Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SMU Rugby Exco 2011

Introducing the new SMU Rugby Exco for 2011

President : Stuart 'Bambi' Ho
A brilliant player on the pitch, Stuart has also made front page news for his modeling exploits in SMU. When asked what he expects from SMU Rugby after taking over, Captain Ho had this to say, "We are looking to win very single tournament possible! Despite the setbacks of the past years we are confident of our future outlook".

Vice - President : Wong Kah Wei
Playing at scrum-half, KW is a highly motivating individual who believes in tough love for the team so as to make them perform better. KW along with Stuart have been with SMU Rugby since the start of 2010.

Secretary : Deya

Finance Director : Aldric Chew

Marketing Director : Gabriel 'Nemo' Ang