Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stuart tries to outdo Bryan

Fans will recall that just 3 years ago on this day, former national player (and birthday boy) Bryan Ng took to the SMU stage dressed in a half aladdin wannabe suit. And with the popularity that comes with being a City Boy, it was no surprise then that Bryan 'Leonidas' Ng emerged victorious.

Check out those leggings!

3 years on, current club president - Stuart Ho - in a desperate attempt to make waves for the club has decided to take the leap of faith. Dressed in his shoddy 5 dollar a pop emo boy attire, the leggings clad rugby star has signed up for Bondue Night in his one shot at stardom on the fashion stage. When interviewed, Stuart said "It is about time all of us stopped living in the shadow of Bryan, I will step up to the plate and show the school who's boss." When quizzed about his unique choice of fashion, "The clothes I wear represent who I am deep down inside. I have always wanted to wear make up, leggings and tight latex pants. I'm glad I finally have a chance to show the world my true self." The club wishes Stuart 'Latex' Ho all the best - may you win our first piece of silverware for the year.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Quek warned for drunken antics

Is Jesse Quek the new bad boy of SMU Rugby?

Summer signing, Jesse Quek, has added more misery to the pile of disciplinary violations from the City Boys. The former Saints player was apparently found piss drunk on a patch of grass with his girlfriend early Monday morning. Initial reports stated that a good samaritan came to the aid of Jesse and his girlfriend, sending them home. An inside source told SMURugby that "Jesse (Quek) was desperately looking for some supper but because his legs couldn't make it to the nearby prata shop, he just decided to graze at the nearby grass patch."

When interviewed, Jesse - still slight shell shocked from the incident - just said, "I'm just glad my ass is still in one piece. It does feel a bit weird but I should be fine" (WTF Jesse?!)

This piece of news comes on the back of former AC superstar, Shah Boo's 'sticky hands' fiasco. With just a month to SUNIG, it is not surprising that head coach, Hairul Naim, was left fuming at this incident. Quek has however found some support in the form of his teammates.

Team president Stuart Ho had this to say, "I think it's perfectly fine. Grazing on different grass patches is absolutely normal. Personally I love the grass patch at Geylang, Kallang but if Jesse loves the ones at Zouk, please don't judge the fella, to each his own." It might also be noteworthy that Ho recently made a personal pledge to bring the sleaze back to SMU Rugby. We await to see what he has up his sleeve.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shah caught with his pants down

Shah Boo was issued a stern warning by head coach Hairul Naim on his atrocious misconduct. The sophomore signed in 2010 was said to have been caught by his mum with his pants down and complained on social network site - Facebook - about the unsightly act. The act was quickly picked up and had 7 likes in the space of a couple of minutes.

When asked about the behavior of his players, Naim said - "I expect my players to set a good example and I do not condone such a facebook entry about his personal sexual activity. If he wants to tell the world about it, USE A DAMN BLOG AND ADD SOME DETAILS!"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Transfer Updates

SMU Rugby has been extremely busy this pre season and we are proud to unveil our players for the future.


A gifted player, Blandon has played at Centre and Full Back. He is also well known for his powerful and accurate boot. Standing at a strapping 1.85M, a reserved Blandon refuses to divulge his weight, instead blushing and insisting on playing guessing games. When asked about his views to SMU Rugby's future, Blandon had this to say "I believe in our team's ability and am confident of bringing past glory back to our team but we also need to train even harder."(We will be bringing you an exclusive interview of Blandon as soon as his busy schedule clears up.)

Jesse 'The Belly' Quek

Jesse Quek, signed from Saints, is a player with multiple abilities, able to play at Fly-Half, Centre and Hooker. Known for his sniping runs and stepping, Jesse has become an instant darling with SMU Rugby fans. Also known for his incredible ball handling skills, Jesse caused an uproar during the recent SRU 7s tournament when he was able to catch the ball with his belly. With talent like that SMU Rugby is hard pressed to find excuses. When asked about his first experiences in school, Jesse in his usual eloquent manner commented, "School sucks!". We do hope that Finance Director Aldric Chew will be able to have a positive influence on the youngster.

Ronald 'The Beast' Cher

SMU Rugby is proud to announce that we have managed to acquire this highly sought-after player. Ronald plays as a prop and his thunderous runs and stepping abilities have made him one of the upcoming stars of today. Rumour also has it that Ronald was in the past a centre but after several years of hard work, he has been elevated to the position of Prop. (Ronald refuses to deny or affirm the rumour). Asked what aims he has for the upcoming SUniG 7s Ronald said "We must win this. I will always give my 110% and i expect the sam from every one of my teammates!" Inspirational words from Ronald have time and again lifted the team spirits.

When asked for his expectations of the trio, President Stuart Ho was gushing, "With this players we can build an extremely potent squad and i am confident of our teams abilities. I will nurture them with my own capable 2 hands and mould them into players who can surpass my own abilities!" SMU Rugby thanks Stuart for the hard work he put into acquiring these top notch players.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SMU Undergrads v SMU Alumni

On the 6th of August, SMU Undergraduates hosted the inaugural Alumni v Undergraduates Tournament at their spiritual home, CCAB Bukit Timah. Having been in the pipeline for several years, this tournament was widely anticipated. After months of close collaboration between the Alumni and the Undergraduates, the tournament was organised.

It was a day of significance in SMU Rugby's history with several legends returning 'home', such as DM(Dniel-Marc Chow), Amos Siow and many others. It was a chance for the Undergraduates to prove their mettle and worth against opponents who had themselves won the University rugby tournaments multiple times. The young team did not disappoint drawing 1 game and winning the remaining 3 to end as the best team.

Further re-inforcing the SMU Rugby family was the post tournament buffet which brought the alumni and undergraduates together in a less abrasive and competitive environment. Capping the whole event, President of SMU Rugby Stuart Ho had this to say, "It was humbling to b in the presence of so many alumni. This day has truly brought us back to our roots and we would like to thank the alumni for setting the platform for SMU Rugby to have reached such heights."

SMU Rugby would like to thank all the alumni for coming down and allowing this important event to gain a foothold. We would also like to reserve special thanks for DM, for taking the time to help plan the tournament, and our team manager Andrew Aaron Tam for facilitating the planning and sponsoring the buffet.