Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Public Apology - SMU Rugby submits wrong club name on nomination form


SMU Rugby would like to apologise to our super star flanker, Marcus Ang for submitting the wrong club name on the Sports Awards Night nomination form.

We understand that this caused great confusion within The City Boys camp and around the SMU Campus.

SMUrugbyNews spoke to Marcus Ang within minutes of the incident and he had this to say.

"SMU Sports Union uploaded its marketing collaterals for the upcoming event earlier this morning reflecting "Flare" under my name. I know some have said I do bring flare and passion to the field and training, but as you can see, I am nominated for Mr Stud. No one cares if I am inspiring or got the skills. This award is all about my looks and figure.  I expect a public apology from SMU Rugby for this f*ck up"

Do vote for Mongoose at the following link and cement his unofficial tag as Mr Stud around SMU!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Alumni Exclusive - Amos Siow

                  Amos Siow - The man that started it all.

SMUrugbyNews will like to pay tribute to one of the founding fathers of the club and the infamous City Boy spirit that makes us and fans proud to be a part of SMU Rugby. 

Amos Siow, one of the original City Boys from the Class of 2010 hung up his boots over the weekend after years of service to his respective schools, clubs, country and of course, SMU Rugby from 2007-2010.

Many of the younger City Boys and fans may also like to take note that Amos Siow created this rugby blog and its legacy. The following this page receives has increased over the years and this can all be credited to Amos. Who would have thought he would have created the most cited and credible source in SMU!

SMUrugbyNews got in touch with Amos and faced its most serious interview to date, here is how it went down.

SMUrugbyNews: What did SMU Rugby mean to you?

Amos Siow: SMU rugby, at that point in time, it was one of the set-ups or teams that i was more involved with. It was one of the teams I really enjoyed playing for during that time. We were a very young club then, and what we wanted to do was leave behind a legacy or tradition for other young players to come through the ranks and enjoy what the club had to offer.

SMUrugbyNews: How was SMU Rugby like in the early days?

Amos Siow: It started in shambles. Rugby players wearing soccer jerseys to play the inter varsity games, and losing every game we played. Some teams said we were there just to make the numbers.

SMUrugbyNews: What are your best memories with the club? 

Amos Siow: Best Memories? Many good ones to be honest.
- Going to Australia, Perth for the first time to represent SMU in the IRAUG games - hilarious tour!
- Organizing our very own 7s tournament in Singapore. The team we had was a really good team, unfortunately we lost controversially. But overall, it was a great tournament organized by a bunch of uni kids. I think it was a well participated tournament, one that all teams enjoyed playing - and i may dare say was a tournament that's probably more well organized than some of the other local tournaments organized by our national body (back then).
- But of them all, Winning the Tri-Unis for the first time probably has to top the list. this was coupled with being named SMU sports team of the year, after which we were promoted to elite status and obtained funding from OSL.

The current squad of City Boys would like to wish Amos a happy retirement and thank him once again for his service and selfless sacrifices he made to bring SMU Rugby to where it is today.

Cheers Amos! We would love to have you drop by during our season this year.

One of the best boots SMU Rugby has ever seen