Sunday, September 30, 2007

SMU Rugby Has Finally Arrived

This blog has been in making for a fucking long time. So much so that people have been saying 'SMU all talk action!' since news of us wanting to enter the blogging scene first appeared on the NTU rugby news site. Well..just for your info, we at SMU have been busy with a fuckload of things with the start of the new school year.

We participated in the Blacks Midnight 7s last month and earned our first silverware for this season. Over a space of 2 days, we endured lack of sleep and plenty of mud (no pun intended) and a couple of Fijians on the way to emerge as Bowl Champions after a gruelling tight affair in the Bowl Final with Bedok Kings (non Mark Lee non Daniel Thiam non big jap dude by the name of Yasuo Akatsu). Not bad I must say for a team who haven't really trained much. I guess we bonded abit all thanks to the 2 hour long break in between matches as well as the Red Bulls cai-s that some of us tried to cheehong. Special mention must go to Shen Sijie aka the Beast who not only scored the most zhng try of the whole tournament (by sidestepping in mid-air with take note: NO ONE IN FRONT OF HIM when he could have ran to underneath the posts) but also was so champion that he ran onto the field to prepare for kick off when the game before us haven't even ended yet.

Besides scoring on field, we have been scoring abit off field too:

Yup! Believe it or not! SMU rugby boys and their most ardent fans - Michelle Chia & Fiona 'Small Breasts' Xie.

If this picture is not exciting enough for you to cock stand and nose bleed and all, here's an even hotter news for all of you out there.

Come this October, 10 teams from all over this sunny island of Singapore will come together for 11 hours of pulsating rugby action. Please watch out for this space over the next few days as we come up with a preview of the 10 teams who are participating in the tournament. Like all 7s tournaments, there will definately be some cai-s (young cai-s, old cai-s, hot cai-s, giam cai-s) name it we have it. I can assure you the cai-s will be definately then those budget hooters girls from SCC 7s. Machiam like kanasai! I'm sure we can do better than those below:

And not to forget, there's gonna be plenty of booze...enough to knock out a couple of elephants. So...come down to SMU 7s and join us for a fun-filled down of zhng rugby, handsome guys, hot girls and booze!

And yes if my dear captain Amos is happy with the turn out of the event, I think he might even make a special appearance in this:
WTF Amos?! What a fine young man you're turning out to be.

Watch this space! There's more to come over the next few days!