Tuesday, January 19, 2016


                  Ying Xiang "Mouth" Chew from the Class of 2011 is back to coach!

SMU Rugby is pleased to announce that one of its Golden Boys has come back to take on a coaching role within the City Boy set up. Yin Xiang "Mouth" Chew has put pen to paper and taken on the dual role of Development and Life coach.

Mouth is no stranger to the rugby development scene - plying his trade through the different age groups all the way up to mens level rugby where he has coached from Primary School level to Men's Championship level in Singapore.

On the role of Life Coach however, Mouth is probably over qualified and the City Boys should feel extremely lucky to have such an illustrious alumni come back and give advice to the boys. SMUrugbyNews got an exclusive one on one with the man himself at training last week. Here is what went down.

SMUrugbyNews: Tell us about yourself!
Mouth: My name is actually Yin Xiang but I’m more commonly known as Mouth (a nickname that originated back in JC). I am PE and History teacher by day at a secondary school in the West. Coaching wise, I have coached rugby at ACS (Primary), ACS (Independent) and Oldham Rugby Club over the past 10 years. SMUrugbyNews: How was it like in SMU for you?
Mouth: SMU was great fun. To be honest, I initially jumped on the bandwagon to be a SMUgger (do they still use this term in SMU?). But it was tiring. I told myself from Year 2 onwards to just do the bare minimum academically (not letting the GPA go below 3 was the target). To really go out and enjoy uni life. I would say 70% of my time spent from Year 2 onwards was diverted to SMU Rugby (on and off the field) as well as enjoying the free flow alcohol on Mon and Wed nights at a bar in CHIJMES called Baroque. Mabuk times. Sadly, the 20 dollar free flow deal no longer exist as the bar has since closed down. Oh yes, how to not forget those Starry Night events. Those were crazy times. SMUrugbyNews: What are your best moments with SMU Rugby?
Mouth: There were many proud moments: - Going to Perth, Australia with the lads for the IRAUG Games. It was fun times bonding with the senior lads such as Amos Siow, Daniel Marc Chow and Lionel Poh to name a few. - Going to Paris, France to take part in the Tournoi des 5 Ballons organized by ESSEC. It was our first trip out of Asia and we did extremely well to come in 2nd overall, beating teams from Spain, Russia and France. - Starting this blog with the likes of Amos Siow and Ben Teong. It was and still is a great source of entertainment for the readers. Kudos to the subsequent batches for keeping it entertaining! - The one that still edges out is that year in 2008 where we made a clean sweep in the tertiary level - winning SUNIG 7s and the inaugural Tri-Uni 15s Championship. That amazing run led to us clinching the SSU Team of the Year. SMUrugbyNews: How does it feel to be back helping to coach?
Mouth: Excited and honoured. When Melvin approached me to come on board, I jumped on the offer immediately. I am grateful to be able to come back and give back and ‘feel young’ again among the boys. SMUrugbyNews: What would you like to see the boys achieve?
Mouth: Improvement. To see the boys set little targets for themselves to improve every session. They have to be better from where they started off in January 2016 come the 15s season. I want the team to give themselves a good opportunity to clinch the 15s title back this year. To get there, they must improve every time they train.

People might also like to note that Mouth took a few years off to find a new sport to excel in before eventually returning to the rugby field. Here is a collection of photos from his various attempts!

                                   Mouth trying out Basketball

                                     Mouth trying out Gymnastics

                                   Mouth trying out Floorball

                              Mouth trying out Handball

Mouth trying out Football

Mouth trying out Softball

                                             Mouth trying out Swimming

and finally.. Mouth trying out Hammer Throw - the sport that made him realise he needed to return to the rugby field. Once again, we will like to welcome Mouth back home and thank him for his time and passion wanting to give back to SMU.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SUNIG Rugby 15's 2015 Preview

The Singapore University Games are kicking off tonight at the NTU Sports & Recreation Pitch where The City Boys face off against their fierce rivals, The Boon Lay Warriors of NTU at 7:45pm.

SMUrugbyNews reporters got down on the ground for the low down on what to expect in the 2015 edition of the Singapore University Games.

Singapore Management University

The City Boys are blessed this year with a squad of almost 40 players who are all available for selection. Similar to the last 2 seasons, the SMU forward pack is abundant in numbers and diverse in playing positions. The current squad sees props who can double up as loose forwards and locks that can cover in the front row when needed. With the inclusion of Freshmen Rama & Thad who signed a 4 year deal with the City Boys earlier this year, they add immense work rate and aggression to the squad.

Ronald Cher, veteran prop and SMU Superstar also put pen to paper this season by extending his contract till December 2015. Cher, who is due to collect his CPF next year wants to end his final semester at SMU with a bang and add another medal to his collection.

National University of Singapore

Boasting a squad of close to 55 players, NUS are the current SUNIG champions and are definitely looking to show a fierce title defence this year. With National 7s representatives Nick Yao and Keith Arriola holding the fort in the backline this season, the NUS squad definitely looks to be lethal out wide with experience and immense speed. Daniel Looi, who is rumoured to be playing at 10 this season will look to unleash his back line with his skills and tricks that made him infamous during his schoolboy rugby days at ACSI and ACJC.

NUS has unfortunately lost the services of star flanker Russell Wong, who was ruled out for this season after going under the knife to repair torn ligaments in his knee a few months ago. We wish Russell a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the pitch soon!

Singapore Institute of Management

The Clementi Bad Boys are always a team to watch at the Uni games, be it 7s or 15s they always seem to put on a good fight and turn the tables on the opposition. Last season, they took on NTU and came up on top in a well deserved victory showing their prowess and aggression at scrum time and at the trenches of the rucks.

SIM legend and legend in general, Bryan Lim has graduated and will not feature in the SIM squad in this campaign, along with the likes of Jonah Wee and Alex Lim who have also finished school earlier this year.

SIM has an entire legion of players who play active club rugby and the experience that comes with that playing at University level is truly priceless. Can the Clementi Bad Boys live up to their reputation and put in a few upsets? Head on down to the games to find out!

Nanyang Technological University

The Boon Lay Warriors, led by the ever reliable and versatile Daniel Lum are definitely title contenders in this years edition of the Uni games. Fresh with overseas experience at a recent tournament in Malaysia, NTU rugby would definitely look to add the aggression they faced up north to their arsenal coming into their campaign.

NTU also has Matty Chia, an asset with his sneaky counter attacks and ability to control the game comfortably with whatever jersey number on his back, from 9 to 15.

With their first match against SMU later tonight, the rugby world would definitely be anxious to see who comes up on top this epic fixture.

Here are the fixtures for this years tournament, do drop by and support local university rugby at its best!

9th Sept - NTU vs SMU @ NTU Main Field
14th Sept - NUS vs SIM @ NUS Main Field
18th Sept - NUS vs SMU @ NUS Main Field
18th Sept - NTU vs SIM @ NTU Main Field
23rd Sept - SIM vs SMU @ NUS Main Field
23rd Sept - NTU vs NUS @ NTU Main Field
30th Sept - FINALS @ NUS Main Field

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Player of the Week - Benedict Koh

With the season just around the corner, the City Boys have been seen hitting the gym and field hard in preparation. With the pre-season transfer window coming to a close, speculation has been rife about last minute signings and strategic secret deals.

Earlier this week, rumours began to surface of a new face in the SMU locker rooms. Spotted ordering his daily intake of protein at the Koufu western stall, the mysterious SMU secret weapon has aroused much speculation.

Some of the more learned pundits in the matriculating JD Law batch were especially excited by this latest development. Our SMU JD correspondent, Ben Teong, caught up with them to bring you this latest scoop. All names and identities have been concealed to preserve the sanctity of life on campus.

BT: So I heard that you girls have spotted a mysterious new hunk around campus?
JD Babe 1: Yes! I saw a handsome one today.
JD Babe 2: Haha! Naisee

BT: What did he look like?
JD Babe 1: Hmm… Tanned, dark and muscular. He was queueing at the Koufu Western stall chatting up a posse of girls. He looked rather young though!
JD Babe 3: Age is immaterial. It is my professional opinion as a future lawyer that eye candy is eye candy.

BT: You got that right; I believe I speak for all rugby players when I say that “Just Matriculated” or MILF, eye candy is eye candy. Any further description? I think our fans are dying for more info.
JD Babe 1: I don’t remember anything except that he was really handsome. I have to see him in person, and perhaps grab his biceps to confirm?

BT: You have SMU Rugby’s official permission to grab his biceps anytime!

With the hype around the City Boys’ new signing obviously reaching a fever pitch, we felt now would be a good time to “reveal the goods”. We present to you our latest pre-season secret weapon, Benedict “The Beast” Koh.

Name: Benedict “The Beast” Koh
I’m new to rugby. Regarding positions, I really don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll be adept at any positon required.
(Editor’s note: Now I’m sure that’s exactly what our female fanbase would love to hear!)Height: 175cm
Weight: 84kg
Whether it’s hitting the gym, or partying it up in style, I love doing it to the hottest EDM tracks!

With his first trainings with SMU Rugby under his belt, Benedict has shown promise with his solid build and great fitness. When asked for his thoughts, Benedict commented: “Despite the shag physicals that our coaches throw at us, it’s been great fun. When Rex (SMU Rugby Backs Coach) tossed in that extra sprint yesterday, it came as a shock, but I’m always ready to go the extra round for the team.”

We at SMU Rugby would like to extend a warm welcome to our official new signing; we are always glad to have more good-looking lady killers on the team!

Stay tuned to SMU Rugby News for more pre-season player highlights!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lenny & Jamal spotted doing unconventional squat workout

                                Showboating or squatting?

With the Uni 15s just around the corner, SMU Rugby players have been seen working hard outside of the regular field sessions doing track work and pumping iron in the gym. These individual sessions have been emphasised months ago and it is heartening to see the players displaying discipline and grit by clocking in the hard yards and gains progressively.

Just this evening, SMUrugbyNews correspondents spotted 2 of our stars squatting outside the safe confines of the gym environment. Unsupervised gym or squat sessions is something we do not tolerate and these 2 players will definitely be served a hefty fine from the club. What made the situation worse than it already was is that they decided to start their sets in front of a group of freshmeat freshmen at BONDUE Camp.

SMUrugbyNews managed to catch the duo for their comments on the matter.

SMUrugbyNews: What were you two thinking?

Jamal: Well the gym did not have enough weights to add to my last few sets. I had to improvise. Lenny was the closest person that seemed like a challenge as Mongoose was busy as always with the freshmeat freshmen.

Lenny: Sorry mate. I was following the lead of Jamal. He said the only way he can play Number 8 again was to get some explosive squats going. Sorry once again mate.

SMUrugbyNews will be investigating this matter further and issue and updated statement in the next 24 hours.

              Jamal opting for the assisted squat for his last set

                         Lenny feeling the lactic acid build up

Monday, July 27, 2015

Player of The Week - Vijay Thomas

Name: Vijay Thomas
Position: Hooker/Prop
Height: 1.77m
Weight: 90kg 
Interests: Gentle Barrie Fan Club Chairman

SMURugbyNews would like to give you a better insight on one of our up and coming stars, Vijay Thomas. Picking up the sport only at Junior College level, Vijay has improved leaps and bounds upon signing with The City Boys. Vijay has also been a regular feature at his rugby club, Oldham where he has honed his skills in the art of lifting at the lineouts and scrummaging.

SMURugbyNews managed to get in touch with the busy Vijay, who is also holding important portfolios helping to organise key SMU events such as Sports Awards Night, Waikiki, Sports Camp 2015 and most recently - the annual Thosai Run, an event co-organised by the SMU Indian Cultural Club and SMU Sports Union.

      Vijay as Hagrid Ron Weasley during Sports Camp 2015

SMURugbyNews: How has the last year been at SMU? Any significant moments?

Vijay: The last year has been great. I have made lots of new friends and joined new CCAs such as the Indian Cultural Club. The annual Thosai Run is happening in a few months! It would be great if you stop by and support the event!

SMURugbyNews: How do you find life at SMU Rugby? 

Vijay: SMU Rugby is amazing. The friendships here definitely will last a lifetime and I am glad to be part of this club. The support and teamwork is second to none! I really am at a very happy place.

                              Vijay and Marcus "Mongoose" Ang

SMURugbyNews: What is your best moment with SMU Rugby to date?

Vijay: It definitely has to be when Coach Mel shouted for me to get onto the wing during a warm up game for the 7s last season. I was ecstatic and so happy knowing that he finally realised my potential and speed down the tram tracks.. that all came to a screeching halt when the entire bench (And the opposition) vociferously exclaimed that Coach Mel actually meant DJ.. and not Vijay.

                The moment when Fauzan realised DJ wasn't on the wing..

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ben Teong returns home!

                                 Ben Teong in full glory

It has been 4 long years since City Boy legend, Ben Teong set foot on the rugby field donning SMU colours. After a long hiatus, Ben finally decided to join the City Boy camp for his first training tonight, with mixed feelings.

Ben Teong will be starting his JD Program in August and reached out to SMU Rugby to have a second bite at the ever so sweet cherry he could never let go of. SMUrugbyNews caught up with Ben for a quick chat after the intense session earlier.

SMUrugbyNews: Welcome back Ben! How does it feel to be a City Boy again?

Ben Teong: It feels great actually. It is as though I never left! The banter is similar and the team is really friendly. I feel right at home.

SMUrugbyNews: How do you think you can contribute to the team? Being the most experienced and oldest?

Ben Teong: As always, Old is gold. I definitely can share my experiences as a City Boy and teach the boys a few things or two about living it up on campus.

SMUrugbyNews: Did you know that the girls coming in as Freshmen this August are 10 years younger than you?

Ben Teong: Fuck.

    What happens after you leave your boots on the shelf for 2 years..

From all of us at SMU Rugby, we would like to welcome Ben back into the City Boy set up!

Ben Teong on tour - Will he make it for the SMU tour to Hong Kong this August??

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Of Cosplay, Summer and Sports Camp

Ask any SMU student or rugger on campus what was their most memorable experience during summer and most would say the drinking, girls, internship, drinking after an internship workday, meeting girls after an internship workday or a commensuration of the two latter.

There is however, a rare breed of individuals who step out of their comfort zone and make the most out of their summer through the annual SMU Sports Camp.

SMU Sports Camp has the highest sign up rate on campus and proves year after year to be the most fun and memorable camp to be at before jumping into the 4 years of euphoria that SMU has to offer.

SMU Rugby has always played an integral part of the camp. We are proud of our boys who step up and make a difference to the new batch of incoming freshmen to our beloved institution.

SMU Sports Camp 2015 seems to be hyped up to be the biggest edition yet, with a name like REKT (Which we believe is an acronym for the words, Responsibility, Efficiency, Knowledge and Trust) who can deny this is the camp to be seen at.

SMU Rugby is proud to say it has 13 (YES THIRTEEN!) members part of the Sports Camp 2015 crew. They range from being Organising Committee Members, Facilitators, Clan Heads or even just as Helpers.

Out of these 13, 8 are facilitators and clan heads - the most sought after role in Sports Camp. Candidates for these positions had to go through a very rigid and impartial selection process to earn the title of "Camp Faci".

SMUrugbyNews is proud to present to you the Ruggers of Sports Camp 2015! - seen below in full glory and costume.

        Benjamin Choy 

 Cho Hyung Jin

   Marcus Ang

     Vijay Thomas


    Joel Low