Tuesday, November 11, 2014

City Boys on Local Exchange- Power Lifts in the gym to Power Jumps on the mat

The rugby season is over and it has been reported that more and more City Boys are reclining back into the enclaves that are GSRs and the Li Ka Shing Library. It was been noticed however, in the weeks that past after the SUNIG games, a certain group of players took part in a "local exchange program" to maintain their match fitness and rugby prowess. 

We all know how the technical aspect of the game has changed in the last decade and little things like grip strength during a line out and even finishing moves upon a try celebration can make the difference between a glorious win or a tragic loss.

SMUrugbyNews conducted a study and went down on the mats to find out more about this inaugural exchange program and how it can reap benefits far beyond the original intentions.

             Tackling techniques being applied, the double tackle

From the empirical research, we observed many trends and similarities between the techniques used, as seen above - the double tackle being executed perfectly(with the safety of the mat of course)

Other findings include obvious positive psychological aspects, where our players on exchange noted how there were "prettier faces at practice" (M. Ang, 2014) and "eh the skirts are cute" (V. Thomas, 2014). 

This positive increase in morale can be accounted to the change in environment and inclusion of females to the previously male dominated training setting of Turf City that The City Boys are used to. 

We are aware that there were limitations to this study, as this exchange program has only been going on for a few weeks.

Our first limitation draws upon this exact time factor, as perception and actual thoughts from the City boys may differ if observations were conducted over a longer time frame.

The second limitation would be the attire our City Boys wore as they took part in the exchange program. Fashion and Fad sociologist, Avinash Raju has proven that choice of clothing does make a significant difference in ones performance and how they actually present themselves in a public setting.

This new attire may have added response bias to our research, as theorised above. We do not deny that the City Boys on exchange are looking good as they kit up though!

                Standard attire during the Exchange Program

That is all the time we have for this busy and hectic Week 13, stay tuned for a more detailed study on this exchange program in time to come as we try to battle and overcome the limitations mentioned above!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

That perfect #OOTD & Social Media - A guide by Avinash

                                          Behind the scenes

#OOTD, #WIWT, #INSTAFASHION, THE LIST GOES ON! We have all seen and occasionally posted images on our social media outlets that have these exact hashtags, whether we like to admit it or not, we are all guilty of taking part in this necessary evil.

#OOTD or Outfit of The Day for those who have been living in the caves Li Ka Shing Library's dungeons has become popular of late. Especially within The City Boys camp where star winger and fashionista, Avinash has been labelled the epitome of the #OOTD.

                                         Avinash and a car

SMURugbyNews is grateful and fortunate to get a chance to speak to Avinash despite his busy schedule about this phenomena taking over the social media world like wildfire.

SMURugbyNews: So Avi, tell us more about this #OOTD craze

Avinash: Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a craze. I see it as more of a norm. How else can the world see what I wear everyday.

SMURugbyNews: Interesting! How do you recommend newcomers who plan to enter this #OOTD world

Avinash: I would ask them to look at my posts on Instagram for starters. In terms of outfits, I would recommend mixing it up, never do a back to back denim day, or back to back berms day. Mix up shirts and shorts, jeans and shirts, just stay fabulous!

SMURugbyNews: How about during the season? Don't you wear the same jersey every game?

Avinash: Maybe we could get customised kits depending on the day of the week and who we play against. This is something I would leave for further discussion but when it comes to game time, it is about the player and team.. not the kit(ok maybe a little bit)

                                          Avinash in a car

We would like to thank Avinash again for his time, please read on to check out this customised guide made by the Fashion Maestro himself about perfecting that #OOTD and getting the likes on Instagram and Facebook.

Avinash's Guide to #OOTD

  • Angles, angles and angles
  • Stay clear from busy backgrounds
  • Find a reliable photographer(or hire one)
  • ONLY post your pictures at 10pm
  • Don't wear the same thing twice in 2 years
  • Filters are important
  • Stay good looking

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


What can we say, year after year pageant fever hits The City Boys in more ways than one.

Be it starry eyed props checking out their batch mates strut it out on the cat walk or Shaun Ng adding everyone from Miss Popular to the Bash Logistics chicks on Facebook.

A year has gone by since newly appointed Captain, Avinash took the title of Mr SMU on the dance floor of Zouk. Unfortunately this year, the rugby presence at the Freshmen Bash was missing.

        Mr SMU 2013, Avinash

We have however made up for this with THREE City Boys competing be crowned Mr Economist 2014(Mr Oikos)

Rumour has it the winner walks away with a bundle that includes a 3 year supply of The Economist and Readers Digest.

Read on for the exclusive one on one interviews with our economic maestros..

Ken Koh

No stranger to The City Boys set up, Ken already has one Gold medal under his belt and his looking to get more(Gold Medals that is).

Can Ken achieve 100% line out success and hook his way to right area of the Production Possibility Frontier?

SMUrugbyNews: So Ken, being a "senior" player amongst the freshies, do you ever feel like you are under pressure to win this pageant?

Ken: I wouldn't consider myself a "senior" so to speak, but I do feel I have the upper hand. I have a Gold Medal and Ashley by my side.

Marcus Yeo

New to the The City Boys, could Marcus be the Dark Horse than prevails over his more experienced counterparts at the pageant? 

SMUrugbyNews: How does it feel being part of the squad at SMU? Any comments?

Marcus: Everyone has been extremely welcoming! Team spirit is high and it is nice to go head to head physically against Ken and Fi on the pitch and on the catwalk. Whatever happens at pageant, stays at pageant boys..


Rumoured to model his looks and charisma after Wallaby Full Back Israel Falou, can Asyrafi keep his cool and side step his way to Oikos Glory?

SMUrugbyNews: After seeing a preview of what you can do on stage at Sports Camp, are the fans in for the same treat?

Asyrafi: I like to keep things fresh and have my fans guessing.. just like my opponents. Keeping them on their toes thinking about my next move. You gotta watch it to believe it ladies.. nothing micro about this economic ;)

Monday, March 24, 2014


The City Boys emerged as champions in the recent Quad-University Rugby Championship held in March 2014.

It was a huge season with many ups and downs but we are glad to say it all paid off eventually! Read on for our post season report.

SMU vs NTU (Round Robin)

The first match of the season did not go according to plan for us, with numerous penalties given away and lacklustre defence from both the forwards and the backs, we were put on the back foot many times and suffered the consequences of being ill disciplined.

With close to about 20 penalty calls against our name, the mistakes made by us were capitalised on by NTU's kicker, who slotted in 15 points worth of kicks. An additional 2 tries were scored by the opposition that increased the margin.

The final score was 21-6 to NTU.

SMU vs NUS (Round Robin)

This was a do or die fixture for both teams, from past tournaments, the victor of this fixture usually goes on to the Finals. Both teams were pumped and were fresh after a week off from their last match.

The NUS squad featured a few age group and current National reps that were all fired up and ready to go.

The game was intense from the first kick off, which was kicked directly out to touch. The tempo then built up and The City Boys found the form they were looking for this whole season, with some tinkering of positions and new plays being added, The City Boys gelled effectively and the cohesion seen between the rummaging forwards and silky handed backs was magical.

Mistakes and ill disciplined was drastically reduced and the morale within the SMU camp was high. Pressure eventually turned into points and we managed to secure a 17-10 victory after an 80min game that felt like an eternity.

SMU vs SIM (Round Robin)

Last seasons shock loss to the Clementi Bad Boys were still fresh in the minds of the team, which was probably the biggest turning point in the last year that encouraged and motivated the new Exco led by Tang Hon Wei to seek change.

The City Boys needed a victory with a bonus point, and NTU to beat NUS for us to go on to the final.

The odds were in our favour but the dark horses of the tournament, SIM mounted several attacks that tested our defence out wide. Their new look back line was always threatening but our versatile backs, led by the dominant figure of Jesse Quek stood tall and strong, keeping the Clementi Bad Boys at bay.

The first 60mins of the game was extremely tight, with SIM scoring a try and taking the lead till the SMU forward pack unleashed their inner beasts and mounted several pick and go efforts. The flood gates eventually opened and SMU emerged  33-8 victors.

News came shortly after the final whistle that NTU had indeed beaten NUS by a close scoreline of 15-10. Celebrations all around as The City Boys were to make an appearance in the Final after a 5 year drought.


A grudge match was predicted way before kick-off. Both teams were building momentum after 2 victories and the boys from NTU appeared as favourites, after their first round victory against The City Boys 2 weeks earlier.

The squad that took the field for the finals:

  1. Eric Ong (Year 2)
  2. Ken Koh (Year 0)
  3. Ronald Cher (Year 3)
  4. Harresh Krishnan (Year 1)       
  5. Bryan Lim Kai Yao (Year 2)
  6. Marcus ‘Mongoose’ Ang (Year 0)
  7. Vikki Krishnan (Year 0)
  8. Timothy Gay (Year 3)
  9. Wong Kah Wei (Year 4)
  10. Tang Hon Wei (Year 2)
  11. Avinash (Year 1)
  12. Daniel Joshua Lee (Year 0)
  13. Jesse Quek (Year 3)
  14. Stuart Ho (Year 4)
  15. Brandon Yow (Year 2)
  16. Elijah Tan (Year 2)
  17. Chaw Wei Arng (Year 3)
  18. Shaneet Nityanand Rai (JD, Year 2)
  19. Ahmad Isa (Year 2)
  20. Shaun Ng Tian Ci (Year 2)
  21. Blandon Tan (Year 3)
  22. Gabriel Ang (Year 4)
  23. Marc Wilson (Year 1)

The game started off well for NTU, capitalising off a well executed move off a 5m scrum by the back row. With about 6 minutes into the game, The City Boys seemed to be in an all too familiar place, 5-0 down behind our try line.

The margin was reduced after Brandon Yow, slotted in a penalty in front of the posts. The score was now 5-3 to NTU with about 60minutes left in the game.

Another penalty attempt by Blandon Tan sailed over the crossbars to bring the score to 6-5, in favour of the City Boys.

The scoreline remained at 6-5 for the duration of the entire game, both teams showed their grit and determination with try saving tackles and rampaging attacks that kept the spectators entertained. It was truly an epic battle with both teams digging deep and pushing through. 

The City Boys managed to stop any threat from the NTU attack and kept the scoreline at 6-5. The SMU forwards kept hammering up ruck after ruck in a showcase of brilliant ball retention and ordering around by Scrum Half, Wong Kah Wei. 

The final whistle then blew and the 5 year drought of not seeing the Cup, ended with celebrations, cheers and a few bottles of Sparkling Apple Juice.

For a more detailed report please check out, http://www.redsports.sg/2014/03/21/sg-uni-rugby15s-smu-ntu/

Tries, Conversions and Points for the Season


Blandon Tan x 2
Harresh Krishnan x 1
Tang Hon Wei x 1
Timothy Gay x 1
Stuart Ho x 1
Wong Kah Wei x 1
Ahmad Isa x 1


Brandon Yow x 3
Blandon Tan x 1
Tang Hon Wei x 1


Brandon Yow x 1
Blandon Tan x 1

Do stay tuned for more pictures from The City Boys season!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BREAKING NEWS! Love is in the air!

After months of tension and keeping it in the closest, Lucas and Avinash have officially declared their love for one another.

The Freshie Duo are often seen staying in school till late and studying together in the quiet area of the library. Sources say that this relationship first sparked off way back in 2009, when both players were representing their respective Junior Colleges in the A Div.

Avinash had  put Lucas on the deck after a devastating run down the wing that left Lucas rooted to the ground whispering.. "i've never seen an ass like that".

 This public announcement  probably came at a politically right time, as Valentines Day is around the corner.

SMUrugby News will give be giving live updates and reports in the hours leading up to 14th February.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Player of the Week - Shaun Ng


Name: Shaun Ng
Position: Loose Forward/Hooker
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 85kg 
Interests: Facebook,Instagram & Snapchat

This week SMUrugby News brings to you one of our more reputable and infamous players, the one and only, Shaun "Shaubieee" Ng.

Shaun, who was signed during the Fall of 2012 has been a regular in The City Boys First XV and now holds the post of Events Director in the 2013/14 Exco. Shaun is a popular man amongst the squad and on campus and is always seen coordinating team cohesions and gatherings.

Shaun and his Rubber Ducky

Picking up the sport only in Junior College, Shaun has come leaps and bounds from his days as a volleyball player. Having captained his secondary school to many spikes and victories during his reign.  

Shaun is also the resident paparazzi in the team, snapping up photos of his team mates whenever they are seen with the fairer sex. Sources say he plans to join The Blue & Gold, the official student publication of SMU later in this year as a photojournalist due to his ever improving prowess on social media platforms.


SMUrugby News had the opportunity to speak to this gregarious young man over the Chinese New Year weekend. Here is how it went.

SMUrugby News: Happy New Year Shaun! How has it been so far?
Shaun: Eh not too bad. Weekends have been nice and school has been fun. 

SMUrugby News: So what has been keeping you busy besides rugby?
Shaun: you know.. the usual..(winks)

SMUrugby News: As the new Events Director, what have planned for the team?
Shaun: We've had lots of cohesion opportunities, most recently the team Lou Hei after training. I feel that the team is really tight on and off the field so planning things is really simple as we all hang out anyway!

SMUrugby News: What position are you gonna play this season?
Shaun: doggy. I meant hooker!!! actually.,number 8..  

A&F Glory Days

Monday, January 27, 2014

Player of The Week - Jesse Quek

Name: Jesse Quek
Position: Center
Height: 1.69m(plus/minus)
Weight: 75kg ++
Interests: Wanderlusting, Lusting, Food Photography

We usher in the new year with one of the City Boys favourite sons - Jesse "The Belly" Quek.

Jesse is no stranger to the rugby scene here in Singapore and is one of the most iconic players that the club has ever seen.  Jesse has just got back from a semester abroad and we were lucky enough to catch this playmaker fresh off the plane for this report.

Making his debut in 2011 after a successful summer signing from Saint Andrews Junior College, Quek has featured regularly and has literally been the heart and soul of The City Boys. When one mentions SMU Rugby, or even SMU - Jesse is the first name of their tongues.

Jesse started off his playing career in the #2 shirt, getting into the thick of the action as a ferocious forward clearing rucks almost as fast as he clears his pints at ICB.

Jesse then progressed to the back line in 2006 - at his club then, SAJC. Reports say that Jesse made the switch only because the biggest jersey available at that time was a #12, he has since kept that number and used the same trick over at SMU, semester after semester.

SMUrugbyNews caught up with Jesse over the weekend at Zouk and got a glimpse into the life of this superstar.

SMUrugbyNews: So Jesse, how have you been?

Jesse: Bloody brilliant! I just got back from exchange in Austria and I had a blast(chuckles). The weather was nice, the people are beautiful and the food was a gastronomical explosion in my mouth.

SMUrugbyNews: Thats nice! So, did you manage to play any rugby there?

Jesse: Cheers brah, Yes!! I did infact! This time the biggest jersey was a #9 and I managed to trick the team into thinking I was a scrum half.. I played scrum half for the season and even scored a few game winning points and tries. They loved me over there.. It is kind of like how you guys love me here.. but over there they speak German. 

SMUrugbyNews: What would you say was the best part about your exchange in Europe?

Jesse: Have you watched EuroTrip? ;)

SMUrugbyNews: Moving ahead to the season that beckons, how do you rate your current squad now?

Jesse: aye aye! The squad this year seem tighter and more united than ever! We have a few games coming up and a rugby camp that is gonna be so much fun. We have also got some new players that are fighting for first team spots. I cannot wait to play with this team again. cheers brah! (Chuckles)

           Jesse seen here with Martin Johnson. Jesse attended a clinic on how to be a Second Row