations will continue for what is said to be one of the most enjoyable and challenging coaching jobs in Singapore rugby school scene.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Indian Rim Asian University Games 2009 - Update 2

Day 3 of IRAUG 2009 - Deo Silver Rugby 7s

SMU IRAUG 2009 - team handsign

Daniel Lee on a blowout

Sherman & Vick in training

Day 3 of the competition pitted SMU against 2 of the tournament's top sides - University of Papau New Guinea (UPNG) and Curtin University. The SMU side went into Day 3 of the competition brimming with confidence after good training sessions on Tuesday. Starting off the day with a 6am ice-bath, the team turned up at the UWA Sports Park looking fresh and ready to pull an upset over the tournament's bigger boys.


Game 4: SMU (7) vs University of Papau New Guinea (29)
Tries: Bryan Ng (1)
Conversions: Derek Chan (1)

Game 5: SMU (21) vs Curtin University (33)
Tries: Sherman Yeo (1), Derek Chan (2)
Conversions: Derek Chan (2), Bryan Ng (1)

Of Day 3, notable highlights include:

1. A relatively structured SMU side took on UPNG, which boasted 7 players of nothing but flair. After a few monster handoffs against the smaller Asian boys, the SMU side went down 4 tries to nothing before a kick downfield by flyhalf, Wang Enjian, was chased down by Bryan Ng - who duly scored SMU's only consolation try in that game.

2. SMU's prop Sherman Yeo got the game against Curtin University off to a quick start scoring early in the first half. With the ball stuck in the SMU ruck near the Curtin tryline, Sherman picked the ball up, before displaying some acrobatic skills, leaping over Daniel Lee and the entire ruck, scoring right between the sticks. The acrobatic manouveur, which apparently 'made the sunlight disappear' (Daniel Lee), put the Sherman onto the tournament score sheet for the very first time.

3. SMU scrumhalf, Derek Chan, scored twice in the game against Curtin University. The nifty sweeper made a linebreak in his own half before running the whole length of the pitch to score. The Curtin game looked set to earn SMU the title of 'Upset of the Tournament' after going up 14-0 early in the first half. However, it was not to be as Curtin staged a comeback, levelling the scores at 14-14 at halftime, and eventually marginally winning the game.

Next up, the team plays the first game on Friday morning against International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) - SMU's last match of the tournament's group stages.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Indian Rim Asian University Games 2009 - Update

Day 1 of IRAUG 2009 - Deo Silver Rugby 7s

SMU in IRAUG 2009


Game 1: SMU (24) vs NUS (12)

Tries: Bryan Ng (3), Derek Chan (1)
Conversions: Derek Chan (2)

Game 2: SMU (14) vs University of Notre Dame (17)
Tries: Bryan Ng (1), Vickneswaran Sellathurai (1)
Conversions: Derek Chan (2)

Game 3: SMU (0) vs University of Western Australia (47)

Arriving 3 days before the competition, the boys have been training hard under the watchful eye of newly-appointed Coach Hairul. After a disastrous performance at the Singapore University Games, the SMU side had much to prove especially given their talent pool. The side, which fielded a once-again-fit ex-national captain - Derek Chan (whose services were sorely missed at SUNIG 2009) and a team of all homegrown players, brought to the field a brand new structure - the result of being continuously drilled by Coach Hairul.

Of Day 1, the most notable events include:

1. SMU chalking its first win for the tournament over NUS. The SMU side got their early jitters out of the way, after going behind early in the game. A series of good runs and plays by the SMU side ensured that SMU scored 2 tries a piece in either half of the game.

2. SMU's marginal loss to the defending champions, University of Notre Dame, by a mere 3 points ranked as one of the disappointments from the SMU camp. The SMU side, left it all too late after going down 3 tries in the first half. In their fightback in the second half, a more structured and lethal SMU reared its face and from there, it was a battle against the clock and unfortunately, the SMU side came out second best.

The SMU side plays University of Papau New Guinea and Curtin University on Wednesday morning at the UWA Sports Park.