Saturday, December 29, 2007

Match Report - SMU vs All Star Old Boys

The match featured some big names for the All Star team such as National Prop Tan Mian Yi and Raffles legendary fullback Melvin Tan. The All Star team even featured, NTU's missing player KKK (Ku Ku Kuan). The NTU's star winger played the full game and was reported to be 'setting his priorities right' - that is, playing for the All Star Old Boys rather than for NTU, both of which had matches on the very same day. Nevertheless, we shall not digress here at with the affairs of the priorities of NTU's player.

The match started 30mins late as the All Star Old Boys slowly made their way to the stadium. The match was played under a typically hot and humid Singapore weather and it certainly did no favors for both team with the poor state of one of Singapore's worst rugby field.

SMU were missing a couple of their players, such as National 7s player, Daniel Marc Chow (DMC), Lorenzo Escano Lim, Lionel Kong, Daniel Lee and Chew Yin Xiang. But the team showed some depth and took the chance to rotate players around and gave every one a run. The team experimented a couple of combinations and was also glad to welcome recently signed flanker Joel Leong, who had a storming game.

Generally, the City Boys looked to put up a much improved performance against the All Star team. They looked more organized and were able to put in a few phases. There was some signs of continuity in their play, but they still look a bit vulnerable at the breakdowns. Overall, the management are pleased with the performance and feel that they are moving in a right direction in their preparation for the Tri-Universities.

The City Boys have been given a day off on New Year's Eve and will resume training on the 2nd of January 2008, Wednesday.

SMU vs All Star Old Boys
Final Score: 34 - 5

Tries: Desmond Wee, Amos Siow, Joel Leong, Alex Ong, Alvin Tan
Conversions: Amos Siow (2), Desmond Wee (1)
Penalty: Amos Siow (1)

All Star Old Boys
Tries: Melvin Tan

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