Monday, December 17, 2007

The crazy 'robber' strikes - Lionel Poh

An outstanding performer up in Perth, Lionel Poh led the team by example. Earlier before the trip, the selection of Poh as Captain for the tournament rumored to have brought some question marks in the team and fans. But the 'Pohster' repaid the management's confidence in selecting him as captain by turning in a remarkable performance and was arguably one of the team's player of the tournament.
While the captain picked up a few tries during the tournament, he was remembered most for his ferocious hits and turnovers, constantly being a menace to the Australian opponents. However, team-mates on tour reported that Poh to be a constant menace on and off! the field

Off the field, Lionel Poh was observed to engage in absolutely random behavior. Room mates on the tour confessed that LP’s queer antics were hard to keep up with. One famous example cited, was how the latter left his empty gummy box in the room’s fridge and for all 9 days of the trip repeatedly walk up to the fridge to open it and scold all his room-mates for finishing all his gummies and leaving the empty gummy box in the fridge.
“Who ate finish all my gummies?! The least you all can do is throw the box away right?!”
After which he closes the fridge and walks off. In addition, the room had to endure another crazy nut-head, Alex Ong who would repeat Poh’s exact stun and script of words. Opening the fridge and scolding his room-mates about the empty gummy box and closing back the fridge. For 9 days the rest of the room-mates endured and entertained them.

On the tour, the tournament’s captain nearly single handedly dug himself into trouble with the school’s administration when a freebie jacket which was meant for the SMU tennis boys was missing. Each athlete on the SMU contingent was entitled to one item each, but after doing a 2 hour search and interrogation, Lionel Poh stepped up to claim his middle name of “robber” Poh and owned up with 2 jackets. The skipper, claimed to have thought every one was entitled to as many as they wanted, but soon switch his cover-story to him taking an extra set for the roaming tournament photographer Lim Wei Ming, who was busy snapping up-skirt shots of tennis boys and girls.

Overall, the tour was filled with much fun and entertainment with Lionel Poh. He proved to be an influential captain who led the City Boys to a credible 4th position finish and in the process record the team’s first ever overseas victory.

Well done Poh!

The player has also been nominated Most “wacko” Player on the tour.
Player Profile: Lionel Poh
Age: 23
Position: Flanker
Favourite Quotes "hmm???! It's ok. It's ok. Go back to sleep..." and "WHAT THE..."

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