Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Catch our Stars!

While the week is filled with anxiety and stress. Many of our players have more than just the exams finishing to look forward to...

For 12 of our SMU boys - they will be representing SMU and the nation in the IRAUG 7s held in Perth from the 2nd - 9th of December.

And for another 2 of our boys, Daniel Marc Chow and Desmond Wee, who will be representing Singapore in the SEA games.

Recently, SMU Sports Union (SSU) has been urging the school to show their support for our National Athletes, framing life-size posters of them around school. All fans and friends are encouraged to go by to sign your good wishes of luck and "All the best" comments on the board provided outside the school's Kopitiam and outside the Pick and Bite.

Daniel Marc Chow (above) feeling the DEEP BURN: Have you bought your tickets? To the Guns (biceps) show!

You may also feel free to pose a photo with the stars and get your hands on Daniel Marc and Desmond, like you always wanted to, but never could! So catch them now...before they are taken! (literally...)

Two easy ways to take a photo with our rugby stars

1. Check out who is it you are posing with...its Desmond Wee (in this case ...and not Colin Wee)

2. Get the right stance Stomach tugged in & Chest out ...*SnAP*

And that's how you do it...

P.S Rumor has it, Daniel Marc Chow's life-size poster has gone this space as we track down about its whereabouts.

A word from editor

To all players, readers and fans...

I encourage you to support our local sports news website by completing this survey. (

The website has done many good things for the Singapore school scene and we are looking to try to engage Redsport to cover the coming Tri-University Championships and future local rugby tournaments - to give us more publicity and raise the awareness of the game, especially at the university level.

While we are in the midst of trying to revive the Inter-Varsity-Polytechnics (IVP)Rugby championships and push our sport to be covered in the Singapore University Games (SUNIG), completing this survey could help us move one step closer to bringing this game to the centre stage.

So whether you are from SMU, NUS, NTU, SIM or from the polys...let's do our part to help bring the tournaments that we play for school to a higher level and bring recognition for all the efforts we have put in for the schools.

Amos Siow
SMUrugby President/editor of smu-rugbynews

Monday, November 26, 2007

J.Lum out for the season?

Things are looking grim for the City Boys. Bad news arrived for the coaching staff of SMU this morning, when they heard Project Superstar Justin Lum, who has yet to turn up for more than one training, arrived back to the club from national duties with a swollen right knee, limping around helplessly in clutches.

The scrumhalf, was reported to have been involved in a practice tournament with the National SEA games selection squad when he stepped into a pothole and fell awkwardly, sending the former Rafflesian crashing to the ground in pain.

"I heard my knee twist and shatter into a million pieces!" said a despondent Justin through a telephone interview, who suspects he tore every single ligament in his knee and will be out for the rest of the season.

With only one training appearance to his name, players and coaches at SMU are clearly saddened by the news.

"This has come at a very bad time, with the Tri Unis (in Mid Jan) coming soon ... we will have to start looking to how we can rotate the squad and find a replacement for him(Justin)" said Skipper Amos Siow, who was lately humiliated and scrutinized of his off-field 'practices' by the press.

Justin Lum, who was named as a reserve player for the National SEA games squad will play no further part in both the National side or the SMU 7s Squad who will be flying up to Perth on the 2nd of December to participate in the IRAUG 7s.

The scrumhalf will be having his knee scanned tomorrow.

We at, wish him a speedy recovery.


  • In others news, NTU has reported to have signed back, Daniel "Potato" Thiam on a 1 year loan which will be effective from 2nd January 2008. The latter is reported to be relinquishing the opportunity to represent the Boon Lay Warriors and play alongside fellow National Player and Bedok King team-mate Big "Rebel" Rong Jing Xing. (

The coming Tri-University Rugby Championship is set to be a fierce contest between the 3 powerhouse in January 2008, so stay tuned for more updates in the transfer market.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Save Alex "the" Ong Campaign

Late last night, SMUrugby press was alerted of a possible crisis involving one of the City boy's most talented player, Alex "the" Ong. Little has been revealed to the press regarding the nature of the crisis, however rumor has it that the star fullback has been expressing constant unhappiness at the club and is looking to move else where.

(Above: NUS's manager Valmiki C Nair caught by the paparazzi with Alex Ong. A possible transfer to NUS?)

An unknown University based in the Southern Province of China has already been linked to the player, and apparently NUS has been quick to try to engage the player's agent to formulate a possible transfer.

This morning, worried fans were reported to be standing outside the Home of the City Boys with signboards, protesting against the possibility of the departure of Alex Ong.

Sign boards read "Save Alex Ong!", "Alex is THE Ong!", "Help yalex! (just to name a few)

While the player could not be contacted for comments, the management was quick to assure the fans and the team,

"Alex Ong is our #1 fullback and he is not for sale."

However the board confirmed the crisis that the player is facing is real in nature and would appreciate fans and fellow team-mates helping him through these difficult times. The University Players' Association (UPA) has also stepped in upon hearing the news and has taken action in garnering support for the lad - with "Save Alex Ong" Campaign.

Speaking to the press, Chairman of UPA said,

"...the objective of the campaign serves to keep the fullback at SMU and support him through these difficult times. We strongly encourage all of his fans, friends and team-mates to get behind him to give him the support he needs..." (murmurs: And remind him that the final exams are next week and he needs to study!)

To show your support by donating to the "Save Alex Ong" Campaign,
please dial, 1800-911-2525-ALEXTHECHAMPION, or simply hit us on our tag board.

Player Profile: Alex "The" Ong aka yalex
Position: Fullback/Centre/and sometimes by his own demand #8
Former Clubs: ACS(I) and ACJC

Boast of an IQ of 250. Alex is brother to former NTU centre Alan 'lan qiao' Ong.

One of the most under-rated players in his age-group, Alex now prefers to play against ONLY "sure win" teams.

Also, the latter is a big lover of Chinese Songs and would rather carry out conversations and interviews with SMUtv in his native tongue, Bahasa Bangla.

And we forgot to mention, he aspires to be a professional "Body" surfer some day ...

With these photos, it's probably safe to say that talks with NUS probably didn't work out??

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Newsflash: The Scoop on the Refresher

As promised, the next episode in our series on the secret lives of the City Boys will feature none other than the club's captain, Amos "the Refresher" Siow.

While SMU's inspirational leader has been strutting his business on the field, few know what he actually does OFF the field, and much to this reporter's surprise, an unexpected radio show featuring the Refresher himself was broadcast all across campus. Expecting the broadcast to publicise the City Boys' latest achievements, imagine our shock when Amos went on to talk about his 6-pack?!?

Read on for the exclusive transcript of the interview....

- - - - - - - - - -
Q: When did you start having a six pack?
A: I did not set out specifically to train to get a six pack. However, it helped when I was with the track team in Secondary school where the training was pretty rigourous.

Q: Then what's your diet like?
A: I take 4-5 meals a day but definitely no supper for me. As an athlete, I have to be very watchful over what I eat. Yeah if you catch me eating in the school kopitiam, i would probably be eating Yong Tau Hu. That's pretty much what's available in school that I can eat.

Q: I would trade my six pack for...
A: An eight pack.


- - - - - - - - - -

While the interview may have been shocking in itself, it was utterly disgraceful when we found out that the Refresher then suggested a contest be created to decide who had the nicest 6-packs in school, suggesting that it would be a no-contest since an athlete's abs like his could not possibly lose. Sensing a scoop, our friendly radio DJs agreed and this is the result:

Upon the release of the contestants, Amos was overheard (in Kopitiam while eating Yong Tau Hu) saying to fellow teammate Mok (who is reported to be hanging around Amos more recently),

"You don't know which one is mine? Aiyah, just choose the nicest one and confirm it's mine lah."

Clearly, the words of a humble man. To add on to controversy, more and more photos of Amos which have been described as "private bedroom photos" have been making their way around the internet, and with them, allegations questioning Amos' preferences. While his representative claims that these photos were taken in the "spur of the moment" and "were never meant to be seen by public eyes", Amos could not be reached for further comment.

You decide for yourself what to make of the photos.

When contacted about the recent unearthings in Amos' lifestyle, the management of SMU had this to say:

"How our players behave off the field is none of our concern. As long as Amos continues to deliver the goods on it, we will continue to support him whole-heartedly in his endeavours, unusual or otherwise."

With that, we'd like to wish Amos Siow all the best in the upcoming IRAUG games, and hope that he and squad captain Lionel "the Robber" Poh can sort out their differences in time to bring back some long-awaited silverware for the City Boys.

Name: Amos "the Refresher" Siow
Age: 22
Position: Centre/Winger
Others: Often confused with National Sprinter Poh Seng Song whilst in secondary school, Amos has carved out his own name and is now likened more to Japanese superstar Hidetoshi Nakata. Minus the cross-dressing.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the ultimate disgrace

This is what all you refreshers out there have been looking for.

The ultimate disgrace.

Enuff said.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Disgrace, The Unbelievable and The Shocker

As we approach our 3000th Refresher...we thought we should thank our faithful readers for all the support you have given us. While we take a break for the exams, we leave you with some photos and brief profile of some of our rugby players...and hope you will still continue to support us even after viewing them.

Lim Wei Ming - a fine young man who is currently a Dean's Lister and who is also the younger brother of the former AC legend Lim Eu Ming. The second rower has proven to be a hardworking player on the field and the field.

Lionel Kong - SMU Sports Union(SSU) President. LK who is a star player for the school's soccer team and and possibly the quickest winger in the rugby team, spends most of his time on the field trying to make sure he doesn't mess up his hair while playing...well...its not so easy after all

Desmond Wee - Tries to follow the footsteps of his elder brother, former international catwalk model, Colin Wee. But turns out...

Well you know what they call the Weezer

Chong Wei Nurn (photo behind) - One of the surviving old guards in the SMU team, Wei Nurn has one more year left on his contract with the City Boys and has recently expressed strong desires to renew it for an additional year, for apparently a new found love.

Matthias Lim (photo front) - Newcomer Matty, who is in the running for "Most Dedicated Player 2007/2008" has been rumored to be linked to the reasons why WN wishes to renew his contract.
[Absolute Disgrace!]

Vicknesh Sellathurai - We don't blame you if you didn't believe he was 140kg in College and in Secondary School.

Daniel Marc Chow (DMC) - DMC, better known to ex-cons as Big Daddy, has NEVER faced a problem getting past the immigration counters and they CERTAINLY! DO NOT think that he looks like a possible terrorist.
We once again wish him all the best on his travel up to Thailand. You'll need it.

This Final Exam Edition is proudly brought to you by Insider Sources and "Rumor has it"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Daniel Marc looking for a transfer?

Ever since the announcement of the SEA games squad, the SMUrugby press has been picking up some unusual activities in the campus. Much of which is linked to ‘Big Daddy’ Daniel Marc Chow, the latter has been reported to be seen hanging out with fellow team-mates Desmond Wee and Amos Siow on a very high frequency. While our sources are unclear of the possibility of any homo action going on, our ‘faithful insider sources’ have disclosed that there might be a plot for the Bedok King players (Amos & Desmond) to lure DMC to making a possible transfer in the winter. (Please make reference to

Such speculations are certainly unforgivable should it be nothing but false rumors. HOWEVER! Our ‘faithful insider sources’ went as far as to supply us with a picture, to prove that maybe! this time our dear ‘rumor has it’….truly has it!)

Daniel Marc Chow (above) in the Bedok Kings kit. Is this for real?

SMUrugby news has been hot on the heels of the Big Daddy, looking for answers on his future with SCC. When interviewed, the Big Daddy who reportedly dressed up as his famous idol, French Flanker Sebastian Chabel “Caveman" (right) during the recent Halloween said,
I don’t know. I haven’t had much game time at SCC this year. But I’ll like to stay. However, I’ve got a few offers from a few clubs and it’s got me thinking about my future. However, nothing is for certain…for now.

When questioned about the photo, the latter denied that it was him in the photo and claimed that the origin of the photo is questionable. He vowed that he will never don the Kings’ colors or any other club’s colors till its made official.

Meanwhile, while DMC’s club future lies in limbo, we wish to congratulate him for his selection into the SEA games squad and all the best in the upcoming SEA games.

Player Profile: Daniel Marc Chow (now known as Big Daddy)

Age: 23 (Class of 2005)

Position: Flanker/no. 8/Lock

An inspirational player who is dedicated to the sport. Daniel Marc is a role-model for many young players to follow. Debuting for Singapore in 2005, Daniel Marc is hailed as one of the latest break-throughs in the Singapore National team and will certainly be one of the main players for Singapore in this upcoming SEA games.

Others: DMC was the former skipper of SMU rugby and is now the team's events director.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

SMU boys in SEA games squad

Desmond Wee : Made his debut appearance for Singapore in 2001, in the Hong Kong 7s

Daniel Marc Chow: Made his debut appearance for Singapore in 2005, in the Sri Lanka 7s

The SEA games selection is out and SMUrugby is proud to announce that two of our very home grown talents have made it to the squad, Desmond Wee and Daniel Marc Chow(DMC).

Not surprisingly, Desmond Wee, who has been a regular fixture in the Singapore team since making his debut in 2001 in the Hong Kong 7s was named in the squad. The Weezer has had a tough road from a career ending injury back in the Singapore 7s in 2005, when he got 'testified' by a Kenyan player that resulted in a knee injury that put him out of action for almost a year. Ever since then, the Weezer, who is self proclaimed to be "F*cked up" has had a rocky road to finding the fine form he used to have.

Having gone through "a half-F*ck" rehabilitation for the knee surgery, the Weezer never had a full recovery, resulting in multiple freak injuries over the past 2 years. Despite the doctor's advice to rest, the Weezer was constantly found stubborn and spotted getting his feet tangled playing a sport he barely can - soccer.

Last year, Desmond was rumored to consider making a switch from rugby to soccer. But the dream was certainly short-lived, as the soccer coaches were clearly disappointed and described him to be a clumsy midfielder who had no sense of accuracy and a pair of left feet. Our sources reported that Desmond 'shot himself in the foot'(literally) when he strained his knee while attempting to blast a shot into an open goal, resulting the latter's foot to find nothing but a perfect strike to the ground, sending him crashing to the ground.

In addition to list of injuries, the rugby star was also seen injuring himself in a freak accident while playing touch rugby at SMU Campus green last October. He was described to have sped past his defenders to score the try, but forgot to pull the 'brakes' when he ran off the field onto the pavement only to slip and fall (with a dramatic 360 degrees spin in the air), smashing his head on to the concrete floor - suffering from a mild concussion.

After going through much counseling, Desmond "I'm still F*cked" Wee has finally got a clear head and vision to where he truly belongs and is all set to get back on the rugby field to do what he does best. A rugby player of immense talent and experience, Desmond is a utility back for the Singapore team and will prove to be a huge asset to any team. He will certainly be one of the players to watch during this upcoming SEA games in Thailand and we wish him and DMC all the best!

Player Profile: Desmond Wee aka Dezzo/The Weezer/The Mo
Age: 23
Position: Centre/Winger/Scrumhalf
Others: Dezzo is often caught trying to ‘model’ after his elder brother, Colin Wee
(picture below), who was a former international catwalk model. However, the rugby star insists he IS the better looking between the two.
Disclaimer: This is NOT Desmond Wee

Our verdict: Desmond needs to get a grip!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Freshmen ruggers

This week we take a look at what some of our freshmen ruggers were up to....

Caught smugging in the library, editor-in-chief Mouth Chew stumbled upon some very interesting websites and decided to introduce them to emo-kid Ben Teong, who happened to be highlighting furiously at his textbook. After viewing the two websites, a very traumatized Ben Teong had this to say.

"Oh my god. Seriously Mouth, WTF?! This is damm sick. I'll never look at sex the same way again."

In response, editor-in-chief Mouth Chew just grinned sheepishly away and continued to brainstorm on ideas on how to zhng his blog and to come up with slick backline moves.

The websites cannot be displayed due to the content of the material

Moving on, the Big Dark Hairy One aka I'm-too-cool-for-you-Vicknesh has been spotted around campus, parading around in tight t-shirts and tanktops. When this lucky editor managed to get his attention, this was what he had to say.

"I worked my ass off for this. Now check this out *flexs his biceps* This guns will own the Total Package. He is nothing, nothing i say, against my mk-16s. No one can defeat me!"

The Total Package could not be reached for further comments.

Monday, November 5, 2007

IRAUG squad named

The squad going up to Perth to compete in the India Rim Asia University Games(IRAUG) was named yesterday night,

The players are:

1. Lionel Poh (C)
2. Chong Wei Nurn
3. Vicknesh
4. Sherman Yeo
5. Lim Wei Ming
6. Alex Chew
7. Alex Ong
8. Lionel Kong
9. Chew Yin Xiang
10. Amos Siow
11. Lorenzo Escano Lim
12. Tafa

We wish the 12 all the very best in Perth. The competition will take place from 2nd - 9th December 2007.

More information on the IRAUG 7s, please visit

The City Boys are set to take on Millenia Institution(MI) some time next week, in a 15s-a-side friendly match. Watch this space for match reports.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

VB NRC finals

Daniel Marc Chow(SCC) and Desmond Wee(Bedok Kings) sharing a laugh after the Plate Finals

In the not-so-recently concluded Victoria Bitter National Rugby Championships, our crew was down to witness the clash between Singapore's top two rugby powerhouses, SCC and Bedok Kings.

Both sides featured some of our very own SMU boys. In the SCC side we saw both Lionel Poh, and Daniel Marc Chow (DMC) turning up for the Colts and for the Bedok Kings, Amos Siow and Desmond Wee.
All 4 players were named for the Plate finals, which saw Bedok Kings narrowly overcoming the SCC side. While in the Cup finals, Bedok Kings romped past SCC to become the 3 time.3 time.3 time… Singapore Cup Winners. (Go the Kings!)

At the end of the day, there was little love lost between the SMU players as they were seen with all smiles after the games. Rumor has it, that Desmond Wee was seen enticing the fellow SMU team-mate, DMC sharing talks of a possible domestic transfer to the Kings. The former, was also seen taunting the latter with his 3 gold medals.
A random passer-by reported to hear the Weezer telling DMC, “O!Its true...It’s good to be a KING!”

Alex Ong and Justin Lum were also present playing for the SCC side that won the Shield against Blacks in the Division 1 competition.

We will like to congratulate SCC for their victories in the Premier and Division 1 league, as well as emerging Shield Champions in the Division 1.

We will also like to congratulate Bedok Kings for their victories in doing the double in the National League and Plate Championship. As well as winning the Singapore Cup for a 3rd consecutive time.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Vicknesh back on track

This week, SMUrugby news unveils one of their season's new signings, Vickneswaran S/o SELLATHURAI, otherwise known to us as Vicky or the "Big, Dark and Hairy one".
The soft spoken second-rower, has had a good start to the season, capturing some credible performances in the recently concluded SMU ringEmail 7s.

With rumors circulating that the SMU contingent will be having both Alex Chew and Amos Siow joining up on the flight to Perth, the "Big, Dark and Hairy one" has been remaining silent of his chances of making the squad as he faces tough competition from fellow team-mates, Muhammad Ruzaini and Daniel Lee for the final spot in the 12.
Off the rugby field

The 'Big, Dark and Hairy one' has been creating waves over the weekend in the IVP Track and Field scene. The former Heavyweight champion and Gold Medalist (in Shot putt in the National Inter School Track and Field) was in fine form in the IVP meet. Bagging both a silver and gold medal in the shot putt and discus event respectively. With such brute strength and tenacity, one can only imagine the kind of attributes he can bring to the once 'pathetic' SMU forward pack.

In an interview after the victory with the SMUrugby news, Vicky was in philosophical mood saying,
" Only Great athletes dare to put their body at the breaking point in order to succeed in their sporting endeavours....and I will certainly lay my body on the line for the team, this big, dark, hairy and beautiful body."

Please check for more details of Vicky's outstanding performance.

Player Profile: Vickneswaran S/o SELLATHURAI aka. "Big, Dark and Hairy one"
Age: 21
Former Club: SJI
Position: Second row
Others: Plays for SRC and weighed a total of 140kg in his secondary school days.