Friday, September 18, 2009

Coach Rong in doubt once again

The speculations on Coach Rong's contract has been constantly hogging the headlines on our blog this season. And this week is no different. With 2 weeks out into the universities' biggest tournament for the term (Singapore University Games 7s), the current SMU coach has been rumored once again to be leaving the club at the end of the season.

Rong who apparently hasn't receive any of the 77 virgins that were promised to him in his contract, has expressed doubts on his availability to see out his contract till the end of the year. The ex-ACS rugby player told SMUrugby-news, "For personal reasons, I may not be able to see through my contract and join the boys up in Australia for the India Rim Games."

The City Boys' Sports officer, Andrew Aaron Tam could not be contacted during the time of press release.

Rumors has it, one candidate waiting in line to snap up the prestigous job could be former national scrumhalf and SCC player, Hairul Naim.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

SMU Logistics unveils new innovation!

SMU's new patented product - BlowIt

In the build up to the 2009 Singapore University Games, SMU's very own research and development arm headed by Gerald Fok unveiled their very new creation - a dildo looking whistle - at yesterday's training session. The new invention, which qualified for patent protection under the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore last week, looks to revolutionalize the refeereeing world and it seems that there has already been agreement that the new whistle will be used at SUNIG in October.

The new invention, affectionately known as BlowIt, had been kept under wraps with only key members of the research team and President Derek Chan aware of this new invention. In the short but succinct press conference held, President Chan said that 'the invention was a huge step forward especially as SMU Rugby looks to influence every aspect of the rugby circuit - including refeereeing'.
Head researcher and logistics chief, Gerald Fok, also hailed the new development as ground-breaking and gave credit to the high aesthetic value of the new achievement.

Coach Rong gave BlowIt its debut during SMU's internal games and had nothing but praise for the new tool in his mouth, even going as far to say that 'the blowing's just fine!' However, it seems that some parts of the SMU camp were voicing their concerns over the new invention. A key personnel in the developmental team, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, highlighted the dangers of the new invention - "With the new design, it seems that referees are going to be more inclined to blow prematurely or even at any given opportunity! In addition, we need to send out a clear message to the public that despite the mean look of the whistle, it should only be reserved for blowing purposes."

BlowIt will be available at all major retail sporting outlets by end September.

Friday, September 11, 2009

SMU Rugby clinches deal with EA Sports

An artist impression of the new Rugby 08

On Wednesday night, the City Boys clinched a new deal with EA Sports to co produce an SMU version of Rugby 08. The new deal, which was signed at an undisclosed fee, promised to be sufficient for Coach Rong to continue his recruiting ways in the coming season. EA Sports had previously approached the management with the proposal after watching a few scintillating performances put up by the City Boys.

In an exclusive interview with Coach Rong, he had this to say. "The boys were all very excited about who was going to be on the cover. Traditionally the SMU-Rugby 08 cover would be given to the most prominent player that represents us both on and off the field. In the weeks leading up to the selection, there was healthy competition between our boys. We only pick the very best even though we had many candidates, and we hope that all players will respect our final decision."

Rumour has it that in the running for favourite to grace the cover is first-team prop, Matthias Lim. The fitness maestro was recently called up to the Singapore A side after putting up some outstanding performances especially in the Tournoi Des 5 Ballons where he took his Spanish opposition for a dance before burning him senseless.

Bryan taking off his shirt, determined to prove a point

The apparent selection of Matthias for the Rugby 08 Cover has, however, not sat well with everyone in the team. For one, current Vice-President and the 2008 bad boy of Singapore Rugby, Bryan Ng, was not shy in expressing his unhappiness. When interviewed and asked why he felt he should have been picked, Bryan stared us down before lifting his shirt and declaring he had 8 good reasons. It seems that Bryan's defiant ways in not respecting the management's decision will not sit well with both Coach Rong and newly appointed President Derek Chan. Will there be strife amongst the City Boys? And what effect will this have on their preparations for the upcoming SUNIG? Only time will tell.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ben Wai pledges to keep SMUrugby blog alive!

In the latest news in SMUrugby, last season's Most Dedicated Player of the Year, Benjamin Wai has recently accepted the challenge to take upon an editorial role on SMU's highly refreshed blog at SMUrugby News.

The former track and field athlete admitted he was nervous yet excited at the prospects of being the latest addition to the team of elite writers. He said, "its a huge responsibility, i will do my best to entertain the millions and MILLIONS! of fans out there." He also said that one of his objectives upon coming on board is to satisfy the many anonymous fans' requests of putting up more photos of both winger Bryan Ng and prop Matthias Lim on the blog - half or if not totally naked! (Whether these anonymous fans are male or female - it can't be verified.)

Nevertheless and more importantly, with the new inclusion of Ben Wai, SMUrugby news promises to fill you with more spills on what goes on in the SMUrugby team...and we will be expecting to to get more "refresher-wannabes" coming back for more.

Monday, September 7, 2009

SMU signs a deal with University Western Australia

We are happy to announce that SMU has signed a Sports MOU with the University of Western Australia (UWA) last Friday, 4th of September at Campus Green.

"This is the first ever Sports MOU that SMU and UWA will be signing with an overseas University. We are very confident that with the signing of the MOU, SMU sports and adventure will be given another boost and will take us to another level of development for our student athletes and leaders. The MOU will provide our students with more opportunities for skills learning and improving our overall standard of sports and adventure in SMU." Said SMU Sports Officer Andrew Aaron Tam.

Professor George Stewart, Dean of the Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences and Director of International Strategy, South East Asia represented UWA at the signing ceremony while the SMU President,Howard Hunter and Dean of Student life, Prof Low Aik Meng, represented SMU in the signing ceremony.

In addition, the school secured a Sports Award from Teamlink Marketing Pte Ltd, who will contribute $6,000 a year for 2 years to help defray cost for students selected for training, courses and internships under the MOU with UWA. A cheque of $12,000 will be presented to SMU after the signing of the MOU.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Runout for City Boys at Blacks Midnight 10s

While the Springboks maintained their 100% Tri-Nations record this season with a commanding display of attacking rugby and stifling defence at the Subiaco Oval over the weekend, some of our City Boys turned out for their respective clubs and had a good runout at the Blacks Midnight 10s.

Half of SMU's representatives such as Jed Ong and company turned out for the ACS Old Boys Rugby team whereas the other half of them such as ex-SMU skipper Amos Siow and Project Superstar Justin Lum represented Red Dot Rebels. Both clubs churned out fine performances in the grueling two day tournament. The above mentioned were not the only City Boys who played over the weekend, our ever hardworking forward Vickneswaran Sellathurai, elevated to the current Singapore 7s squad a few months back, represented Bucks Rugby Club too.

Match of the Day: ACS OBA versus Red Dot Rebels

The highlight of the tournament was the duel between Red Dot Rebels and ACS Old Boys Rugby in the group stage in Day 1 where our SMU team mates battled against each other. Adding spice to the battle was the duel between SMU rugby members Melvin Teo aka Cheeky/Jaa-Bro (ACS OBA) and Bryan Ng (Red Dot Rebels), who played on the wing for their sides. And SMUrugby veterans Daniel 'Ramone' Lee (ACS OBA) and Mouth Chew (ACS OBA) were also out to boost their chances of selection for next month's SUniG 7s after returning from their international break during the summer.

There was no love loss between SMU boys when they turned out for their respective clubs in a match that was marked by bone crunching tackles and powerful running. Red Dot Rebels eventually hung on to a 5-0 win. The result could have gone against Red Dot Rebals had a 50m drop kick attempted by former ACS(I) rugby star Blandon Tan (who will be unveiled to SMU fans next season after agreeing to a 4 year deal for a undisclosed fee) not gone wide. With the game heading to a draw, Red Dot Rebels managed to score with the last play of the game through our very own Amos Siow.

Justin Lum and Bryan Ng gave fine performances for Red Dot Rebels

Despite being knocked out in the playoffs in Day 2 by Blacks Magic, ACS OBA ended their first rugby outing with committed performances on the field. They managed to churn out a victory against Fars Rugby Club (the Iranian champions in 15s and 7s) with a convincing 13-0 victory. ACSOBR's first foray into competitive 10's rugby after a 15 year absence has set a new marker on where they stand on the local club rugby scene. Likewise, Red Dot Rebels - a team that has been making for itself a name in the local and regional rugby scene in recent years lived up to its reputation by coming in as Bowl Champions.

Current Vice-President EJ & soon to be SMU player Blandon Tan in action against the Iranians

With such fine performances churned out by our City Boys during the action-packed weekend, the SMUrugby selectors will be without a doubt licking their lips over the array of talent they have at their disposal for the upcoming season.