Monday, January 27, 2014

Player of The Week - Jesse Quek

Name: Jesse Quek
Position: Center
Height: 1.69m(plus/minus)
Weight: 75kg ++
Interests: Wanderlusting, Lusting, Food Photography

We usher in the new year with one of the City Boys favourite sons - Jesse "The Belly" Quek.

Jesse is no stranger to the rugby scene here in Singapore and is one of the most iconic players that the club has ever seen.  Jesse has just got back from a semester abroad and we were lucky enough to catch this playmaker fresh off the plane for this report.

Making his debut in 2011 after a successful summer signing from Saint Andrews Junior College, Quek has featured regularly and has literally been the heart and soul of The City Boys. When one mentions SMU Rugby, or even SMU - Jesse is the first name of their tongues.

Jesse started off his playing career in the #2 shirt, getting into the thick of the action as a ferocious forward clearing rucks almost as fast as he clears his pints at ICB.

Jesse then progressed to the back line in 2006 - at his club then, SAJC. Reports say that Jesse made the switch only because the biggest jersey available at that time was a #12, he has since kept that number and used the same trick over at SMU, semester after semester.

SMUrugbyNews caught up with Jesse over the weekend at Zouk and got a glimpse into the life of this superstar.

SMUrugbyNews: So Jesse, how have you been?

Jesse: Bloody brilliant! I just got back from exchange in Austria and I had a blast(chuckles). The weather was nice, the people are beautiful and the food was a gastronomical explosion in my mouth.

SMUrugbyNews: Thats nice! So, did you manage to play any rugby there?

Jesse: Cheers brah, Yes!! I did infact! This time the biggest jersey was a #9 and I managed to trick the team into thinking I was a scrum half.. I played scrum half for the season and even scored a few game winning points and tries. They loved me over there.. It is kind of like how you guys love me here.. but over there they speak German. 

SMUrugbyNews: What would you say was the best part about your exchange in Europe?

Jesse: Have you watched EuroTrip? ;)

SMUrugbyNews: Moving ahead to the season that beckons, how do you rate your current squad now?

Jesse: aye aye! The squad this year seem tighter and more united than ever! We have a few games coming up and a rugby camp that is gonna be so much fun. We have also got some new players that are fighting for first team spots. I cannot wait to play with this team again. cheers brah! (Chuckles)

           Jesse seen here with Martin Johnson. Jesse attended a clinic on how to be a Second Row