Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Thank You

SMU Rugby would like to give special and heartfelt thanks to the group of graduating seniors. Ex-President Derek Chan, Captain Wang En Jian, Bryan Ng, Ashraf and Gao Shen will be graduating at the end of the present semester and have played their final match for SMU Rugby. This 5 senior players have been leaders and guides for all the younger players who have come into SMU. In tears and with his eyes red and puffy after the final match, Derek Chan said, "I will miss playing for SMU and with all the great guys in the team. I feel like i have lost a part of my world and soul. I will continue supporting future batches from the sidelines and continue imparting my great wisdom and co-ordinating skills."

SMU Rugby president Blandon Tan, who was caught hugging and crying into Bryan Ng's shoulder in the NTU men's toilet, had this tribute to make, "This people were there from the start. They have been my guiding stars. I will miss bryan especially as we have a very strong bond. I wish them all the best for the future." Thank you for your uncontrollable tears for the seniors blandon, we are sure you will be fondly remembered.

Captain Wang 'grandpa' En Jian in his last speech to the team said, "Boys. While we did not win this season, it has been a real honor to play with you. This is the most committed and cohesive team i have played with in my 4 years. I hope that you guys will continue training hard and bring back silverware next season. I will continue supporting you as well as i can."

Well said Cap. SMU Rugby wishes these charismatic men all the best for their future endeavors and thank them for their unrelenting service to the team.

IVP 15s 2012 Update


On the 12th of March SMU Rugby kickstarted its campaign against the Boon Lay Boys. The first half was an evenly matched contest, with SMU Rugby dominating. However close to half - time, NTU took the lead against the run of play as a result of several handling errors made by SMU. The half-time score was 7-0. Rejuvenated by the half time break, SMU started strongly and came close to scoring but was again thwarted by a penalty at the breakdown in the NTU 22. With NTU's kicker in good form, the penalty was kicked to touch in the SMU half. This culminated in several missed tackles and a try to NTU. Subsequently more missed tackles, breakdown penalties and mishandling blighted SMU's game, allowing NTU to increase the lead and subsequently winning 44-0.


After the highly depressing game against NTU, SMU stepped it up in this game against NUS. In the same fixture a year ago, NUS had triumphed 45-14. This year, SMU would not lie down and roll over. SMU began the game strongly, with the halftime score being 0-0. Several good breaks in the first half were ended by good defence by NUS and errors by SMU. After halftime, NUS took the lead with a penalty. However SMU rallied back strongly and a strong lineout led to a brilliant run by fly-half Derek Chan, culminating in him stepping his way past 3 players and scoring a try. While the conversion was missed, the team was visibly uplifted and continued playing strongly. A few minutes later a brilliant cut-out pass by Centre Wong Kah Wei to star winger Daniel Kong led to a magnificent try. Kong stepped past multiple NUS players and stayed strong to score in the corner. With the score at 10-3 with 10 minutes to go, SMU looked certain to continue its strong defensive form. However a moment of folly by in-form flanker Timothy Gay led to a yellow card. While questions may be asked as to the harshness of the punishment, this led to a lineout in the 5m area. SMU held resolute despite numerous phases but eventually, the NUS scrumhalf took a quick snipe from a ruck and scored a try. The score at 10-8 in the 76th minute and legs fast tiring, NUS were awarded a penalty from the kickoff for a late tackle. From the subsequent lineout, the NUS captain made a break through the centre but was brought down inside the 22m. A subsequent pass by NUS was ruled forward and a scrum was awarded. However SMU lost the ball in the scrum and possession turned over with a penalty being awarded in the 79th Minute in front of the post from a ruck infringement. NUS converted the penalty, leaving SMU hearts broken and left the City Boys looking at another year out of the finals.


The final match for the 2012 15s season was against SIM. Looking to end the season with a bang, the team played a hard and destructive game. SMU opened the scoring through Daniel Kong in a slick backline move which also involved a Sonny Bill-esque pass from hooker Anwaar. A small blip occured when SIM scored an opportunistic try through a quick tap 5m from the SMU tryline. SMU went on to score another 8 tries, featuring brilliant individual and team play. Daniel Kong went on to score 2 more tries, completing his hattrick with a brilliant run around 2 SIM players. Ian Gan scored another brilliant try while new player Shaun Ng also scored off a maul. Further tries to Timothy Gay, Leo Shyen and Captain Wang En Jian completed the rout. While it was not a season that the team desired, this game showed the potential that SMU Rugby possesses despite injuries to players like Derek Chan, Stuart Ho, Aldric Chew and Blandon Tan.

SMU Rugby thanks its supporters, especially Coach Melvin for being an inspirational coach. Special thanks to OSL Manager Roy Chua, SSU President Chang Yi and SSU Events Director Nicklaus Tang who came down for all the matches and helped with the welfare of the team. Your continued and unwavering support is much appreciated.

Summary of IVP 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Special Thanks to RentCamera@SG

Special thanks to our Camera equipment sponsors, RentCamera@SG. They have recently come aboard at the beginning of the season and have been steadfast in their support. We recommend them to any Camera enthusiasts out there. Here is a short description of their business from their spokesperson, Chua JianZhi:-

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Aldric Chew, SMU Rugby's injured flanker who has been doubling as the team photographer, has stated that the cameras provided by our sponsors are of the highest quality and have allowed him to take perfect pictures during the matches.

A warm thank you once again. Please do visit their website and store for great deals.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quad-University 15s 2012 - Preview

The 15s season is upon us again and after several months of hardwork SMU Rugby are ready and raring to take on the world. After last season's disappointment, when SMU Rugby came in 3rd having lost to both NUS and NTU, the boys are lusting after success.

After several notable signings, Leo Shyen, Timothy Gay, Ian Gan, and the return of inspirational ex-president Derek Chan and the Cleo's "most eligible bachelor" contestand Bryan "prettyboy" Ng, the team are much stronger than previous years. Said President Blandon Tan, "This year we have a more focused and committed team in which i have utmost faith. The mix of young blood and experience has struck the right balance and i would like to thank coach Melvin for his immense contributions to the team."

This sentiment was echoed by Vice President Ronald Cher, "We all have different passion and reasons for being in the team here. some are here for friends, some simply want to keep fit, I would say that most of us are here because Rugby is rooted in our lives. My passion is simply to play decent rugby. When blandon and i took over, I had a clear goal in mind, which was to give us an opportunity to play good rugby & to give new comers of the such as Zul, aaron and arveen the chance to experience the positive values from the game of rugby, which we learnt in our previous schools. I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to our coach Melvin. He made my visions possible. He laid out for us the 101s of rugby and placed tremendous efforts to give us unique insights allowing us to play at a higher level. With that, it gives me great hope that we WILL have a positive outcome for the season."

On another positive note to the start of the season, Stuart 'iron man' Ho, Aldric Chew and Ian Gan, all of whom were injured pre-season are making positive come backs and will be at every single match supporting the team. Stuart had the following well wishes to convey, "I know that i wont be on the pitch making my amazing runs and awe-ing the opponents but i believe in the team and their abilities. Even without me you guys are amazing. Play your hearts out and i will scream my lungs out cheering you on. If the boys get to the finals ill put on my latex clothings and carry pom poms to cheer for you guys." well said stuart, and we look forward to the sight.

The match schedule for SMU is as follows :

12th March(Monday), 8PM : NTU v SMU @ NTU
16th March(Friday), 8PM : NUS v SMU @ NUS
20th March(Tuesday), 8PM : SMU v SIM @ CCAB

Please do come down and support the city boys in their attempt to reclaim the crown of 15s. Further updates will be made as the season progresses.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tribute to our injured talisman - Stuart

It is with great sadness and regret that we report that our ex-president and talisman, Stuart Ho is out for the rest of the current 15s season. During the friendly match against ACJC on the 11th of July, crowd-favourite Stuart was severely injured after coming on as a substitute. After making one of his typical bursts down the wing, Stuart offloaded the ball to Ian Gan in the midst of a tackle and suffered a clean break of his ankle. Coincidentally, in the same sequence Ian sprained his ankle in a tackle.

Stuart has been one of the leaders and stars of this SMU Rugby team. Always a warrior , Stuart has always been at the forefront of the action, taking and making hits for the team. Ronald Cher, vice-president, eyes red from the tears, had this to say, " Stuart is a valued member in the team. more importantly he has been a great friend to all of us. Someone that we can rely on, from the field to school to getting sloshed. Most notably, is his leadership as president in championing the SUNIG 7's last year. He has been a personal friend who extends any help I ask of him. Stuart, I wish you all the best in your recovery."

On behalf of everyone in the team and all your supporters, we wish you a quick and complete recovery and hope to see you back at your explosive best in no time.