Saturday, December 1, 2007

Latest report on the missing DM

Chew Yeow Kuan of NTU, taking a shot with former Rafflesian team-mate or ex-lover?, Daniel Marc Chow?

News on the missing life-size figurine of Daniel Marc Chow(DMC) has been confirmed to be reported stolen.

Reports have claimed it was last seen with a fellow rival player, NTU's winger Chew Yeow Kuan.
Chew, was seen wandering around the City Campus last week and was rumored to have made the long trip down from Boon Lay just to have his picture taken with the figurine. But the latter, couldn't stop there(with just a picture) and was reported by sources to have carried the figurine away from its original spot and seen rushing across the road with the 1.8m figurine under his arm, hopping on to a SBS bus and taking off.

When contacted by SMUrugby news, a distraught Daniel Marc said,

"I cannot understand why any one will do such a thing!" (neither can we)

The NTU rugby management refused to comment on the situation during press time. While wanted man, Mr. Chew Yeow Kuan(aka kuku jiao)is still out at large and rumored to have fled the country into hiding with the Daniel Marc figurine.

Both Chew and Daniel Marc's figurine are wanted men.

Anyone who has seen them, please immediately call our hotline, 1900-235235-ITWASNTME or tag us on our board.

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