Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Match Preview: SMU vs NUS

The second game of the Tri-Universities Rugby Championships will be contested between NUS and SMU. The match, to be held at the NUS Field, will kick off this Saturday at 1630hrs. SMU is looking to build on their victory in the first game last weekend whilst NUS will definitely plan to start their campaign on the right note. The venue will be no stranger to the SMU team, who won the inaugural NUS 7s back in 2006.

Local rugby pundits are divided over who will come out tops this weekend. Many point to SMU’s two SEA Games players (DMC and Desmond Wee) and NUS’s A’srie as to why the game might be tipped in each team’s balance.

“Nothing beats experience. In the midst of battle, in the eye of the storm, the cooler heads will be on the experienced players. DMC and Desmond have played in front of huge partisan overseas crowds numerous times. They won’t be fazed when the going gets tough on Saturday. SMU to win!” commented an unnamed pundit.

“In A’srie, NUS has arguably the most talented player of his generation. He can do it all. His ability to turn a game on its head and win matches is second to none. Considering how tight the game could be on Saturday, A’srie may just be the player to secure the game for NUS,” commented another pundit.

When contacted, the captains of both teams were willing to reveal little. The look of worry and determination could be seen in the faces of both players.

“It’s a 50-50 game. As much as NUS tries to play it down, they are favourites heading into the match. That though will count for nothing when the whistle blows to signal the kick off. It will be one hell of a match!” said SMU Captain Amos Siow.

“Despite the injuries and the many setbacks which have blighted this team, I believe we now have a team which will definitely put up a fight against SMU. Win or lose, I hope the boys do themselves justice with their performances.” said NUS Captain Shafiq Zulazmi.

Key Match-ups

Valmiki C. Nair vs Daniel Marc Chow

This will be an interesting confrontation at the back of the scrum. Daniel Marc can count on his big match experience whilst Valmiki will look to use his immense rugby brain to outdo each other. With the old adage, ‘forwards win the game’, this is definitely an important contest.
Keith Oh vs Lionel Poh

We all know what The Robber can do. Keith looks to be an unknown quality at this point. Making more headlines for his hair than his rugby, Keith will look to prove that he can mix it up with the best in this battle at the rucks. Considering The Robber is the heir apparent to the Singapore No. 7 jersey, he should have the edge in this encounter.

A’srie vs Desmond Wee

Both were nurtured in the ACS rugby stable and formed a legendary pairing during their secondary and junior college playing career. Of the various match-ups, this definitely is the most intriguing one. Anything can happen. On their good days, the magic that these two conjure is unfathomable.

A member of the rugby community however has a different view of what could be the key ingredient to win.

“The more significant players on both teams will cancel each other out. So don’t bother looking to these players to win the games for their teams. It is how the supporting players perform that will be important. These are the boys who will need to raise their game. It’s a good opportunity for him to stand up, be counted and make a name for himself.”

Despite all that, the underlying tension and discomfort both teams have towards this Saturday’s fixture is due to the close bonds that exist between players from both teams. These boys will have to go home after supper together on Friday night knowing they’d have to face one another the next day. You can see in the eyes of the boys. Not the most comfortable of scenarios. This is on top of the immense mutual respect evident amongst both sets of players.

There you go. Two teams so closely matched that even the most accurate of rugby soothsayers can’t predict what could happen come Saturday. One thing’s for sure, it will be one to remember.
This post was specially brought to you by NUS's Shafiq Zulazmi.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Punch

In a freakish twist of events in yesterday's 8-7 victory over NTU, SMU's ever docile prop, Matthias Lim was yellow carded for a retaliation punch against Peter Walker.In a mix up of event that let to the punch being thrown, Peter Walker was defending a maul when he cleared Matthias of the side of the maul in an extravagant fashion, lift tackling Matthias (you can see why it was extravagant). However the events that followed was a blur: It is speculative whether Peter Walker raised his arm in an attempt to push Matthias off or to punch him but nevertheless, a clearly infuriated SMU #3 threw a punch which was caught by the ref.

Sources close to Peter Walker mentioned that pleads innocence and did not mean any malice. Regardless, the question in everyone's mind is: What got into Matthais.

All in SMU and SMU Rugby know Matthias to be a very friendly (not the Ben Teong kind of 'friendly-friendly' that ends up with a girl losing her virginity somewhere down the line but genuinely friendly)and caring person, especially tolerant. He is a gay activist who expressed his opinions clearly for his acceptance on gays in "UNMUTE".Yet a dark side in him prevailed when his inner beast came out to rampage
He agreed that his rash actions were a cumulative result of events that let up to the game and the pressure of performing well in the Tri Unis and getting a good start off the first game....

"I think i should apologise..", Matthias said, in an exclusive interview with SMU Rugby News. And on behalf of big Matt:

However, Amos was rather displeased with the various acts of fury that went on yesterday. He blasted Matthias at the debrief after the game, "If you wanna fight, u should join Muay Thai". He stands firm on his beliefs that violence is only for hooligans, non-violence and peace are the essence of resounding victories...Just Like Gandhi.

SMU records their first 15-a-side victory!

Match Report - Tri Universities Rugby Championship 2008:

The opening match for the 1st Tri-Universities Rugby Championships 2008 kicked off at ACJC yesterday afternoon. With a sizable crowd of supporters and WAGs turning up for the game, the audience was prepared for an exciting game. However, the game turned out to be of a slower pace and with both teams being very reserved in their approach to the game.

In the earlier part of the game, both teams were eager to play a territory game and continuously resorting to booting the ball down the field. However, in the 20th minute #8 Daniel Marc Chow, broke the deadlock by picking up the ball from the base of the scrum to score an easy try, almost unopposed. Standoff Amos Siow failed to add the extra 2 points, missing the conversion. (5 SMU 0 NTU)

From the restart, NTU turned up a gear and tried to pile the pressure on the City Boys and were finally rewarded with a chance to get onto the score sheets with a penalty in front of the posts. But, NTU's Standoff Daniel Thiam sliced it and sent the ball wide, keeping the score 5-0 in favor of SMU.

In the second half, SMU looked to take the game to NTU and were camping in their half for almost a good 10mins, but a resilient NTU defence stood their ground and prevented SMU from coming close to scoring a number of tries. However, the Boon Lay Warriors eventually tired out from the pressure and conceded a penalty which SMU's Standoff Amos Siow slotted it home to extent the lead to 8-0.

With a conservative lead, many thought that SMU would take control of the game and put NTU to the sword with 10mins to go. But SMU's Prop was sinned bin in the 65th min for an off the ball incident and left the side with 1 man down.

NTU made full use of the numerical advantage and gained huge ground when NTU's Daniel Thiam made a break that saw SMU scrabble back frantically to defend their tryline. In the final minute of play, a scrum was awarded to NTU 2 metres from the SMU tryline and NTU's Prop Giresh picked it up and bulldozed his way to the line. The referee was quick to award the try, despite appeals that two of the SMU's players were seen holding him up and with their hands under the ball. ( 8 SMU 5 NTU )

NTU's Daniel Thiam did the necessary and slotted the conversion home with a typical quick drop kick to end the game 8 - 7 .


Final score: 8-7 to SMU


Try: Daniel Marc Chow
Penalty: Amos Siow


Try: Giresh (#24)
Conversion: Daniel Thiam

Table Standings

Please go to for pictures and more match reports. (

Also, please help support in their attempt to help Singapore's bid for hosting the Youth Olympic by signing up on their site.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Match Preview: SMU vs NTU

Date: 26th January 2008, Saturday
Time: 5pm Kick off
Venue: Anglo Chinese Junior College
Referree:George Danapal

The Tri-Universities Rugby Championships will look to kick off with host SMU taking on NTU at ACJC. Prior to the match, the tournament organizers have had to struggle with problems of securing a rugby field in Singapore to hold the game, as well as employing a referee for the opening match.

Much controversies surround the referee that has been appointed by Singapore Rugby Union (SRU) for the game, Mr. George Danapal. The referee was last remembered to commit an unforgivable mistake in last year's SMU ringEmail 7s when SMU played NUS in the semi-finals, when he denied a try that was seen to be grounded by the SMU side. He did not award the try and allowed play the mysterious go on - this eventually lead to NUS scoring a try among the very confused SMU side which saw the City Boys 'robbed' of a place in the SMU 7s Finals.

Nevertheless, all eyes will hopefully be set on the two teams who will be looking to draw first blood in the tournament. There is certainly no holding back on this one...

Word from our pundits:

With both teams having a strong forward pack, the result of the game will certainly be decided at the breakdowns. The more efficient and destructive set of forwards will most likely provide the platform for victory for their respective sides.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Preview to Tri-Universities: SMU underdogs?

The team first entered the University rugby scene in 2005 and have ever since been win-less till now. Among the 3 schools competing, the team has little history to speak about. However, the team this year is the official organizers of the Tri-Universities Rugby Championships and are a much improved team compared to two seasons ago.

The team nicknamed, City Boys, has gone through some transformation over the last year or so. After experiencing an unexpected victory in the NUS invitational 7s in 2006, the team has been identified by the school to be a sports club with potential to fill up the trophy cabinets in SMU. This then progressed further when the team was brought into the school's sports excellence program and has ever since enjoyed much improved financial support from the school.

With a squad of about 30 players, the team is buzzing with nervous excitement to take to the field and record their first 15-a-side victory in history. While our friendly pundits speak of the chances of the host winning the tournament, they say although the team boast of National 7s players like Daniel Marc Chow and Desmond Wee, it will be difficult to pick them to knock over the two long standing rugby power houses, NTU and NUS.

Nevertheless, in their preparation for the Tri-Universities, the squad has played 3 test matches and won all 3 and are hoping to really win when it matters most.

When asked to speak about their chances of creating an upset against NUS and NTU, Captain Amos Siow commented,

"They are both very strong teams, but we will take it one game at a time."

Although not tipped to be strong favorites for the tournament, the team interestingly boast to have the the highest number of combined national caps(number of appearance for the National team) in the team. When asked about what he thought about that interesting fact, SMU's skipper said,

" counts for nothing."

Players to watch for:
  • Joel Leong - Flanker
  • Daniel Marc Chow - Flanker
  • Desmond Wee - Standoff/centre
  • Alex Ong - Fullback

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Preview to Tri-Universities: NTU to repeat 2004?

Strong arch rivals to NUS, NTU has often played second-fiddle to NUS in many tournaments. The history between the two sides go way back and the last time NTU recorded a victory against NUS was way back in 2004, where they beat NUS to win the IVP championships then.

However, since then, the side from Boon Lay has had little to celebrate and has had troubles recovering the form they once had to win in 2004. Sources tell us, the team was last heard to have had an internal strifle - resulting in a change in leadership and management.

Nevertheless, with their new management that took over recently, the team is looking good and ready to set the records straight in this Tri-Universities Rugby Championships. The team has recently hired former National 7s Coach, Dr Tom Browne and will be looking to see results under his philosophical guidance. NTU is also boosted with the re-signing of former 'graduated' skipper, Daniel Thiam, who had signed for NTU/NIE recently and will be looking to inspire the side once again.

In their preparation for the championships, the Boon Lay Warriors has played 3 test matches and interestingly lost all three. However, the side insist that they are on the right track to victory in the Tri-Unis and will be looking to prove it from the first game against host SMU.

The side who suffered a white-wash last year to NUS in the finals are tipped by our pundits to be a side not to be taken lightly and will certainly be a team who is capable of a fair bit of surprises in this tournament.

When interviewed about their chance of winning the championships over a phone-interview, Daniel Thiam said,

"We are taking this championships very seriously...we are trying to get Rong Jing Xing (National Prop who is also in NTU/NIE) to play so that we may stand a better chance of winning! But without Rong ah, think maybe no chance la."

Player to watch out for:
  • Standoff - Daniel Thiam

  • Scrumhalf - Yik Thai Hoe

Opening Match of the 1st Tri Universities Rugby Championships 2008 to be held at ACJC. Kick off 430pm SMU vs NTU

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Preview to Tri-Universities: NUS tournament favorites

This will be the first Tri-Universities Rugby Championship ever held in Singapore, but it certainly isn't the only time that such a tournament involving the three universities has been organized. Ever since the polytechnics pulled out from the IVPs, the three universities have been playing some form of an IVP of their own, by playing against each other once a year. Previously the tournament only consisted of one leg, but this year the tournament which is officially called "Tri-Universities Rugby Championships" will have teams play each other twice, both home and away.

The team from Clementi Campus, NUS will certainly be a team to watch out for. Our bookmakers have tipped the defending champion to make a third one in a row. The side has enjoyed victory since 2005 and has constantly been viewed as the top rugby university in Singapore.

Last year, the team was given a special invitation to participate in a 15 a side tournament in France and did well to go all the way to the semi-finals. In last year's SMU ringEmail 7s, the team swept aside both SMU and NTU to book a place in the finals, only to lose to local rugby club, Red Dot Rebels.

In their preparation for the Tri-Unis, the team has hired the expertise of ACS(I) coaches Mr Jok and Mr. Adrian Chong, who were also involved in their preparation up to France. Rumor has it, under the charge of the duo, the side is looking sharp, fit and very organized.

Said NUS' Skipper Shafiq Zulazmi about being called favorites,

"We would rather not think ourselves as favorites, but it will certainly be nice to make it 3 in a row. We are quietly confident of our chances and I think with the right attitude and guidance we will get there...."

Players to watch out for:
  • #8 - Valmiki C Nair -
  • Inside Centre - Muhd A'srie
  • Outside Centre - Jonathan Chen
  • Fullback - Muhd Raihan

Look out for other previews on the NTU and SMU teams over the next few days.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tri-Universities Rugby Championships 2008 news

Rules for the tournament:

Approximate Duration: 6 weeks

Total number of matches: 6

Each team will play a total of 4 matches
The tournament will play a Home-Away format, where teams play each other twice.

The winner will be determined by the highest number of points earned in the league table.

Points system

A win is 3 points
A draw is 1 point
Scoring 4 tries or more is 1 bonus point
Losing within a margin of 7 is 1 bonus point

* In the case where teams are level on points, the teams will compare their goal differences. And should there still be a tie, the team with the higher number of bonus points win.

- Any player shown a red-card will serve an automatic one match ban.

- All schools are to submit a team list with all players in the squad and photocopies of player's matriculation card before their first match. Players must be an official student of their respective school.

- All teams to submit a squad of 22 players before each game.

Lastly, in any issues that's raised to the organizers of Championships, the organizers' decision will be final.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Match Report - SMU vs ACJC

Yesterday, ACJC almost pulled off an unexpected victory against SMU on their very home ground. The match was slow and scrappy and looked very ordinary. For the most part of the game, it looked like the younger boys from ACJC who took the game to the boys from SMU.

During the game, the SMU side looks largely vulnerable at all areas and looked totally shell-shocked by the youthful ACJC side. Nevertheless, the City Boys drew first blood with a well worked move that saw in-form Alex Ong scoring easily under the post.

The City boys were often putting unnecessary pressure on themselves, when they attempted to run every play from their own half. The adventurous play soon backfired and allowed ACJC to score an easy try.

On the sidelines, there was alot of tinkering(rotation) of players and it probably resulted in the SMU side never really finding their foot on the pedal. When interviewed, the SMU's management commented,

"This was the last chance for some of the boys to put their hands up for the Tri-Unis and to work some combinations out. Through this game, we know what works and what doesn't....all credit to the ACJC boys who pushed us in every area of the game; they were a good side and showed us that we have a lot more work to be done."

The side looked clearly disappointed after the final whistle and will look to try to sort themselves out this week before they face arch-rivals NTU in the opening match of the Tri-Universities Rugby Championships.

Final Score: 26-15

Tries: Alex Ong, Alex Chew, Sherman Yeo, Naresh
Conversions: Amos Siow (2), Naresh (1)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friendly Match SMU vs ACJC

19th January 2008, Saturday
4.30pm Kick Off @ ACJC

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Daniel Marc Chow signing for Bedok Kings?

Last week, NTU took on Singapore Cup Champions, Bedok Kings, in their preparation for the upcoming Tri-Universities( The result was a white-wash as the Kings demolished NTU by 6 tries to nil.

But the main talking point of the match was not the result, but SMU's Daniel Marc Chow, turning up for the game and donning Bedok Kings colors.

When asked about how he felt wearing the Bedok Kings' jersey he said,

"It felt a bit weird, but it felt a bit good all at the same time..."

The player has had almost 4-5 season with the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) and is rumored to be unhappy at the club - and is looking for a new challenge in his career. At last year's National Rugby Championships (Singapore's domestic club league), the latter was last seen having a laugh with fellow SMU player Desmond Wee(Bedok Kings). Sources claimed, that the "Weezer" was convincing DMC to consider making a transfer.

Refer to (

When contacted, Bedok Kings RFC only revealed that they have been interested in signing Daniel Marc Chow for a long time and have made an offer to sign him. However, they also said that nothing is official and Daniel Marc was only there at the match against NTU to try out what it was like to be in the Bedok Kings Jersey - and apparently, it felt GOOD.

An exclusive closed door video,

Proudly brought to you by SMUrugby TV

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where is Alex Chew?

It has been a growing concern to the management of SMUrugby that "socialite" centre Alexander Lincoln Chew has gone missing for the last month or so from training.

Rumor has it that the player has been down with a bad flu over the last week or so. However, it has also been rumored that the player has taken something called the 'invisible pill", that gives him the strange powers to make himself invisible. The power apparently has given him the access to roam around school without being noticed and enjoy special access as well to the ladies washroom. This special power is so powerful, that he apparently has claimed to have been at all the trainings the past month, just that the team couldn't see him.

After having heard this rather absurd story the management has issued a stern warning to the 'missing' Alex Chew.

"It is pretty simple. He has to start showing up(literally) or face the possibility of being dropped."

Insider sources have shared news of the "Total Package" Nasiruddin to be staking a claim for a place in the starting lineup - and perhaps, Alex Chew might have to start worrying about his place in the starting lineup soon.

"I am here with the rugby team to win medals"
Nasir (right), SMU soccer & SMUrugby player expressing his disappointment of not winning a medal with the school soccer team

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Man? With Many faces

Intro by Vicky "Spielberg":
This is AMOS SIOW, not Poh Seng Song, its Amos. Do they look alike? I dont think so, but somehow or rather, everyone else thinks they do. And this is the first of many mysteries surrounding the Captain-President of SMU Rugby.

Amos is the pretty boy of SMU Rugby ( I rephrase, one of the pretty boys, the insiders know there are others). When he is not competing in a rugby jersey, he takes it off and pits his abs against the whole of SMU (see The pseudo jap heart-throb (often mistaken for Nakata when he is not confused for Poh Seng Song) was nominated one of SMU’s Eligible Bachelors’ by The Eclectic Room:

The Eclectic Room wrote:
AMOS SIOW - the name itself speaks volumes. famous amos. though he (unfortunately) doesn't own the cookie factory, he is very much a power-packed cookie in his own right. singapore rugby union, runs at the speed of light, and has his name in multiple articles, blogs, and what not. does kickass videos, studies hard, plays sports well. also loves Victoria Secret models. sounds too good to be true? sadly enough, it is. sorry girls! just found out that our very eligible bachelor has since been snatched up. see how hot our bachelors are? one's already lost!!! let us join our hands and mourn for a minute.

By now you would have probably concluded that this pretty faced social butterfly is not to be taken seriously, you are extremely wrong. Amos is a nefarious character known to give u a piece of his mind should you step on him. The SMU Rugby Team would recall the fiery email that he sent out subject titled “In or Out?” vehemently blasting all players for the dwindling training numbers.

However, he is not all evil. When players seek him for help when they are truly lost in space he is one who goes to the ends of the world to help them. When Alex Ong didn’t know how many underwears a grown man needs on a 10 day trip to Australia, Amos offered him a shoulder to cry on.

Amos recently spoke to the other editors of SMU Rugby Blog after he was ridiculed for writing about himself in the 3rd person. He commented, “When i blog its just to get as many people in the smu team involved as possible, sometimes i write or say things i want to say to the team thru the blog as well”, on his reasons for relishing the opportunity to speak like a caveman. A man who talks to himself or a case of split personalities? This Player Profile continues.

The Many Faces of Amos Siow by the Soon-to-be-Sacked-Slayer:

None at SMU Rugby have made a claim to fame as substantial as our eligible bachelor Mr Siow Chee Leong. Few have graced our media face with such alarming regularity. Ams, Refresher, Chee Leong, or known to his closest buddies merely as the most Siow On guy at training, Amos Siow is truly the man behind SMURugby's many faces. Every villain has a tragic past, and every hero has an origin. This is the epic historical tale of our legendary Refresher Ams.

From the Age of 4, Amos was always a bright child, quick on the uptake, always with a smile on his face. However things soon became complicated for our hero as the years passed.

Coming from humble beginnings in New Town Secondary where our Famous Amos felt slightly out of place, Amos often felt emo and down.

Perhaps a little spaced out and unable to adapt to his strange surroundings. This would later serve to be the catalyst that would transform Ordinary Ams to Super Siow.

Never one to let the little things get him down, Refresher Siow decided to hit the refresh button on his entire life, leaving New Town for the greener pastures of ACS(I) where he met up with fellow sidekick Valmiki C Nair.

The dynamic duo soon got right down to action. Amos was often seen in his colourful and controversially flashy costume, running to the rescue of damsels in distress (or sometimes the other way around).

Headed for greater things(just check out the overjoyed look on his face to the left), Amos soon joined SMU Rugby where his true colours finally blossomed(blossoming into the verry manly colours of spring to the right).

We at SMURugby are truly glad that Amos has finally found a home. His many startling faces aside(check out the excellent use of facial expressions), our caped(skirted) crusader certainly looks set to take SMURugby to new heights and many marvel at the possible wonders that lie in the future.

Player profile: Amos Siow Chee Leong
Age: 22
Position: Winger/Center

Friday, January 11, 2008

Writer gets slap with fine.

On behalf of, we apologize for the recent disturbance and random rant of fellow editor Benjamin Teong. The latter had apparently let a recent series of domestic affairs get the better of him, sending the emotional floodgates to open. (please refer to posts "NEWSFLASH from the WAGS newsletter" and subsequently "Update")

Emotional and incoherent in his last few posts, the blog has been well-aware of the complains of his random outburst on the blog by readers and fans. Said one religious fan who visits our blog 4 times a day,

"I do not refresh the site to hear some dude's random spouts of girl-nonsense. Worst of all he got his facts wrong the first time and came back for another random rant on the blog to correct himself."

The player cum editor has been slapped with a disciplinary fine by the board and has been told to strictly keep his domestic affairs at his backyard. His recent action has also brought his place in the editorial board in serious jeopardy. A vote of confidence by the board last night showed signs that young Benjamin might be facing more than a fine and might be shown the door by the editorial board in due time.

When approached by SMUrugby news for comment, Benjamin 'slayer' Teong, could only cover his face in embarrassment and declined to comment.

The latter is said to be schedule to issue a public apology to the readers and all parties involved in his disgraceful posts. Rumor has it, he is going to attribute the unusual outburst to a case of over-consumption of nicotine to try to save his job.

Make a date to support SMUrugby

26th January, Saturday SMU vs NTU (TBC)

2nd Feburary, Saturday SMU vs NUS (NUS field)

11th Feburary*, Monday NTU vs NUS (TBC)

16th Feburary, Saturday NTU vs SMU (NTU field)

23rd Feburary Saturday NUS vs SMU (TBC)

1st March, Saturday NUS vs NTU (NUS field)

All matches will kick off at 4.30pm except for 11th Feburary - NTU vs NUS

Thursday, January 10, 2008


The WAGS Newsletter would like to clarify that E is in fact Alan Ong's friend's gf, NOT the gf of Alan Ong himself. Turns out that the scandal is not so scandalous after all. Though Spielberg, Mouff and Ben still face disciplinary action from the SMURugby Committee. Paparazzi sources have been fired for the above misinformation.

NEWSFLASH from the WAGS Newsletter

First, some background information. MOST names have been changed to protect the individual's identities. Earlier last term, in an attempt to inspire script ideas for his up and coming hit TV serial "The Seducers", Vicky "Spielberg" was seen attempting to sabo Ben "Slayer" Teong by collaborating with Mouff "you REALLY won't want me to help" Chew to generate a series of events that would hopefully have caused a shotgun marriage between the Slayer and a certain someone whom we shall simply refer to as E.

The series of events began with Mouff crashing Ben's Socsci class to get to know E better followed by Vick daring Ben a pack of fags to write on E's Facebook wall the message "E. Why you don't want to talk to me anymore??" (Of course Ben accepted the dare; in accordance with his Healthy Lifestyle, a whole pack of fags was too much to turn down).

Finally however, one fine library smugging day when Ben had gone to the toilet leaving his laptop on, Mouff showed why you REALLY wouldn't want him to help-chew by hacking into Ben's Outlook Express and sending a VERY NICE email to E that went something like this:

Good morning Starshine!
This is Ben, my handphone number is ******** please call me soon. Jagshemash Qinqui! Thankiess!!

This last straw led to a further series of retaliatory acts between the Slayer and Spielberg that saw them hacking into each other's facebook accounts in order to write retarded messages on E's wall. (Examples include "E. I love you longggg time - Vick" or "Your new hairstyle a bit off - Ben", etc)

E was also soon spotted at one of the team's intensive Wednesday gym sessions, perhaps hoping to pull a few moves of her own. Unfortunately, Ben "Slayer" Teong had not been present that day at training as he had been attending to certain very pressing personal affairs that he cannot recall at this point.

However the CLIMAX is that recent paparazzi sources have identified E as being NONE OTHER than Alex "The Menace" Ong's brother, Alan Ong's girlfriend.

At this point Vick and Mouff were unavailable for comment, however Ben feels that they would no doubt like to extend their sincerest apologies to all parties involved for the scandal. When interviewed by the WAGS association, Ben's lawyer was quoted as saying: "ITS NICE!! Mouff VERYY stirred the right pot of shit this time."

More updates as they come.

In other news,
Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo would like to release a statement to certain parties that "I am NOT involved in the previous posts that go around the world. Two "Rongs", sorry I meant WRONGS, do NOT make a right. Please do not come out of retirement and prop against me. I'm still recovering from Rong Hangover from SAFSA season. Much Love and Respect, Sherman"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Will SMUrugby reach it's fullest potential?

SMUrugby has definitely grown from strength to strength over the years. The support that the school administration has been giving the team has also helped spur the team to great heights and has been recently labeled by many tabloids as a team with 'lots of potential'. However, as much potential as the team is rumored to possess, the team's management still feels that the team has yet to deliver - its "fullest" potential.

"It will be really great to cap the season off, by winning the Big One (Tri-Universities Rugby Championship). It's the one tournament that we all been eyeing on ever since the start of the season."

-spokesperson from SMUrugby

The City Boys has had the sad history of finishing last in the Tri-Universities tournament for as long as they have been involved in it and will be hoping to write a new chapter in this year's tournament.
The team has often been written off by NUS and NTU in the past years and only sprung to life and caught the attention of every one when they ambushed every one in 2006 when they were crowned champions in the NUS 7s tournament, whooping NTU in the finals by a famous score of 7 converted tries with no reply (49-0).

However, the bookmakers are casting their doubts on the boys from the City Campus. After all, the team has yet to record a victory against both NUS and NTU in the 15 a side game and has only recently recorded their first ever 15-a-side victory against SRC in a friendly recently and a second victory against the All Star Old Boys.

The team has progressed since 2005 when it first started out. The team now boasts of several supporting staff like school officer-in-charge Andrew Aaron Tam and strength and conditioning coach, Roy Chua. Both who are staffs from the school's Office of Student Life (OSL) and who travelled up with the team that went up to Perth last December for the IRAUG 7s. The duo have played an integral role with the progress of the team and are heavily involved with the team.

The club also has finally got a coach in place, Harry Mason, who was signed on a one-year contract and is also the first coached to be signed by SMU. With almost everything in place, the one big thing that the team lacks is a field to call home. Unlike their counterparts, NUS and NTU, the team has no rugby field to train on and constantly struggles to secure a training ground for trainings and matches. The team often has to deal with make-shift training venues, such as Farrer Park, the school's sports hall or the school basement concourse (which is also a public corridor with shops along it).

This has been a big headache for the team's management all season.
Spaces to train around the school compound are way too small. Players are only able to train after 6.45pm, as most classes end by then. And the only time when the players are available to train with the sun out in the sky, is on a Friday, where all students finish classes by 3.15pm. Most rugby fields that are available in Singapore - are often UNAVAILABLE due to repairs and maintenance!or been booked by either a domestic club or the National team.

Nevertheless, over the past 3 years, the team has fought all these various adversities tooth and nail.

The team that used to wear 'cheapo' nylon-like soccer jerseys for matches...NOW wears tight fit Kukri Jerseys with various sponsor labels on it.

The team that used to have ONLY enough players to play a 15-a-side game during match day...NOW boasts a squad that can field possibly two teams to play against each other.

The team that used to be the weeping and 'whooped' boys in the Tri-Unis....will NOW hope to change all that in a few weeks' time.

Are you with us?

Season 2007/2008
- Blacks Midnight 10s Bowl Champions
- Ringemail SMU 7s Plate Champions
- India Rim Australia University Games(IRAUG) 7s finished 4th

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Credits for Rugby 101: Around the World

There is always something breathtaking about a prop selling a dummy and then sidestepping neatly past the defence, holding up the entire opposition line.

The producers of the above documentary of the Shermanating Phenomenon would like to thank the following big names:

Matthias "I Got The Balls" Lim, for buying the ridiculous dummy over and over again.

Daniel "4.0" Lee, for his supporting role which brought much publicity to the star studded cast.

"Mouth" Chew, for playing the role of paparazzi camera man (as usual).

Vicky Spielberg, producer of hit TV series The Seducers for giving his valuable input.

Most of all, Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo, for bringing us one of the most jaw-dropping techniques we have ever seen.

When interviewed, Ben "Slayer" Teong had this to say:
"It was a long and ardous process building up to the making of this masterpiece. After years of deep meditation and back-breaking training with Jet Li, and replacement killer Si Jie (Chow Yuan Fatt), I can only hope that I came close to demonstrating a passable imitation of the original technique. Needless to say that our work barely matches up to Sherman's flair in its full glory. However we accept no responsibility for making it look ridiculous."

This production has been brought to you by the Poh-wer of the editors at SMU Rugby news. We would like to add that this was based on a true story.

P.S. Sherman would like to remind you to check out his calves. They are DAMNNN big. And Muscular. And table-mat material.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Around the World?

The Tri-Unis are coming soon and in the wake of all the preparations and endless fitness, we, the editors here at SMU Rugby have a special for you.

Around the world

Many have wondered about the existence of this awesome rugby skill. Many question the very beginnings of this skill and victims who fall prey to this move cannot believe that they were that stupid to be fall for it.

Enough of that rubbish. There has been one, one who has mastered the infamous skill and have used it on plenty, on his teammates and on his opponents, decimating them into shreds. This is him.

Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo

Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo has taken this skill beyond incomprehensible levels. Fellow teammate and prop Matthias only has this to say

"Shit man, everytime he pulls that move on me, I fall for it like a fat boy going for ice cream. It always works sia... I wonder how he does it!"

Cunning-conniver Mouff Chew and resident SMU slayer Ben Teong also has praises for Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo,

"His 'around the world' is world class. Unbeatable. Watch out for it during this coming IVP! He sure destroy everyone. No one stands a chance against him!"

As a special new year edition, the editors have dug deep and have spent many hours pouring over old match tapes of Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo in action and have finally deciphered and broken down the move.

Here's how it goes:


Draw in opposition and look for supporting player to offload.


Hold the ball using one hand and prepare to offload to supporting player.


Still holding the ball in one hand, quickly swing hand in an "around the world" motion.


Carry on with "around the world" motion, making sure that opponent has drifted off towards supporting teammate


Burn through the gap and admire the size of your calves and laugh at the demise of your opponent.

And just cause the editors are hardcore midnight madness 1 for 1, we even have a special video for you!

*The video above does not in anyway reveal the true extent of "around the world" but merely reflect the editors futile attempts at trying to replicate the move

When contacted by SMU rugby, Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo refused to divulge the secret of how he managed to master the art of "around the world". He only hinted at the state of the future Tri-Unis matches,

"I will not give you my secret but i can tell you one thing, this coming Tri-Unis, I will unleash all my process and leave a trail of destruction in my wake! Just check out the sizes of my calves, they're damm big i tell you!"

The editors at SMU Rugby wish Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo all the best in trying to unleash the devil in him and that his "around the world" specialty will win the up and coming Tri-Unis.

*The editors would like to thank Slayers Ah Teong and Lee Kong Chian for their role in this production.