Sunday, June 27, 2010

SMU racks up win against the national side

How far will the City Boys go under Derek Chan?

After a tumultous season that left the City Boys without any silverware for the first time in years, the fans finally have something to cheer about.

On Friday night, the City Boys took part in a 3 way friendly warm-up tournament (involving the National 7s side, Police and SMU). Despite some early hiccups in Game 1 against the national side, SMU pulled a fast one on the national side when they met for the second time in the tournament, winning the game by a solitary try courtesy of team captain, Derek Chan.

Other notable tries of the evening include tries by former Raffles scrumhalf, Justin Lum and newly appointed president, Daniel Kong, who definitely showed some decent pace. The friendly match also marked former U19 captain, Sherman Yeo's return to the fray. Boasting bigger guns and a better bod - the forward, who underwent a massive fitness and gym stint in Istanbul for 6 months, returned for his first competitive outing since IRAUG.

The City Boys are in a precarious position, being one loss away from being dropped off the prestigious Sports Excellence Scheme. Newly appointed president Daniel Kong told our reporters, "This is a must win season. Either we win or SMU Rugby's closing down." When asked about his plans if the unfortunate happens, Daniel said "I might take up knitting classes".

Will the SMU boys relive the glory days under new leadership, and how will they gel as a team with fresh faces?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One year on...

Just so you know.

One year on.

We still remember you.

Rest in peace, Elisha.