Sunday, December 23, 2007

Match Report - SMU vs SRC

The final score between SMU and SRC was 40-0.

The City Boys were off to a slow start and were scoreless in the first quarter. But the SMU side soon found their feet and gradually put in the tries in the later quarters.

This was the first time the team has gathered to play in the 15-a side game and were visibly struggling to get used to each other's play. The general flow of play was disruptive and untidy, however when SMU had the chance to counter attack, the team looked lethal and were clinical in putting the tries away in broken play.

There isn't much time left till the Tri-Universities Rugby Championships, but the team looks to have a good platform to work with after today's performance. Certainly, much more work needs to be done and the boys will be looking forward to their next friendly match.


Tries: Amos Siow (2), Desmond Wee, Goh Zhuwei*, Lorenzo Escano, Melvin Tan*
Conversions: Amos Siow (3) Lorenzo Escano (1) Lionel Kong (1)

Good performances by:
Daniel Marc Chow
Sherman Yeo

* Foreign players on loan to SMU for this particular fixture - Melvin Tan, Edwin Tan and Goh Zhuwei. Thank you boys.

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