Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Catch our Stars!

While the week is filled with anxiety and stress. Many of our players have more than just the exams finishing to look forward to...

For 12 of our SMU boys - they will be representing SMU and the nation in the IRAUG 7s held in Perth from the 2nd - 9th of December.

And for another 2 of our boys, Daniel Marc Chow and Desmond Wee, who will be representing Singapore in the SEA games.

Recently, SMU Sports Union (SSU) has been urging the school to show their support for our National Athletes, framing life-size posters of them around school. All fans and friends are encouraged to go by to sign your good wishes of luck and "All the best" comments on the board provided outside the school's Kopitiam and outside the Pick and Bite.

Daniel Marc Chow (above) feeling the DEEP BURN: Have you bought your tickets? To the Guns (biceps) show!

You may also feel free to pose a photo with the stars and get your hands on Daniel Marc and Desmond, like you always wanted to, but never could! So catch them now...before they are taken! (literally...)

Two easy ways to take a photo with our rugby stars

1. Check out who is it you are posing with...its Desmond Wee (in this case ...and not Colin Wee)

2. Get the right stance Stomach tugged in & Chest out ...*SnAP*

And that's how you do it...

P.S Rumor has it, Daniel Marc Chow's life-size poster has gone this space as we track down about its whereabouts.

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