Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SMU vs Oldham Gold - 1st November, 1030am @ ACS(I)

The City Boys are all set to kick off their first 15s game of the 2013/14 season against Championship Powerhouse, Oldham Gold this Saturday at the Anglo-Chinese School(Independent) rugby pitch.

Oldham Gold, who take part in the Championship of Singapore Rugby League are on a bye this weekend due the SCC 7s happening on The Padang.

The City Boys have been training for about 3 weeks and will look to start the pre-season on a high and test out different combinations and positions amongst the players.

This weekend's game looks to see the debut of Year 1's, Avinash "Mr SMU" Raju, Norman "I'm actually a back" Yam, Chris "I think I'm a Forward" Feng, Lucas "Econs Hot Bod" Wong and basketball to rugby convert, Marc "Israel Folau" Wilson who has still yet to get a pair of rugby boots for Saturday's fixture.

Year 0's will also be on show. Vikki " Little Fijian" Krishnan and Marcus "Mongoose" Ang will add more firepower to the already dominant City Boys backrow.

The usual suspects will look to take the field as well. With newly elected President and Vice-Captain Tang Hon Wei and Brandon Yow leading the backs and Shaun Ng controlling the forward pack.

Do come down and support the City Boys this Saturday, 1030am at the ACS(I) rugby pitch!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Introducing the Mid Term Signings!

In recent weeks, with the two BIGGEST summer signings of Harresh “the friendly black giant” Krishnan and Benjamin “King Casual” Choy, SMURugby continue to scout and recruit more talents hidden within SMU. We are extremely delighted to welcome these new players for the upcoming season!

Avinash “Mr SMU 2013” Vardza Raju

Chris Wolfrik Feng

Norman Yam

Toh Wei Xiang

(Left: Wei Xiang)

Timothy John Tjoe

Friday, October 11, 2013

Player of The Week - Jason Sum

Name:Jason Sum
Position: Prop / Ex In-Center
Height: 183cm
Weight: 95kg
Interests: Protein Shakes & Beer

In this week's issue of Player of the Week, SMUrugby News brings you our very own gym and fitness maestro, Jason Sum.

Jason, who picked up the sport at Junior College has made a strong and positive impact within the SMU rugby community - especially when he showed us all how beer and protein powder make an awesome drink called the Tiger Dinosaur.

 Jason is also a newly elected Exco member and Co-Director of Operations.

Having a body fat percentage of only 1% and biceps comparable to the peaks of the Himalayas(See Figure 1 for reference), Sum has been one of the more inspiring members of the rugby team and a brilliant role model for the Freshmen.


Figure 1.

Jason Sum is the epitome of hardwork and dedication. Having being raised in the tough streets of Whitley Road as a CJC student, he took the opportunity to work hard and make sure he got bigger and stronger to fend of any threats of nearby SCGS girls around the corner.

Jason before his transformation

SMUrugby News managed to get a comment from fellow teammate, Hoi on his Protein Loaded Teddy Bear of a friend. This is what Hoi had to say, '' On good days,yes he is the hulk. Displaying god-given strength(Bicep curling what normal guys would bench). However more often than not, with a little alcohol, he evolves into a boomer. A bloated beast that spits horrendously smelling spew on seats of public transport".

Jason's story is truly inspiring and you can find out more by purchasing his Biography that is available at all major book stores, aptly titled,
"SUM-body that I used to know"

Thursday, October 10, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Yow secretly a Westlife Fan Boy

SMUrugby News just received this controversial picture of newly appointed Vice-President, Brandon Yow holding self made posters at what seems to be a Westlife Concert.

Yow was uncontactable at the time but sources claim that Yow has moved on from his boy band phase to better and more girl orientated activities in life.

SMU Rugby's very own Political Analyst, Saran had this to say: ''I believe that this picture has come at a good time. With campaigning all over and the pressure of garnering votes done, Yow has probably done this as a strategic move to win the hearts of the people even further and add some comic relief to the atmosphere post voting...''

Do stay tuned as SMUrugby News tries to get in contact with Brandon "Coast to Coast" Yow for a more formal introduction and interview.

Mid-Term Bonding 2013

On the 9th of October The City Boys had their first official gathering as a team leading up to the 2013/14 season.

We were all set to meet at 5.30pm and players came from all corners of the Campus, except for Arveen ofcourse, who came from home with a deflated rugby ball.

It was a good mix of senior players as well as the new Year Ones who were welcomed with open arms and raised cups of malted cereal grain.

 A good start to the new season to come and a wonderful cohesion event that had some of the most inspiring speeches that the world has seen since the 300 movie. We'll let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy the last bit of recess week everyone!

                                      Ronnie with the Freshmen

             Ronnie with the Fenders and Events Directors - Hoi & Shaun
                                       Ronnie in the middle
                              Ronnie on the right of the picture..
                                           Ronnie took this picture
                                        Ronnie on the left of the picture..

                                           Bryan & Sum
                                               Supper got messy
                                      Ronnie with Year Zero, Vikki

Saturday, October 5, 2013

SMU Rugby x SSU Day Instagram Challenge

The inaugural SSU Day held on 27th September saw The City Boys gather in full force for a few hours of posed, random and candid shots that doubled as quite a fun team bonding activity. At 11:30am, players came from classes, the Library, GSRs and even Ice Cold Beer decked in SMU Rugby kits outside Koufu and started to brainstorm on how to go about with the Instagram Challenge set by SSU.

For the readers who are not familiar with who the SSU are, here is a brief intro. The SMU Sports Union(SSU) is constituent body of all the sports clubs at Singapore Management University and are the guys who basically look after our welfare and keep track of our results along with the Office of Student Life(OSL).

We set off on our Instagram challenge trying to find the best locations for our pictures - From disturbing the peace in the library to disturbing innocent souls on Campus Green(Credit goes to Blandon Tan for this one..) we took our photos, added our #hashtags and got the likes coming in.

SSU released the results earlier today and we are pleased to share that SMU Rugby won the following:




A very good day for The City Boys and a positive start going in to recess week with the conclusion of the Mid-Terms today.

 SMU Rugby would like to thank SMU Sports Union for a successful SSU Day and the great welfare packs that have been put to good use by all of us.

Thanks for the love, SSU. 
Might of One, Strength from All ;)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

BREAKING NEWS - Ronnie goes SUPER SAIYAN for the Mid-Terms

SMUrugby Vice-Captain, Ronald Cher has apparently gone SUPER SAIYAN due to the on-going Mid-Terms. Ronald, who was last seen entering the Li Ka Shing Library Quiet Area at Level 2 during week 4 finally left the building to have an upsized meal of breaded chicken and spagetti. 

SMUrugby News managed to catch up with ''The Beast'' for a quick comment on his new transformation.

SMUrugby News: So Ronnie, what's with the new look?

Ronald: BEAST MODE ON!!!!

That was all Ronald had to say before flying off to the library again. Please stay tuned for a more detailed report on Ronald and his transformation.

Player of the Week - Kelly

Name: Kelly Tan
Position: Center/Wing
Height: 173cm
Weight: 75kg
Interests: entertaining guests at his mansion

This week we bring you one SMU Rugby's most improved and rising stars, Kelly Tan. Having only picked up the sport at SMU, Kelly has improved leaps and bounds from his first training session and features regularly for The City Boys at both 7s and 15s. 

We managed to get Kelly for an interview despite his busy schedule. Here is what Kelly had to say to some of our questions.

SMUrugby News: What made you join rugby?
Kelly: I heard there was a position called HOOKER.

SMUrugby News: What do you like about the sport?
Kelly: I like the contact, I like it rough. BOOYAH.

SMUrugby News: What do you enjoy the most about SMU Rugby?
Kelly: I like the kegs that come with the team and the wonderful nights out.

SMUrugby News: Is there anyone you look up to in the team?
Kelly: There issnt one specific person in the team I look up to. It's more of a mix of personalities and talents. I look up to Tim Gay's quads, Shaneet's liquid diet, Blandon's lack of clothing and Arveen's calm and composed mindset to life.