Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Countdown with our 12

With 12 days to Christmas, we at SMUrugby news will be providing you 12 different post each day as a countdown to Christmas. The post will feature highlights from the recently concluded tour to Perth and provide a possible shaming or complimenting story of each of the 12 players that were on tour. Whatever story it may be, it was memorable to all who were present and contributed to making this a successful and memorable tour.

#1 Alexander Lincoln Chew (Alex Chew)

Alex Chew had a stormer of a tournament. The latter clocked up the most amount of play time throughout the tournament and was probably on the field for every minute of it...not till he 'knocked-out' after chasing back to make a cover tackle and was sent rolling around in his own try area. After a couple of tossing and turning, socialite Chew gave in to the 'vomit-monster' and allowed the flood gates to open. However, someone didn't tell him that one needs to have his mouth facing ground wards rather than skywards. This lack of information, eventually lead to the star performer puking and swallowing his own debris all at the same time - certainly not showing a clear understanding on the laws of gravity.

While Alex Chew will probably be remembered for his diligent cover tackles and non-stop running all over the field. His 11 other team-mates will remember him most for a particular inspirational speech before the team's first game of the tournament against ECU.

As the team were all psyched up and in a team huddle, Alex Chew was seen looking nervous and was down on one knee as he delivered his inspirational speech to counteract the jitters, "We got to give our opponents no respect! We got to go out there play to our pattern and let it FLOWwww (ahhhh)...."

Apparently, he meant more than one kind of flow and certainly resulted in the psyched up SMU team, biting their lips and tongues in the huddle, as he disseminated more than just his speech but his 'showers of blessing', thankfully to the ground and not to the sky this time.

The player got himself into further trouble with the laws of gravity, as he was caught walking around with his pants down during the closing ceremony, causing quite a stir among most of the male audience who were present.
The player was heavily fined by the SMU Rugby Players' Association later that night for both acts of misconduct.

Player Profile: Alexander Lincoln Chew
Age: 22
Position: Winger/Centre/Scrumhalf

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