Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SUNIG Rugby 15's 2015 Preview

The Singapore University Games are kicking off tonight at the NTU Sports & Recreation Pitch where The City Boys face off against their fierce rivals, The Boon Lay Warriors of NTU at 7:45pm.

SMUrugbyNews reporters got down on the ground for the low down on what to expect in the 2015 edition of the Singapore University Games.

Singapore Management University

The City Boys are blessed this year with a squad of almost 40 players who are all available for selection. Similar to the last 2 seasons, the SMU forward pack is abundant in numbers and diverse in playing positions. The current squad sees props who can double up as loose forwards and locks that can cover in the front row when needed. With the inclusion of Freshmen Rama & Thad who signed a 4 year deal with the City Boys earlier this year, they add immense work rate and aggression to the squad.

Ronald Cher, veteran prop and SMU Superstar also put pen to paper this season by extending his contract till December 2015. Cher, who is due to collect his CPF next year wants to end his final semester at SMU with a bang and add another medal to his collection.

National University of Singapore

Boasting a squad of close to 55 players, NUS are the current SUNIG champions and are definitely looking to show a fierce title defence this year. With National 7s representatives Nick Yao and Keith Arriola holding the fort in the backline this season, the NUS squad definitely looks to be lethal out wide with experience and immense speed. Daniel Looi, who is rumoured to be playing at 10 this season will look to unleash his back line with his skills and tricks that made him infamous during his schoolboy rugby days at ACSI and ACJC.

NUS has unfortunately lost the services of star flanker Russell Wong, who was ruled out for this season after going under the knife to repair torn ligaments in his knee a few months ago. We wish Russell a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the pitch soon!

Singapore Institute of Management

The Clementi Bad Boys are always a team to watch at the Uni games, be it 7s or 15s they always seem to put on a good fight and turn the tables on the opposition. Last season, they took on NTU and came up on top in a well deserved victory showing their prowess and aggression at scrum time and at the trenches of the rucks.

SIM legend and legend in general, Bryan Lim has graduated and will not feature in the SIM squad in this campaign, along with the likes of Jonah Wee and Alex Lim who have also finished school earlier this year.

SIM has an entire legion of players who play active club rugby and the experience that comes with that playing at University level is truly priceless. Can the Clementi Bad Boys live up to their reputation and put in a few upsets? Head on down to the games to find out!

Nanyang Technological University

The Boon Lay Warriors, led by the ever reliable and versatile Daniel Lum are definitely title contenders in this years edition of the Uni games. Fresh with overseas experience at a recent tournament in Malaysia, NTU rugby would definitely look to add the aggression they faced up north to their arsenal coming into their campaign.

NTU also has Matty Chia, an asset with his sneaky counter attacks and ability to control the game comfortably with whatever jersey number on his back, from 9 to 15.

With their first match against SMU later tonight, the rugby world would definitely be anxious to see who comes up on top this epic fixture.

Here are the fixtures for this years tournament, do drop by and support local university rugby at its best!

9th Sept - NTU vs SMU @ NTU Main Field
14th Sept - NUS vs SIM @ NUS Main Field
18th Sept - NUS vs SMU @ NUS Main Field
18th Sept - NTU vs SIM @ NTU Main Field
23rd Sept - SIM vs SMU @ NUS Main Field
23rd Sept - NTU vs NUS @ NTU Main Field
30th Sept - FINALS @ NUS Main Field

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Player of the Week - Benedict Koh

With the season just around the corner, the City Boys have been seen hitting the gym and field hard in preparation. With the pre-season transfer window coming to a close, speculation has been rife about last minute signings and strategic secret deals.

Earlier this week, rumours began to surface of a new face in the SMU locker rooms. Spotted ordering his daily intake of protein at the Koufu western stall, the mysterious SMU secret weapon has aroused much speculation.

Some of the more learned pundits in the matriculating JD Law batch were especially excited by this latest development. Our SMU JD correspondent, Ben Teong, caught up with them to bring you this latest scoop. All names and identities have been concealed to preserve the sanctity of life on campus.

BT: So I heard that you girls have spotted a mysterious new hunk around campus?
JD Babe 1: Yes! I saw a handsome one today.
JD Babe 2: Haha! Naisee

BT: What did he look like?
JD Babe 1: Hmm… Tanned, dark and muscular. He was queueing at the Koufu Western stall chatting up a posse of girls. He looked rather young though!
JD Babe 3: Age is immaterial. It is my professional opinion as a future lawyer that eye candy is eye candy.

BT: You got that right; I believe I speak for all rugby players when I say that “Just Matriculated” or MILF, eye candy is eye candy. Any further description? I think our fans are dying for more info.
JD Babe 1: I don’t remember anything except that he was really handsome. I have to see him in person, and perhaps grab his biceps to confirm?

BT: You have SMU Rugby’s official permission to grab his biceps anytime!

With the hype around the City Boys’ new signing obviously reaching a fever pitch, we felt now would be a good time to “reveal the goods”. We present to you our latest pre-season secret weapon, Benedict “The Beast” Koh.

Name: Benedict “The Beast” Koh
I’m new to rugby. Regarding positions, I really don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll be adept at any positon required.
(Editor’s note: Now I’m sure that’s exactly what our female fanbase would love to hear!)Height: 175cm
Weight: 84kg
Whether it’s hitting the gym, or partying it up in style, I love doing it to the hottest EDM tracks!

With his first trainings with SMU Rugby under his belt, Benedict has shown promise with his solid build and great fitness. When asked for his thoughts, Benedict commented: “Despite the shag physicals that our coaches throw at us, it’s been great fun. When Rex (SMU Rugby Backs Coach) tossed in that extra sprint yesterday, it came as a shock, but I’m always ready to go the extra round for the team.”

We at SMU Rugby would like to extend a warm welcome to our official new signing; we are always glad to have more good-looking lady killers on the team!

Stay tuned to SMU Rugby News for more pre-season player highlights!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lenny & Jamal spotted doing unconventional squat workout

                                Showboating or squatting?

With the Uni 15s just around the corner, SMU Rugby players have been seen working hard outside of the regular field sessions doing track work and pumping iron in the gym. These individual sessions have been emphasised months ago and it is heartening to see the players displaying discipline and grit by clocking in the hard yards and gains progressively.

Just this evening, SMUrugbyNews correspondents spotted 2 of our stars squatting outside the safe confines of the gym environment. Unsupervised gym or squat sessions is something we do not tolerate and these 2 players will definitely be served a hefty fine from the club. What made the situation worse than it already was is that they decided to start their sets in front of a group of freshmeat freshmen at BONDUE Camp.

SMUrugbyNews managed to catch the duo for their comments on the matter.

SMUrugbyNews: What were you two thinking?

Jamal: Well the gym did not have enough weights to add to my last few sets. I had to improvise. Lenny was the closest person that seemed like a challenge as Mongoose was busy as always with the freshmeat freshmen.

Lenny: Sorry mate. I was following the lead of Jamal. He said the only way he can play Number 8 again was to get some explosive squats going. Sorry once again mate.

SMUrugbyNews will be investigating this matter further and issue and updated statement in the next 24 hours.

              Jamal opting for the assisted squat for his last set

                         Lenny feeling the lactic acid build up

Monday, July 27, 2015

Player of The Week - Vijay Thomas

Name: Vijay Thomas
Position: Hooker/Prop
Height: 1.77m
Weight: 90kg 
Interests: Gentle Barrie Fan Club Chairman

SMURugbyNews would like to give you a better insight on one of our up and coming stars, Vijay Thomas. Picking up the sport only at Junior College level, Vijay has improved leaps and bounds upon signing with The City Boys. Vijay has also been a regular feature at his rugby club, Oldham where he has honed his skills in the art of lifting at the lineouts and scrummaging.

SMURugbyNews managed to get in touch with the busy Vijay, who is also holding important portfolios helping to organise key SMU events such as Sports Awards Night, Waikiki, Sports Camp 2015 and most recently - the annual Thosai Run, an event co-organised by the SMU Indian Cultural Club and SMU Sports Union.

      Vijay as Hagrid Ron Weasley during Sports Camp 2015

SMURugbyNews: How has the last year been at SMU? Any significant moments?

Vijay: The last year has been great. I have made lots of new friends and joined new CCAs such as the Indian Cultural Club. The annual Thosai Run is happening in a few months! It would be great if you stop by and support the event!

SMURugbyNews: How do you find life at SMU Rugby? 

Vijay: SMU Rugby is amazing. The friendships here definitely will last a lifetime and I am glad to be part of this club. The support and teamwork is second to none! I really am at a very happy place.

                              Vijay and Marcus "Mongoose" Ang

SMURugbyNews: What is your best moment with SMU Rugby to date?

Vijay: It definitely has to be when Coach Mel shouted for me to get onto the wing during a warm up game for the 7s last season. I was ecstatic and so happy knowing that he finally realised my potential and speed down the tram tracks.. that all came to a screeching halt when the entire bench (And the opposition) vociferously exclaimed that Coach Mel actually meant DJ.. and not Vijay.

                The moment when Fauzan realised DJ wasn't on the wing..

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ben Teong returns home!

                                 Ben Teong in full glory

It has been 4 long years since City Boy legend, Ben Teong set foot on the rugby field donning SMU colours. After a long hiatus, Ben finally decided to join the City Boy camp for his first training tonight, with mixed feelings.

Ben Teong will be starting his JD Program in August and reached out to SMU Rugby to have a second bite at the ever so sweet cherry he could never let go of. SMUrugbyNews caught up with Ben for a quick chat after the intense session earlier.

SMUrugbyNews: Welcome back Ben! How does it feel to be a City Boy again?

Ben Teong: It feels great actually. It is as though I never left! The banter is similar and the team is really friendly. I feel right at home.

SMUrugbyNews: How do you think you can contribute to the team? Being the most experienced and oldest?

Ben Teong: As always, Old is gold. I definitely can share my experiences as a City Boy and teach the boys a few things or two about living it up on campus.

SMUrugbyNews: Did you know that the girls coming in as Freshmen this August are 10 years younger than you?

Ben Teong: Fuck.

    What happens after you leave your boots on the shelf for 2 years..

From all of us at SMU Rugby, we would like to welcome Ben back into the City Boy set up!

Ben Teong on tour - Will he make it for the SMU tour to Hong Kong this August??

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Of Cosplay, Summer and Sports Camp

Ask any SMU student or rugger on campus what was their most memorable experience during summer and most would say the drinking, girls, internship, drinking after an internship workday, meeting girls after an internship workday or a commensuration of the two latter.

There is however, a rare breed of individuals who step out of their comfort zone and make the most out of their summer through the annual SMU Sports Camp.

SMU Sports Camp has the highest sign up rate on campus and proves year after year to be the most fun and memorable camp to be at before jumping into the 4 years of euphoria that SMU has to offer.

SMU Rugby has always played an integral part of the camp. We are proud of our boys who step up and make a difference to the new batch of incoming freshmen to our beloved institution.

SMU Sports Camp 2015 seems to be hyped up to be the biggest edition yet, with a name like REKT (Which we believe is an acronym for the words, Responsibility, Efficiency, Knowledge and Trust) who can deny this is the camp to be seen at.

SMU Rugby is proud to say it has 13 (YES THIRTEEN!) members part of the Sports Camp 2015 crew. They range from being Organising Committee Members, Facilitators, Clan Heads or even just as Helpers.

Out of these 13, 8 are facilitators and clan heads - the most sought after role in Sports Camp. Candidates for these positions had to go through a very rigid and impartial selection process to earn the title of "Camp Faci".

SMUrugbyNews is proud to present to you the Ruggers of Sports Camp 2015! - seen below in full glory and costume.

        Benjamin Choy 

 Cho Hyung Jin

   Marcus Ang

     Vijay Thomas


    Joel Low



Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hydration with your Singapore Captain, Daniel Marc Chow

Daniel Marc Chow(DMC) who has expressed interest in carrying on with future 7s campaigns seems to be taking his off-season in true superstar fashion with adverts and endorsement deals. The 2 time SEA Games medalist, National 7s Captain and proud SMU Rugby Alumnus was recently seen promoting NEWater on various social media channels and through dodgy "bumps" via ex-SMU team mate Amos Siow's Facebook account. This deal with NEWater comes as a surprise after it was rumoured that a multi-million dollar contract with Yeo's Ice Lemon Tea was already in the pipeline. Do head down to your nearest convenience stores to purchase the limited edition DMC bottles today!

Friday, June 5, 2015


City Boys in the Singapore Squad (Derek Chan, Daniel Marc Chow, Bryan Ng & Blandon Tan)

This weekend will be the first time in 8 years that Rugby 7s makes an appearance at the SEA Games. At its last bout in Korat in 2007, the Men's and Women's Team came home with a Bronze and Silver medal respectively.

Choa Chu Kang Stadium will host the finest of South East Asian rugby over the weekend that hopes to see Singapore better its previous performance in 2007.

This exclusive feature brought to you by SMUrugbyNews will showcase SMU students of past and present who are in the squad - including Samantha Teo, the Women's Team captain who rose through the rugby ranks during her time at SMU.

Get to know your City Boys & City Girl!

    Samantha Teo - Class of '14
 School of Business

Why did you choose SMU?
Location, location, location !!! It's so near to home (compared to the others) so traveling is a breeze... Haha..

Also I was offered to pursue a degree in business management, something I wanted and had an interest in..

What has motivated you to keep playing rugby for so long?
The love of the game. I enjoy watching the game as well as playing it.. The fast moving game of 7s, is so exciting to watch.. The game is changing rapidly, that there's always something new to learn..

I grew up playing sports, so I am competitive (by nature perhaps?). I cannot imagine myself leading a sedentary lifestyle.. Taking part in tournaments are always exciting.. Be it international or domestic.. The moment the whistle blows, I know I am all ready to take the field with my team..

Getting to play alongside my team mates!! I see them so much these couple of months.. We often say we see each other more than we see our parents.. HAHA

What's the craziest thing you've done on campus?
Attending starry night! Hahaha.. It's a must if you're from SMU.. Envious students from the other unis crash every year.. It must mean something right?

What are your plans after the SEA Games?
Relax and probably go on a holiday.. I need some time off from rugby.. Training started in Jan and it has been some intense couple of months.. We trained 6 days a week, twice a day.. Which includes gym and field training.. So some me-time and traveling will be great! I envision myself on a beach, having a coconut and just lazing and watch the waves hit the shoreline..

     Derek Chan - Class of '12
         School of Business

Why did you choose SMU?
 My sister went to smu and we often spoke about the seminar learning experience which struck a cord with me. I also wanted to have a city campus lifestyle which made commuting back and forth very convenient.

What has motivated you to keep playing rugby for so long?
 I had actually hung up my boots after graduation but was lured out of retirement by the one and only captain extraordinaire run dmc who convinced me to make a return for sea games on home soil.

 What's the craziest thing you've done on campus?
 Got slightly inebriated at one too many camps and starry nights. One time it involved a broken nose, a gsr door.. rest can't be disclosed.

What are your plans after the SEA Games?
 Back to concentrating on  work and also intend to keep fit by gymming and trying out something new perhaps muay thai or cross fit. Also over due a relaxing summer getaway in Europe.

    Daniel Marc Chow - Class of '10
         School of Economics

Why did you choose SMU?
Exciting prospect of campus life in the city and more opportunities (internships, exchange programs etc)

What has motivated you to keep playing rugby for so long?
Just being very passionate about the game and it's become very big part of my life and I will aim play for as long as I physically can

What's the craziest thing you've done on campus?
 Pub golf in school!

What are your plans after the SEA Games?
 Focus a bit more on work for the next few months and back to the Asian sevens series and Olympic qualifiers during the second half of the year

       Bryan Ng - Class of '12
      School of Social Sciences

Why did you choose SMU?
They chose me- they gave me a chance because of rugby and ever grateful for their choice.

What has motivated you to keep playing rugby for so long?
The love for the sport - the people in it and the spirit of the sport. And just glad that God gave me this talent in rugby to be able to represent.

What's the craziest thing you've done on campus?
Winning the SMU pageant and SMU Waikiki. lol what more can I say

What are your plans after the SEA Games?
Hope I am still good enough to continue to represent Singapore and also becoming a teacher that is able to teach and inspire.

       Blandon Tan - Class of '15
          School of Business

Why did you choose SMU?
I chose Smu because of the different way lessons are being taught. I was never comfortable speaking in front of a classroom filled with people and I heard with Smu's presentation style of teaching it will train me to be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. Lastly, Smu is better amongst the other universities in preparing students for job search.

What has motivated you to keep playing rugby for so long?
I love the adrenaline of the game with the big hits, tackles and crazy skills.  More importantly, I enjoy training and playing with a bunch of teammates that I can count on on and off the field.

What's the craziest thing you've done on campus?
Haha probably getting dead drunk on starry nite.

What are your plans after the SEA Games?

I'll be starting work one week after sea games. Haha

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thanks for the memories, Jesse Quek

It is with sadness we announce the graduation of Jesse Quek from the SMU Rugby camp. Jesse played his last tournament with the team today racking up a couple of tries and a few mazy runs that put a smile to many faces, including his.

Jesse is undoubtedly The City Boys favourite son, having been with the squad way before his matriculation in 2011. The stumpy and lovable In-Center has  been an integral part of SMU Rugby and the culture that it has developed today. SMU Rugby cannot find another man to represent the values and traits he stood for, even up till the dying seconds of his last match this afternoon, Jesse gave his all and never backed down.

Jesse shows exemplary fortitude and determination and never slips away in limbo. He has truly been an inspiration to all freshmen who've come under his wing and downed bottles of Tiger Beer at our beloved food court at Holland Village. Being seen as one of the most approachable and friendly guys in the squad and University, it is truly hard to find anyone who shares negative moments with this fine specimen of a man.

              Jesse Quek posting about his acceptance into SMU in 2010.

SMUrugbyNews would like to thank Jesse for all he has done for the club and what it stands for. His selflessness and grit has definitely clawed SMU Rugby out of the dark ages and also brought it to its peak and prime.

Cheers to you, Jesse Quek! Enjoy this lot of pictures we dug up from the archives. Thank you for everything, and the memories. <3

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tertiary 7s this weekend!

After 2 consecutive 15s seasons, Tertiary rugby finally sees 7s rugby action this Saturday at the NTU field.

Besides the usual University suspects, Republic Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic are making an appearance for the first time. Republic Polytechnic are the current kings of the Polytechnic circuit and Singapore Polytechnic are close on their heels.

SMUrugbyNews tried speaking to the respective managers for a preview of their squads, but all remained tight lipped and hesitant to speak.

We do know however that all University squads are missing their marquee 7s stars, who are in full on training for the SEA Games happening in June. These players include Martin Butler and Nick Yao from NUS, Ex City Boy and NIE/NTU gas man Bryan Ng and Blandon Tan from SMU.

Speaking to Blandon Tan earlier today, SMUrugbyNews got his insights and thoughts about tomorrows tournament
                                   Blandon Tan, SMU Rugby
SMUrugbyNews: Good to speak to you Blandon! What are your thoughts on the 7s tournament tomorrow?

Blandon: I think its great to see some of the Polytechnic teams step up and compete at a higher level, a long time ago, rugby did have IVP(Inter Varsity-Poly) games but were ceased due to age differences and something silly like size advantage. The game is evolving and players are getting bigger and badder. It's a good thing that this tertiary tournament is featuring these teams, it could be the push that IVP rugby needs!

So if you want to catch the youth of Singapore Rugby tear up the pitch tomorrow, do head down to NTU field where the games kick off at 9am!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Public Apology - SMU Rugby submits wrong club name on nomination form


SMU Rugby would like to apologise to our super star flanker, Marcus Ang for submitting the wrong club name on the Sports Awards Night nomination form.

We understand that this caused great confusion within The City Boys camp and around the SMU Campus.

SMUrugbyNews spoke to Marcus Ang within minutes of the incident and he had this to say.

"SMU Sports Union uploaded its marketing collaterals for the upcoming event earlier this morning reflecting "Flare" under my name. I know some have said I do bring flare and passion to the field and training, but as you can see, I am nominated for Mr Stud. No one cares if I am inspiring or got the skills. This award is all about my looks and figure.  I expect a public apology from SMU Rugby for this f*ck up"

Do vote for Mongoose at the following link and cement his unofficial tag as Mr Stud around SMU!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Alumni Exclusive - Amos Siow

                  Amos Siow - The man that started it all.

SMUrugbyNews will like to pay tribute to one of the founding fathers of the club and the infamous City Boy spirit that makes us and fans proud to be a part of SMU Rugby. 

Amos Siow, one of the original City Boys from the Class of 2010 hung up his boots over the weekend after years of service to his respective schools, clubs, country and of course, SMU Rugby from 2007-2010.

Many of the younger City Boys and fans may also like to take note that Amos Siow created this rugby blog and its legacy. The following this page receives has increased over the years and this can all be credited to Amos. Who would have thought he would have created the most cited and credible source in SMU!

SMUrugbyNews got in touch with Amos and faced its most serious interview to date, here is how it went down.

SMUrugbyNews: What did SMU Rugby mean to you?

Amos Siow: SMU rugby, at that point in time, it was one of the set-ups or teams that i was more involved with. It was one of the teams I really enjoyed playing for during that time. We were a very young club then, and what we wanted to do was leave behind a legacy or tradition for other young players to come through the ranks and enjoy what the club had to offer.

SMUrugbyNews: How was SMU Rugby like in the early days?

Amos Siow: It started in shambles. Rugby players wearing soccer jerseys to play the inter varsity games, and losing every game we played. Some teams said we were there just to make the numbers.

SMUrugbyNews: What are your best memories with the club? 

Amos Siow: Best Memories? Many good ones to be honest.
- Going to Australia, Perth for the first time to represent SMU in the IRAUG games - hilarious tour!
- Organizing our very own 7s tournament in Singapore. The team we had was a really good team, unfortunately we lost controversially. But overall, it was a great tournament organized by a bunch of uni kids. I think it was a well participated tournament, one that all teams enjoyed playing - and i may dare say was a tournament that's probably more well organized than some of the other local tournaments organized by our national body (back then).
- But of them all, Winning the Tri-Unis for the first time probably has to top the list. this was coupled with being named SMU sports team of the year, after which we were promoted to elite status and obtained funding from OSL.

The current squad of City Boys would like to wish Amos a happy retirement and thank him once again for his service and selfless sacrifices he made to bring SMU Rugby to where it is today.

Cheers Amos! We would love to have you drop by during our season this year.

One of the best boots SMU Rugby has ever seen

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Old is Gold - Jesse Quek called back to represent BONDUE at IFG Touch Rugby

                Jesse(3rd from right) seen with his BONDUE comrades

Saturday, 24th January at Republic Polytechnic Field. City Boy senior, Jesse Quek received a surprise call from BONDUE, the Business School student body to represent them at the annual Inter-Faculty Games (IFG) Touch Rugby tournament.

Quek, who last put on the BONDUE shirt in 2012 as a Sophomore found it tough to put it back on again over the weekend, requesting a fresh shirt mere minutes before kick off.

When SMUrugbyNews contacted BONDUE, they had this to say,

"Jesse Quek is a man of class. He has been with the BONDUE IFG Team since its dark ages, when we could never win and always finish at the tail end of the competition. Jesse has seen the BONDUE IFG Team achieve success and stand together in failure. We needed a man of his capability and knowledge." 

- Kor Porat Kom, BONDUE PR Executive

SMUrugbyNews understands that the average age of the BONDUE team was 21years old. Veteran Quek, who still remains youthful at 26 years old stood out amongst these younglings. Showcasing his silky hands and ballerina feet throughout the tournament, Quek inspired his team mates and eventually brought them to victory, defeating SOSCIETY by a close margin.

                              Quek executing the classic, "Show & Go"

SMUrugbyNews managed to speak to an elated Quek after the tournament, covered in champagne and confetti.

SMUrugbyNews: Congrats Jesse! How does it feel to be back in BONDUE Blue?

Quek: F*cking amazeballs! I was sitting by the Farrer Park Longkang fishing for Ikan Bilis and I got the call up. I never thought this day would come again! My BONDUE blue days seemed like something of the past, but when BONDUE calls, will you answer?

SMUrugbyNews: How was it playing with players 6-7 years younger than you?

Quek: These kids are something special. They are a different breed, their hunger and drive is something that set them apart from the rest of the competition. I felt like Stephen Donald out there over the weekend, coming on to the squad at such a late stage of the competition and making it count when I needed to.

 Quek compared his performance to Stephen Donald during the 2011 Rugby World Cup

So there you have it folks, a story that raised a faculty off their feet and shook the halls of the library. Congrats to Quek & Team Bondue for winning the IFG Touch Rugby tournament over the weekend!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Player of The Week - Benjamin Choy

Name: Benjamin Choy
Position: Hooker/Prop/Second Row
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 95kg 
Interests: Hiking, Exploring & Wizardry

We are proud to bring you the first post of 2015 with a special report on one of the stand out players amongst The City Boys, Benjamin Choy.

Benjamin "Ain't About That Life No More" Choy has been part of The City Boys set up since 2013, making a successful transfer from ex club, Pioneer Junior College. Having picked up the sport during his upper secondary school years at Anglo-Chinese School(Barker Road), Choy has been improving leaps and bounds and has been a regular contender for a spot in the competitive City Boy forward pack.

      Some men are born great, Some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them

Choy, a Political Science Major also holds the role of Events Director of SMU Sports Union(SSU). Having just took on the title in January 2015 he already has huge plans in the first quarter of the year with Sports Awards Night and Waikiki happening in February and March respectively.

               Choy is always up for cross cultural exchanges

SMUrugbyNews managed to catch this busy man for an exclusive all access interview.

SMUrugbyNews: Happy New Year Choy! Tell us more about the exciting events you have planned for SMU

Choy: Happy New Year! Well, as mentioned, we have Sports Awards Night and Waikiki, 2 of our marquee events that always gets the most following. Hopefully this year my team and I can make it bigger and better!

SMUrugbyNews: With the season approaching, how are you preparing for it?

Choy: I am training very hard for this upcoming season. Especially since its 7s, my forte. I believe I have mastered the art of energy conservation and will utilize my fitness and skill when the team needs it the most. I also hope to up my try tally to 2 this tournament and run over a few like a Tongan bulldozer.

SMUrugbyNews: We also hear that you are on Local Exchange this Semester at NTU. Tell us about that!

Choy: I am actually pretty excited about this to be honest. I am clearing 2 modules here in SMU and 3 at NTU. I am going to take classes in Astronomy and Defense against the Dark Arts

                                  Adventurer and Explorer