Saturday, February 28, 2009

SMU Rugby Clinches Team of the Year Award!

SMU Rugby got a great boost to their season when they were named SSU (SMU Sports Union) Team of the Year, the highest accolade for the team that emerged within top four at inter-varsity leagues or equivalent events and has contributed to the Sports Fraternity in one main or two sub events, at the annual SSU Sports Awards Night 2009 two weeks ago. This is the first time SMU Rugby has made it to prestigious list, which includes SMU Sailing and SMU Fencing. This award joins SMU Rugby's bulging cabinet which still has an empty place for the 2009 Tri-Unis Cup.

"It is a great honor to win this because there are so many great teams in SMU at the moment," said President, Sherman Yeo.

The annual SSU Sports Awards Night was a close-knit affair that brought the SMU Sports fraternity together; saluting undergraduates who have left their mark on the school's sporting history vis-à-vis sporting excellence.

The judging panel of both SSU (SMU Sports Union) and OSL (Office of Student's Life) voted based on the achievements and contributions of the various nominated teams, with the year officially running from the start of 2008 till the end of SUNIG (Singapore Universities Games) back in August last year. In that period, SMU Rugby won the inaugural Tri-Unis Championship 2008 & SUNIG 7s. It was the only sports team in SMU to be crowned champions in SUNIG 2008.

Daniel Marc Chow, current skipper of SMU Rugby, who has seen the ups and downs of SMU Rugby since it was established back in 2004 said, "This is a great achievement for SMU Rugby. We have come a long way since playing in our first official game back in 2005 and being the whipping boys of the university rugby fraternity. We wouldn't have won this award if not for the players, staff, management and our ardent supporters. Thank you guys!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another ACL story

What looks like a promising season for the City Boys, has turned into a last minute disaster. With Captain Daniel Marc already confirmed to be missing the first match against NTU, blindside flanker Lionel "robber" Poh has been reported to be out for the rest of the season. The reckless and crazy flanker, who is known for his beasty tackles and robber-like techniques in the rucks has been reported to have torn both his MCL and ACL during SMU recent friendly match against ACJC.

The ACL victim list has been slowly growing over the years and some rumored that it is a mark of true legends, something that past-victim Desmond Wee will 'testify' to. In 2005, when the "Weezer" suffered a similar injury, the latter actually believe that the injury was more of a fashion statement than a rugby injury - but that's the zoolander for you.

Meanwhile. this injury is really going to be a huge blow to the City Boys and one can only wonder who will be filling the big shoes of this two important forwards for the SMU team. This will certainly cause some headache for the newly appointed SMU coach Rong JingXiang.

Not so interesting Facts:

Past ACL victims
1. Desmond Wee
2. Muhd A'srie
3. Lionel Robinson
4. Mohd Raihan
5. Valmiki C Nair
6. Justin Lum
7. Lionel Poh

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chow-bal out?

With one week to the opening game of the 2nd inaugural Tri-Universities Rugby Championships, SMUrugby may have suffered a massive blow with inspirational team captain, Daniel Marc Chow rumored to have gone under the knife recently on Saturday.

Apparently the big man who idolizes French forward, Sebastian Chabal, has been struggling to lose "some weight", especially in the mid section, after coming back from his 6 month stint in Portugal since last June. This attempt to lose what some will call 'love handles' or 'love belly', has been rumored to be one of the explanations offered to why he has gone under the knife. Daniel Marc Chow-bal, was rumored to be experiencing some pain in the "abdominal" after doing one sit-up too many after Friday's training and had to be rushed to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. While we cannot confirm if the operation was due to a medical condition or an excuse to go under the knife for aesthetic reasons, we definitely wish Chow-bal a speedy recovery.

In an email interview with SMUrugby-news overseas-based correspondent, Amos Siow, his agent said, "The Big Daddy (DM) is looking a bit out of sorts and might possibly miss the opening game against NTU. ...however, we will leave it to the doctors and sports trainers to decide if he will be fit for the game at the end of the week."

Meanwhile, the City boys were reported to have won convincingly against ACJC on Saturday in a friendly, after being crowned Team of the Year in SMU.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Where in the World is Refresher Siow??

As the highly anticipated Tri-Uni's draw steadily nearer, the much talked about Cityboys recently received an urgent rallying cry to


Said President Sherman Yeo solemnly at our last scheduled press conference: "NUS think they can have a go at us but lets prove them wrong. I know that mid terms/presentations/assignments are piling up but now is really the time for us to make some sacrifices."

One notable name from last year's historic Tri-University's victory however, remained unaccounted for. The question on everyone's lips: "Where in the World is Refresher Siow??"

In order to set the matter to rest, your ever-loyal, totally objective reporters here at SMURugby News took an overnight flight to the far reaches of the known world (where Amos was last seen on exchange), in order to bring you some answers. At present, little is known of the fate of this legendary SMU Old Guard except for a rumoured Spring signing with the Copenhagen Business School Rugby Club for an as yet undisclosed amount. We also found this "refreshing" little gem:

What all this shocking news amounts to, we leave to you our treasured readers to conclude on your own terms. SMU Veteran Vice-President Chew Yin Xiang however, was quick to give an answer. In an exclusive interview Mouff Chew gave us the low down.

"We at SMU Rugby are not worried about the absence of our beloved Refresher. Although we deeply miss him, we cannot comment on his personal activities overseas and can only wish him the very best. In the meantime, our ranks are swelling with talent. We would like to introduce to you, our secret weapon Numero Uno, Nicolas Hwang a.k.a. The Panzer."

Named after the infamous German Tank known for both its power and speed, Panzer is rumoured to be just one of many talented centers who have stepped up to the in-center spot left open by Amos' absence.

According to Mouff, The Panzer was homegrown in the fertile soils of Anglo-Chinese Junior College, before recently being signed in a super-secret-under-the-table deal to SMU where you may have caught glimpses of this extremely classified undercover powerhouse in action on and off the field.

With the atmosphere getting tenser and more super-charged with excitement, we at SMURugby News wait in undisguised anticipation for this promising season to get into full swing. More news soon to come.