Friday, December 21, 2007

Brother of SMUrugby - Tafadzwa L Marasha

Tafadzwa L MARASHA is from Zimbabwe and has been in Singapore for almost 4 years now. He picked up the sport not too long ago and is identified to be a very raw talent to SMUrugby. Usually soft-spoken, the Information System undergraduate is a man with few words or none at all. However the trip to Perth allowed team-mates to know a bit more about him and provide an opportunity to interact with him.

Of all 12 players up in Perth, Tafa was observed to be closest to room-mate, 'Uncle" Chong Wei Nurn. They were seen to hit off on a right note and were described to be 'TIGHT'. Describing their friendship, one player who did not want to be named said,

"its really sweet between the two. Wei Nurn does all the cooking and talking, while Tafa just nods and eats..."

However, SMUrugby press uncovered that behind the soft-spoken image, lies a very dodgy character. Tafa, was always seen wandering suspiciously by himself in Perth and was reported to go on random outings in Perth on his own disclosing that he was meeting 'a friend'. Also, there were a number of occasions when Tafa was stopped along the road by random stranger,

"Hey Brother, would you by any chance have weed???"

However, weed or no weed, "brother" Tafa, was all about determination and focus on the field. After having had limited chances to play on the first day of competition, 'the brother' was hungry and raring to make his first contribution to the team. Finally when he started against Curtin University, the Zimbabwean set off the afterburners when he made his first touch of the ball, side-stepping the defence and running through the defence - until a last-ditch tackle stopped him inches from the try line.

The "brother" was also seen to have had a bit of tension with the crowd's most irritating player, Simba from Curtin University. When probed by the management about what conspired with he and the Australian-bound player, "brother" Tafa just told SMUrugby press,

"It's racial! brudder."

However, sources tell us that the tension between the two had something to do with whose 'schlong' was bigger and longer instead - perhaps it's all the same.

Player profile: Tafadzwa L MARASHA
Age: 22
Position: Second-rower/Winger

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