Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good things come in a pair - Vicknesh & Yin Xiang

There are many people out there seeking for answers in the world today. Many who are still in search for their soul-mates, each day yearning and believing that their true love is some where out there - that destiny and fate will find them and lead them to it.

At SMUrugby, two very special friends reunited in our university, after having been separated for almost a decade. Vickneswaran S/o SELLATHURAI and Chew Yin Xiang aka The Mouth were known to be BFF (best friends forever) back in primary school. However, fate took the two apart after PSLE, sending the two friends to different schools. Vicky went to SJI and Mouth to ACSI, the two went to polar extremes in junior college when Vicky joined Raffles Junior College, while Mouth headed off to brother school Anglo Chinese Junior College - the two schools which have a well established rugby rivalry over the years.

But all of that didn't matter, when the two finally reunited back in SMU and signed a 4 year deal with the City Boys. Up in Perth, the two were 'so into each other' that they were almost inseparable. The duo even collectively turned down a team's outing to the town, to keep each other company - apparently Mouth was tired and Vicky didn't want to leave him behind.

Well...but later that night, while the team was making their way back to the apartment, the two were spotted having a rendezvous - having a nice warm dinner together. Upon being spotted, the two looked bashful and embarrassed and were quick to deny any 'crooked business' going on.

SMUrugby News wanted to find out more about the relationship between the two and what effects it had on the team. We interviewed tour captain and room-mate, Lionel Poh.

"Vicky (below) was a very useful player to have on the tournament, but from the time he rediscovered his primary school classmate, he became a victim of change (V.O.C). He stopped being a team player and showed a lack of focus....he used to shred a whole BBQ chicken for the room, used to wash the dishes and make the kitchen all neat and clean, but his productivity took a beating after he found Mouth...during the last few days of the tour the kitchen was an absolute disgrace!.... and BY the Way! who the hell ate all my gummies and left an empty box of gummy in the fridge?! the least you guys could do was throw it away right?!"(LP slams the fridge and walks away)

Another person we interviewed was Uncle Chong Wei Nurn, who adopted them as his dear nephews,

"The team expresses their happiness over the 'holy' reunion of Mouth and Vicky, its sweet. But we just didn't expect them to take it to be a public affair. Nevertheless, I love them still, they are very obedient and listen to all that I have to say."

Both players have declined to make any statements regarding the issues and choose to focus on the upcoming Tri-Universities Rugby Championships.

On the field, both players had a good outing with the City Boys up in Perth. Vicky had a good performance recording a brilliant assist to Sherman Yeo in the match against ECU and scoring a crucial try against UWA to book a place for SMU in the 3rd/4th playoffs. While Mouth proved to play an integral role in the tournament, stepping up to slot in at centre when Lorenzo Escano and Amos Siow were both out with concussion. The latter contributed a great assist for Lionel Kong to score, when he turned the ball to his weaker left foot and punt it down for Lionel Kong to chase and touch down for the try.

Mouth was also issued a warning by the Players' Association, after he repeatedly ignored a bag check, for a missing 'sweater' - which eventually was in the possession of Lionel 'robber' Poh. The Mouth felt that his game of Football Manager was more important than the bag search. During the search, the player was glued to his laptop as he claimed to be managing a top English club and was playing a crucial game, Manchester United against Blackburn.

Player Profile: Chew Yin Xiang aka The Mouth
Age: 21
Position: Scrumhalf/Centre/Winger

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