Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tri-Universities Rugby Championships to kick off in January 08

It's official. The Tri-Universities Rugby Championships is set to take place in January, with the opening match set to feature SMU taking on the Boon Lay Warriors, NTU.
The tournament is set to be played in a Home and Away format, with teams playing each team twice. Today, the 3 team captains from SMU, NUS and NTU were spotted at Holland Village, having a discussion and agreement on the format of the tournament.

The meeting had been arranged by the hosting team, SMU and was coordinated by SMU's captain, Amos Siow. NTU's skipper Tze "cat walker' Shien (picture extreme left), was accompanied by team advisor "undroppable" Qing Soh (photo left) for the meeting. While NUS was solely represented by team captain, Shafiq Zulazmi (photo right).

There were some disputes over the arrangement of some of the fixtures, in particular the clash between both NUS vs NTU, as their match was set to coincide with the Chinese New Year holidays. But both sides, were amiable towards each other and easily came to an agreement to an alternative date.

There isn't much time left for all 3 teams to prepare for this tournament, but with the competition among the teams to be equally matched, fans can expect this year's Tri-Universities to be a real cracker!

News Updates:
NUS has confirmed the likes of Anil Singh, Andrew Lee, Thomas Zhang and Jonathan Chen to be playing their final tournament for NUS.
While NTU has also confirmed that former Captain, Daniel "Potato" Thiam will be set to play for his Boon Lay Warriors.
SMU will be likely to face problems with the absence of key players like Lionel Poh, Daniel Marc, Alex Ong and Justin Lum who are either out through injury or set to be going on overseas exchange.

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