Saturday, December 15, 2007

It wasn't me...or was it?

Our next player has earned himself many various names. Some call him 'zo' for short, while his full name will probably sound something like, Lorenzo Escano "Shaggy/It wasn't me" Anton Lim aka Pino (due to his Filipino heritage).

Lorenzo Escano Lim has been a consistent performer ever since joining the City Boys. The winger, who also plays centre, has proved to be an illusive runner and a clinical finisher for the team. Off the field, the player (no pun intended), is often known for his quirky and cheerful antics and is a popular figure among his team-mates.

Unfortunately up in Perth, Lorenzo got hit on the head during the first match of the tournament against ECU and was concussed. The concussion left him waltzing around the field aimlessly and shouting at his team-mate randomly and starring at them blankly. After being substituted, the Filipino-Chinese laid down on the ground with his eyes closed, but with his mouth rattling away. He was reported to be repeatedly saying, "This is not good for my GPA (Grade Point Average)."

The team was generally concerned for the 'almost-mentally retarded' condition of Lorenzo. But after a day of rest from the concussion, he told Tournament captain Lionel Poh that he was fit to play and would be able to feature in the 2nd day's tournament clash against Curtin University. The team's management was largely apprehensive of getting Lorenzo involved in the fixture, but compromised with the player to allow him to have a few minutes of play against Curtin in the second half.

Lorenzo came on as a substitute for Lionel Kong late in the second half and finished the game with what seem to be another lapse of memory. This lead to the confirmation by the management of SMUrugby that Lorenzo would play no further part in the tournament for safety reasons. In addition to that, the player was observed to behave far from his 'normal' self.

He was at times caught trying to look and behave like a donkey from the cartoon Whinnie the Pooh. And was also spotted to be gathering a crowd in public to show how he had the 'special powers' to make his 'schlong' go from 'sitting position' to standing position aka erected.

Many members of the public actually found him entertaining and hurled tokens of appreciation, mistaking him for being part of the Buskers association in Perth.

Lastly, the player was issued a warning by the Players' Discipline Committee before boarding the plane to Perth when he turned up at Changi Airport 20 minutes late and drunk. However, considering the nature of Lorenzo plus the repeated concussions, no one can be sure that the player recalls any of these events happening.

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