Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A word from editor

To all players, readers and fans...

I encourage you to support our local sports news website by completing this survey. (

The website has done many good things for the Singapore school scene and we are looking to try to engage Redsport to cover the coming Tri-University Championships and future local rugby tournaments - to give us more publicity and raise the awareness of the game, especially at the university level.

While we are in the midst of trying to revive the Inter-Varsity-Polytechnics (IVP)Rugby championships and push our sport to be covered in the Singapore University Games (SUNIG), completing this survey could help us move one step closer to bringing this game to the centre stage.

So whether you are from SMU, NUS, NTU, SIM or from the polys...let's do our part to help bring the tournaments that we play for school to a higher level and bring recognition for all the efforts we have put in for the schools.

Amos Siow
SMUrugby President/editor of smu-rugbynews

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les said...

Hi Amos,

I thought this story may interest you and your team:


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