Sunday, December 16, 2007

The man behind the lens - Lim Wei Ming

There were many people who made the tour to Perth a success for SMUrugby. We had the administration from our school's Office of Student Life (OSL) constantly making sure our every need was well taken care of. We had the players and support staff giving their 110% in every game. We had all that we could have asked for. And all this was made perfect with a 'special one' who made sure that all this wonderful moments were captured and left to be savoured.

Player-Team Photographer, Lim Wei Ming, was all over the place with his gigantic professional camera. He was always seen with his 'beloved', from the airport to the streets of Perth and even to the rugby field! Weiming was seen walking around in his playing kit by the side lines, snapping shots and shouting words of encouragement from the sidelines. Occasionally the player would stop to take a stretch and make a few runs by the side line to keep warm - always prepared to throw his camera aside and jump onto the field to get some action.

Apart from taking wonderful photos, Wei Ming had a credible performance up in Perth. Especially in the 3rd/4th playoff against Curtin, the lad came on as a substitute and spurred a possible comeback for the City Boys with a great assist for Captain Poh to score a try under the post.

The Dean's Lister, had been reported to spend hours on the tour snapping shots and editing the photos into the wee hours of the day. There are little shots of him in action, evidently because he was the one with the camera. However, we at SMUrugby news wish to sincerely thank the man behind the lens for all the wonderful captured moments and for the good performance up in Perth.

Majority of the photos seen on this blog captured from the SMU ringEmails 7s and IRAUG 7s are proudly brought to you by Lim Wei Ming aka weims.

Player Profile: Lim Wei Ming
Age : 23
Position: Second rower

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