Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Finale - NUS host NTU

1st March 2008, Saturday
5pm Kick off @ NUS rugby field

With NUS needing a victory over NTU by more than 20points or by scoring 4 tries or more to win the championship, you can expect NUS to push hard for the win and look to dominate and put as much points on the board as possible against NTU. After the two sides played each other in the first leg, pundits are predicitng this to be a possibly easy victory for the NUS side, after they ran out clear winners with NTU not putting up much of a fight (22-0). Our pundits predict good odds of NUS 'robbing' or sneaking under the City Boys for the championship. However, faithful supporters of NTUrugby will like to believe that although the match will be inconsequential to the Boon Lay Warriors, that the side will give it their all and continue to pursue for their first victory of the tournament.

The prize giving ceremony will be held shortly after the game.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Match Report: NUS vs SMU

Yesterday, SMU City Boys finally made history by securing their first 15 a side win over defending champions and top seeded team NUS with a convincing victory of 23-10. It was a great result having suffered a narrow and bitter defeat to NUS in the first leg, losing 7-8.

The match was held at Raffles Institution’s artificial turf and was graced by a significantly big crowd. A lot was at stake for both sides, as SMU needed the win to stay in the contest for the championship, while NUS needed the win to seal the championship off.

At the start of the whistle, the game saw SMU trying to unsettle their opponents by switching the side they were kicking off to. The game proceeded at an intense level and never looked like slowing down. However, SMU looked like the more potent side as they had the lion's share of possession in the first half. Eager to put points on the board early in the game, SMU's outrageous 65m penalty attempt by Md Nasir fell short, while standoff Amos Siow's drop goal attempts both sailed wide.

However, after taking a more patient approach, SMU finally turned pressure into points when they were awarded a penalty for an NUS infringement. SMU's Amos Siow held his nerves and slotted the penalty to give the City Boys the much needed lead (SMU 3 NUS 0).

From the restart, it was NUS's turn to pile on the pressure and brilliant kicking by NUS standoff Andrew Lee, made good ground for them. SMU had to absorb a sustained period of pressure from NUS and showed great character to defend their lines before winning a penalty that saw them get out of their half and bail out of danger. The perseverance from the City Boys eventually paid off, when another infringement from NUS gave SMU the opportunity to take a shot at goal. Amos Siow made no mistake with the kick and extended SMU’s lead (SMU 6 NUS 0).

In the closing minutes to the first half, a break from NUS’s quick backline forced SMU to commit an infringement, from 35m out. Opting for the shot at goal, NUS’s #8 Valmiki C Nair blasted it through the post to bring the score closer at the stroke of half time. (SMU 6 NUS 3)

In the second half, the level of physicality went up a notch as SMU went back to keeping the general play tight, but a resilient NUS defense constantly held good ground. However, in the 50th min of play, SMU finally made the first touchdown of the day when SMU’s scrumhalf Josiah Goh pick the ball up from the base of the scrum, throwing a ‘textbook dummy-pass’ in the process to score a relatively easy try under the post. The scrumhalf, who took over the kicking duties from standoff Amos Siow, sliced the kick and failed to provide the extra points. (SMU 11 NUS 3).

With a reasonable lead, the City Boys were hungry for more and started to play with a lot more confidence as they started to cast their eyes for the bonus point(by scoring 4 tries). The hard work and determination was soon rewarded when SMU’s forward, Vicknesh Sellathurai scored an important try to give the SMU a further lead. Josiah Goh missed the conversion. (SMU 16 NUS 3).

With 15mins to go, the score line was looking rather imposing. However, NUS was not about to give up, skillful and quick handling freed inside-centre Thomas Zhang to run to score the easy try, however casual finishing by the former National player nearly spelled trouble when he ran into SMU’s Daniel Marc Chow, who swung a ferocious clothesline at Thomas that resulted in the ball coughing out of his hands. The referee promptly blew his whistle and awarded a Penalty Try under the post. Valmiki C Nair took the kick quickly to add the extra points to bring the margin within 6 point difference. (SMU 16 NUS 10)

At this point in the game, although the result was favoring an SMU victory, NUS were looking in good state to get the bonus point (lose within 7points) or even stage a possible comeback. But all the anxiety and worries in the SMU camp was finally put to rest, when SMU’s prop Sherman Yeo bulldozed his way to the try line to score his 2nd try of the tournament. Josiah Goh stayed relax and slotted the conversion through the post. (SMU 23 NUS 10)

The game ended shortly after, with SMU recording a famous and memorable victory that will see them go to the top of the table.

It was a big win for the City Boys and with all the games played, NUS will have to beat NTU by more than 20 points or win with a bonus point to win the Tri-Universities Championship.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Match Day Highlights

As the dust settles on SMU's emphatic 23-10 victory over NUS at RI, marking the end of SMU Rugby's season for 2007/08, let us now look back on some of the highlights of this special day.

Slayer of the Year: A Whole New Definition to Psyching Up

Spectators for the mouth-watering clash between SMU & NUS were taught a heartwarming and inspiring lesson in "switching it on" by the city boys flanker Ben Teong. Sources revealed that
Ben aka the New Slayer (Goodbye Beyonce), got so turned on and psyched up that his shorts got a little too wet for comfort. Speculation was rife that it might not be a simple case of just perspiration.

When pressed for comments, Ben Teong insisted that it was a secret ritual and refused to give any details. Nevertheless, his method proved to be highly effective. The mobile flanker was amongst the first to every breakdown and put on a show that truly 'slayed' the opposition. Kudos to g(w)ank-ster Teong! At press time, it was revealed that coaches from all over SG are in talks with Teong's agent to get the man himself to teach them a trick or two in turning their team on.

The Roar of an Animal

During his post match review of the victory, President, Amos Siow drew strong emotions from the SMU boys. It was reported that in his heartfelt and last teamtalk as President, Amos touched on issues that were close to the hearts of the boys. The reminder of SMU's humble beginnings as the whipping boys and the progress made thus far even brought tears to the eyes of some of the more senior players who have been there, got owned.

Sources also noted that the usually cool Amos acknowledged his shortcomings and refused credit for the team's performance, conferring it instead on the members of the 2007/08 team. It was a heartwarming session of pure humility. This was one of the 'it' moments where the true beauty of human nature shone true.

In a rare display of humanity, Shen Sijie 'the Animal' mustered the courage to speak of his admiration and gratitude to the outgoing President to the surprise of his teammates: "Amos always thanks everyone and I think that the greatest thanks should be reserved for him. Without Amos, we will be nowhere near where we are today!"

The team displayed their agreement through a rousing round of applause for the now sheepish Amos Siow. This would so be a kodak moment.....

Who said animals were heartless? Certainly not us, the folks here at SMU Rugby News.


SMU victorious in last game against NUS

Match Report will be written in the next few days.


Scoreline: 23-10

Tries: Josiah Goh (1), Sherman Yeo (1), Vicknesh Sellathurai (1),
Conversion: Josiah Goh (1)
Penalties: Amos Siow (2)

Tries: Penalty Try (1)
Conversion: Valmiki C Nair (1)
Penalty: Valmiki C Nair (1)

"The boys stood up to the challenge today, and I am extremely proud of them all. With all our matches completed, and NUS having a game in hand against NTU, the fight for the championship is out of our hands...but whatever it is, we'll live with it(the result between NUS and NTU)and accept what comes. We have given it our best shot and as the Captain, I don't think I can ask anything more from the team. Today's performance was just a perfect way to end the season for us."

Amos Siow (Outgoing President for 07/08)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Time Has Come

As we near the be all or end all of SMURugby’s ambitious and well fought foray into the Tri-University Rugby Championships 2008, we would like to take a moment to remember the people who have fought alongside us to get us to where we are now. You might have seen them before. On the sidelines or on the field, or working behind the scenes, the people whose hearts and hopes stood with us throughout the ups and downs of this tournament.

Our Teammates

(Collage courtesy of Zaini)

Throughout this tournament these were the people who gave our team depth and options. Whether supporting us side by side on the field and making sure we always had someone to count on, or even off the field providing us with the moral and physical support we needed to keep the team going. Be it tactical changes and a fresh set of legs in the midst of the heat of a game, water, videos, linesmen or even just the crucial words of encouragement to keep us going. You know who you are. When the chips were down, each and every single one of you were the people who were there and who mattered most.

The 07-08 Exco and Coach

When tough calls had to be made on or off the field, these were the people we relied on. Their experience and wisdom kept the team together and kept us focused on the tasks at hand. They gave us a goal and a purpose and showed us what we had to do and how to do it. And more often than not, these were the people who went out and got it done for us.


We would like to extend our gratitude to Andrew, Roy, and the rest of OSL who have supported us through their guidance, encouragement and even for the Wednesday gym sessions. Thank you for your faith and for sticking with us this far.

Our WAGS, Loyal Fans, and Ever Faithful Supporters

You who have continued to read this blog and supported us through the wins, the one unfortunate loss, and who have offered your words of encouragement and humour on our tagboard. We thank you for your ardent support; we have never needed it more than now.

SMU vs NUS. The chips are down and we are going all in.

Be there with us one more time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SMU going 'all-in'

@RI Rugby Field
5pm Kickoff
23rd February 2008, Saturday

Its a 'do or die' situation for the City Boys and you can be sure it will be no less than a war. SMU will hope to avenge for the bitter defeat they suffered to NUS the last time. With some of SMU's key players set to miss the fixture, do no rule out an extraordinary effort from the team, who will like nothing but to secure their first victory against NUS. Both sides will be throwing all they have at each other to determined who will be crown this year's Tri-Uni champions.

Tricky thing for the City Boys, even if they win the game with a bonus point, it might not guarantee them the Championship, as NUS still has a game in hand against NTU.

What did we tell you? This Tri-Universities was always going to be close.

Try & Points Scorers Standings

Top Try Scorers

#1 - [3 Tries]

Daniel Marc Chow (SMU)

Jonathan Chen (NUS)

#3 - [2 Tries]

Shafiq Zulazmi (NUS)

#4 - [1 Try]

Amos Siow (SMU)

Sherman Yeo (SMU)

Giresh (NTU)

Daniel Huang (NTU)

Ash (NTU)

Top Points Scorers

#1 - [22 points]

Amos Siow (SMU)

#2 - [15 points]

Daniel Marc Chow (SMU)

Jonathan Chen (NUS)

#4 - [10 points]

Shafiq Zulazmi (NUS)

#5 - [5 points]

Valmiki C Nair (NUS)

Giresh (NTU)

Sherman Yeo (SMU)

Daniel Huang (NTU)

Ash (NTU)

#10 - [2 points]

Daniel Thiam (NTU)

Table Standings for Tri-Universities Rugby Championships 2008

After SMU's victory over NTU, SMU and NUS are tied on 7 points with NUS having a game in hand. But SMU still sits in 2nd place behind NUS on point difference, with a total of 17 points, while NUS has a superior 23 points difference.

This leaves SMU with a 'do or die situation' for their final game against NUS.

From rules of the tournament:

* In the case where teams are level on points, the teams will compare their goal differences,the team with the superior score wins. And should there still be a tie, the team with the higher number of bonus points wins.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

SMU sweeps NTU 27-10


Scoreline: 27-10

Tries: Daniel Marc Chow(1), Sherman Yeo (1), Amos Siow (1)
Conversions: Amos Siow (3)
Penalties: Amos Siow (2)

Tries: Ash (1), Daniel Huang (1)

*Due to numerous Mid Term Exams, SMU-rugbynews editors could not provide you a more detailed match report. However, for a more detailed report please visit Thank you for your understanding.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Start of the 2nd leg of the Tri-Universities


16th February 2008, Saturday

Kickoff 5pm @ ACJC rugby field

SMU will certainly be looking for their second win against the Boon Lay Warriors and will be in hot pursuit of the bonus point, in order to keep within reach of leaders NUS. While NTU will be looking to record their first win of the year.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daniel Marc Chow bares it all for CLEO

Please go to your nearest 7-11 to purchase your monthly issue of CLEO. This month's issue features our very own Daniel Marc Chow. The interview is a 'must-read', as the man they call 'Big Daddy' bares it for the magazine, sharing some skin and personal secrets to readers.

The National Flanker who is expected to leave for Portugal this weekend for a 6 month stint, was also featured in the school's recently launched bulletin "The Blue and Gold", speaking of his SEA games experience and what is it like to be a national player.

So please go get your copies.

Interesting Fact for the Day:

Rumor has it, Daniel Marc Chow thinks he is Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor because he looks like George Clooney.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Standings for Top Scorers for Tri-Universities 2008

Top Try Scorer

1. Jonathan Chen [NUS] (3 tries)

2. Shafiq Zulazmi [NUS] & Daniel Marc Chow [SMU] (2 tries)

4. Giresh [NTU] (1 try)

Top Points Scorer

1. Jonathan Chen [NUS] (15 points)
2. Shafiq Zulazmi [NUS] & Daniel Marc Chow [SMU] (10 points)

4. Valmiki C Nair [NUS], Amos Siow [SMU], Giresh [NTU] (5 points)

7. Daniel Thiam [NTU] (2 points)

NUS punished NTU 22-0

In what was expected to be a close game, turn out to be more one sided than expected.The first half was relatively close, with NUS's Captain Shafiq Zulazmi scoring a trademark try, after his forwards had done most of the work to push over the tryline from a 5m scrum. The half time score remained at 5-0, after NUS kicker Valmiki C Nair missed his first one of the night.
In the second half, NTU tried to stage a fight back, but were visibly out-muscled and out-played in the forwards. NTU soon lost heart and lost the contest in the breakdowns and allowed NUS Shafiq Zulazmi to add another to his tally, a try that was almost a carbon-copy of the previous one. (10-0) Valmiki C Nair failed to provide the extra points and the score remained at 10-0.

From the restart, NTU started to panic and looked desperate to try to put points on the board to keep within reach. But failed attempts at goal from NTU's Fullback Aidill sailed agonizingly wide when he took a 40m penalty kick and a 30m drop goal. NTU's flyhalf Daniel Thiam's drop goal attempt also sailed wide.

These wasted attempts to convert pressure into points turned against NTU, and NUS clinically punished them, recycling ball quickly at the breakdowns, NUS soon put speedster Jonathan Chen into space to score the third try of the game. (15-0)

With 5 minutes to go, NTU threw caution into the wind and played for pride, determined to put a score on the board. With consecutive penalties going their way, the Boon Lay Warriors made waves of crashes, but failed to make much ground. In the end, the night was summed up when NUS turn over the ball from yet another unproductive crash from NTU and saw NUS running the ball from their own 22m line, unleashing winger Jonathan Chen to score under the post. Valmiki C Nair provided the extra 2 points and the game ended 22-0 to NUS, with NUS getting the bonus point for scoring 4 tries.

Scoreline: 22-0
Tries: Shafiq Zulazmi (2), Jonathan Chen (2)
Conversion: Valmiki C Nair (1)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tri-Universities Rugby Championships 2008

Tri-Universities Rugby Championships 2008
11 February 2008, Monday
730pm Kickoff
Referee: Unknown

Match preview:

Both teams have been arch-rivals for as long as the varsities existed. With both teams having 1 game under their belts this Tri-Unis, both will be looking to secure nothing less than a victory and to deprive each other of a possible bonus point. Although it might be difficult to pick between the two, NUS will certainly look to have the slight edge over NTU. But our pundits state, not to rule the Boon Lay Warriors out of the show-down as they will be pumped for the game. More importantly, as we have seen in the last two games, anything can happen in this Tri-Unis and the fate of the game does not only lie in the hands of the players, but the referee as well.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

SMU Rugby News wishes all fans and readers a Happy Chinese New Year. May the year ahead give u eternal happiness and joy.


(This message was brought to you by the indian who has nothing better to do on CNY on behalf of the soon-to-be-sacked slayer, Muay-Thai-as, The Refresher, The Cunning Conniver, The Nicknameless Wei Ming and Gay Zhi Chong, his name itself speaks volumes, no need for nicknames)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lionel Poh leaves for Holland

Today, SMUrugby saw Vice President Lionel "robber' Poh leave for Holland on a 6 month 'training stint' at Maastricht University. The player, who had the honors to captain the City Boys against NUS, was sad to leave, especially having suffered a narrow defeat to NUS.

Headlines in various rugby tabloids spoke of how the 'robber' Poh was literally robbed a victory against NUS, preventing him from having a sweet finish to his final appearance, for SMU this season. When interviewed after the game, a clearly frustrated and disappointed Poh said,

"I'm proud of the boys today, we fought hard and really deserved to have come away with a better result. Nevertheless, I believe the boys will continue to train hard and work towards securing our first ever 15s Championships!"

The inspirational flanker whose presence will be sorely missed by the SMU team, insist that one man does not make a team,

"Amongst us, there are many great players who could slot in for my place...I wish I could stay to finish this season, but....but...its too late (to's too late)"

Meanwhile, from SMUrugby, we bid our Vice-President all the best in his Europe "stint" and we hope to bring you good news at the end of the Tri-Universities.
Thank you for the outstanding performance this whole season.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tri-Universities Rugby Championships Standings

We apologize for the less than visible table, but this is the best that we could get uploaded.
SMU are on top of the table having played 2 games with 4 points, while NUS is in second place with a game in hand with 3 points and NTU in third place with 1 point.

Top try scorers of the tournament
Daniel Marc Chow (SMU) - 2
Giresh (NTU) - 1
Jonathen Chen (NUS) - 1
Top points scorers of the tournament
Daniel Marc Chow (SMU) - 10
Amos Siow (SMU) - 5
Giresh (NTU) - 5
Jonathan Chen (NUS) - 5
Valmiki C Nair (NUS) - 3
Daniel Thiam (NTU) - 2

Match Report: SMU vs NUS

Thank you to our dedicated readers who have helped us reach our 10,000 mark and we hope to bring you more entertaining and enriching stories in the future.

At, we have attempted to always give you the best stories, the most accurate rumors and match reports, with the most neutral of perspectives. But should we have to go into details of this game, I'm afraid that might all be thrown out of the window.

So we will let the numbers speak for themselves.


Score: 7-8

Tries: Daniel Marc Chow
Conversion: Amos Siow

Tries: Jonathan Chen
Penalty: Valmiki C Nair

SMU had 3 disallowed tries
SMU and NUS had 1 player sinned bin.
SMU's standoff received 4 late tackles that the referee claim to have not seen
Both sides agreed that the Referee was a complete shocker.

(We will stop here as the list could go on and it certainly doesn't look pretty)

The game was everything it was predicted to be. Close, intense, and memorable, with both sides showing the hunger to win. In the end, 1 point was all the difference to it. The scoreline was 0-0 at half time and NUS were first to score through National winger Jonathan Chen. (0-5) NUS captain Shafiq Zulazmi, failed to convert and gave SMU a fighting chance.

From the restart, SMU fought back with great spirit and were finally finally finally given a try when Daniel Marc Chow dived over the line for his second of the tournament. (5-5) SMU's fullback Amos Siow made the conversion and gave SMU the much needed lead (7-5).

Towards the end of the game, SMU was continuously penalized for various infringements. After having had 3 attempts at goal, NUS finally made it count with the 4th attempt, with NUS's kicker Valmiki C Nair slotting it between the posts.

Giving NUS it's first victory of the tournament 8-7.

Friday, February 1, 2008

SMU takes on favorites NUS

Tri-Universities Rugby Championships 2008


Date: 2nd Feb 2008, Saturday
Venue: NUS rugby Field
Time: 4.30pm Kick off

Prediction: There is no separating the two teams. It's going to be close, it's going to be tense...its going to be a match you don't want to miss.