Friday, December 14, 2007

IRAUG top try scorer - Lionel Kong

He is a man of many talents. a Dean's Lister, SSU president, who excels in badminton, soccer and was even the National Inter-School Champion in Javelin! A few years back, no one would have thought of Lionel Kong to be a rugby player. In fact, many critics expressed that he should only stick to games that will not risk him destroying his pretty-boy face.

However, up in Perth, Lionel Kong made his mark and silenced all his critics. He was the team's top try scorer with 4 tries and was evidently the man with the wheels to burn. His funky hair-do also made him a popular figure among the supporters and players, some liken him to look like a 'Samurai', while others called him "Hiro Nakamura" (the character from the TV series Heroes)

Off the rugby field, Lionel Kong was often mistaken to be part of the SMU tennis team, who went up to Perth together with the rugby team. The mistake was not because he showed much talent in tennis, but because he simply LOOKED like he was part of the girls' tennis team.
While the management at SMUrugby tried to clear his name and proved that he was everything else, but a girl. (and that he was solely representing the men's rugby team) The paparazzi caught the latter together with his socialite room-mate, Alex Chew getting intimate, causing more headaches for the management.

Said a SMUrugby spokesperson,

"Its becoming a growing concern in our team, as we have been seeing more and more of our players taking to such a 'trend of behavior'.We are not sure what can we do about it, but we hope to 'straighten' things out soon before it gets worst!"

The photo of both Alex Chew and Lionel Kong has caught the attention of a particular post-card company and has ever since used their photo as a Christmas Postcard this year. This exclusive postcard is available in all bookstores now.

Photos courtesy of Lim Wei Ming, our official rugby photographer for the tour.

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