Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Boys back, but WAGS no where to be seen!

The squad of 12, finally arrived back in Singapore early yesterday morning. While the boys strolled out from the arrival hall with eager anticipation to see their loved ones again, most of the boys were left disappointed to find only their respective private chauffeurs waiting, except for forward Lim Wei Ming. Noticeably, there was only 1 representative from the SMUrugby Wives And Girlfriends(WAGs) who was seen at the arrival hall welcoming back the team from Perth.

The recent poor turn out from the WAGS for both the departure and arrival of the boys has sparked off top SMUrugby tabloid magazine "Rumor has it" from making various speculation of the welfare and love life of some of the players at SMUrugby. One player who declined to be named expressed his disappointment with the SMUrugby WAGS,

"We(SMUrugby players) fetch in the big pay-cheques, work hard to get our bodies in shape for them..the least they could do was show up in public in full force and show their support for us"

All WAGS when contacted by the press declined to comment.

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