Thursday, August 28, 2008

Squad for Blacks Midnight 10s announced

The City Boys were given a long 4 month break after an intensive season that saw them crowned the Tri-Universities Champions, and they have since resumed pre-season training at their training grounds at Gotham City.

With less than 2 days to go to the Blacks Midnight 10s, the selection for the Midnight 10s squad was announced at Yio Chu Kang Stadium. With a turn out of almost 20 over players, the squad was announced by Coach Harry Mason together with President Sherman Yeo and Vice President Chew Yin Xiang aka Mouth. The Blacks Midnight 10s looks to raise the curtains for the 2008/09 season. It will not be easy for them as they are grouped with SCC, Blacks RFC and an unknown Hong Kong side by the name of Tequila Mockingbirds in the preliminary round.The City Boys who were last year's Bowl Champions (beating Bedok Kings 7-0 in an thrilling encounter) will be hoping to either defend their Bowl or perhaps better their performance. Nevertheless, the tournament serves to get as players to get as much game time as possible and for the team to have a chance to play together with some old and new faces coming back into the team.

Veteran and former SMU president Daniel Marc Chow has been named as the skipper for the tournament and will be looking to lead the side out to some victory. In his words, one of the main goals he has for this tournament is to set the record straight with local rugby club, Blacks, who defeated the City Boys last year in the very same tournament, relegating the City Boys to the Bowl tournament. He signed off with SMUrugby News saying, "Although we havent played much together this season, the squad has quite a bit of talent. We're going to go out there and give it our best shot and hopefully we will get the result we're looking for."

The squad will feature the 'golden oldies' of SMUrugby as well their new summer acquisitions with the likes of Bryan Ng and Derek Chan. With the departure of several experienced members of the squad including Lorenzo Anton Escano, Desmond Wee, Lim Wei Ming and Darkness to Europe for a 6 month loan deal, onlookers have questioned whether the current SMU squad will be able cope in their 1st tournament of the season.

When spoken to during an interview after last night's training, Josiah Goh, SMU's current half-back, who played an instrumental role in securing last season's Tri-Uni title, insists that the seniors members of the squad such as DMC, Alex Chew, Lionel Poh and Amos Siow will supply the necessary quality and experience to put up a good show on Friday night. He added, 'At the moment we have new players coming in but we haven't played much yet, we will see what happens. We have quite a couple of quality players and that is going to help us.' Alex Chew, the squad's Vice-Captain for the tournament as well team's socialite, gave his one-liner while rushing off to Zouk for his weekly dose of Mambo Jambo, 'For me, we don't really think about our opponents. It is up to us to work really hard this coming weekend.'

Here is the final squad for Blacks Midnight 10s:

Lionel Poh
Benjamin Teong
Vickneswaran S/o Sellathurai
Daniel Marc Chow (Captain)
Alexandre Louis Jean Hubert Castelnau (debut for SMU/International Exchange student)
Derek Chan (debut for SMU)
Amos Siow
Alex Chew (Vice-Captain)
Alvin Tan
Bryan Ng (debut for SMU)
Daniel Lee
Sylvain Guy Pierre Buale (debut for SMU/International Exchange student)
Wang En Jian (debut for SMU)
Josiah Goh
Muhammad Ruzaini
Jed Ong
Tafadzwa L Marasha
Matthias Lim

We here at SMUrugby News wish them all the best for Blacks Midnight 10s. The tournament will take place from 29th August - 30th August. So come down to the St Andrew Artificial Rugby Turf to catch the Blacks Midnight 10s and watch the City Boys compete. The City Boys first game will be at 7.20pm and will be likely to take on their latest kit for the season.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wanted dead or alive.

The season has finally kicked off this week, with the City Boys having their first training as a full team for the first time since the Tri-Universities Rugby Championships. Although a few senior boys were missing due to their recent departure to Europe for their International Exchange, this week's training saw a good turn out.

Nevertheless, the City Boys will like to welcome the arrival of freshmen Bryan Ng and Derek Chan to their first SMU training yesterday at Gotham City. The team is still awaiting for flanker, Joel Ong's arrival as well, who has yet to make an appearance to greet his new team ever since signing for the City Boys.

In other news, the team was glad to hear the successful surgery on President Sherman Yeo's broken ankle. The President who sustained a 'freak' accident 2 weeks ago in a rugby match while playing for his club, was said to be "taken out in the air dangerously" by SMU team-mate Vicknesh Sellathurai, who was playing for his respective club in the opposing team. Many versions of the story has been written and published, but only those who were there will truly know what they saw. Till this day, it is unsure if the two are still on talking terms, but the biggest rumor that Has it! is that Sherman has retaliated by allegedly putting a bounty on Vicknesh's ankle (he didn't specify which side), apparently any side will do!

SMUrugby News insider sources told us, that while President Sherman was present at yesterday's training ground on his clutches, he was seen pulling a team-mate over during a water break and whispering "A life long supply of cigarettes for Vicky's ankle!"
Fact or fiction? Only one way to find out.

The City Boys are currently preparing themselves for the upcoming Blacks Midnight 10s next Friday. Be there to catch a glimpse of their new team in action.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ward 7 Bed 3

Sherman was all ready for to Mambo one last time before going back to school. He had his membership card ready and was planning to party the night, ONE LAST TIME before madness catches up on him BUT all of that came to an end during today's under 23 match between SCC and BUCKS. The cricket club guys killed us 53-0.

There will be 2 groups of people henceforth, those who belief that my tackle was legal and those who think i am a cunt that goes for the cheap shots. Sherman and I will captain the 2 teams. From the antagonist point of view: Sherman did go up into the air to take the kick off, a high and shallow one to which i had covered the ground in full steam. Sherman is not a small boy and he definately isnt a bird, so from what i know, from what i saw, he was already on his descend when i launched in. My team believes he had already made contact with one foot on the ground when i slammed into him and thus causing him to break his ankle. Of course Sherman's team will say he was in the air. The referee said, that it was fractional and awarded a penalty and warned me sternly.

However, we can all agree on the fact that i need to apologise for we all know for a fact i broke his ankle whether or not whatever else we choose to believe in. I AM SORRY SHERMAN.

Sherman now sits in Ward 7 Bed 3 with a broken ankle. When i went to say hi to him, he didnt feel so pissed with me cos someone had nicked his Chicken McNuggets (which i did try to help him find). But in between our feverish hunt for the prized chicken chunks, he did find the time to tell me some things that he thought about me in general which shouldnt be blogged.

However, i do have a few words of praise for Sherman and i will list them:
  1. Despite having has his ankles ruined, Sherman did catch the ball and held on to it. That is something i cant do, i were in his shoes, i would have probably lost the ball as well as a good ankle
  2. Even on his Bed in hospital, he was checking with Matt if SMU Rugby had the sports hall for coming Monday's training
  3. Before we even got to the hospital, he had already SMSed Vice President Mouff Chew to hold the fort, beginning with this weekend's convocation.
That is spirit that we cant find in all men.

Before i sign off, i would like to make it clear that this tackle was not made with any malicious intent. I have a clear conscience, and i only went in to make big hits that count and i am not particularly proud of what i have done.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Sherminator asked me last night, "If you have the bloody time to write a poem about why we dont write on the blog, why cant you write on the blog?" He did it with such gusto and spirit that I was spurred on to create something that spring this blog back on its feet.

As a seasoned 'gossipist' and having learnt many lessons on the art of seductive gossip writing from 'The Refresher', i logged on to Facebook and sussed out some cute pictures. Did some 'artwork' and this is what i got:Its the Sherminator...yeah!! With six pack and all...

It was rumoured that the Sherminator was a little high at zouk the past mambo. From his pictures its apprent that he has been feeling very horny. I will leave you with these pictures of Sherman, giving the camera his, "Come...come...come fuck me" look.