Thursday, January 17, 2008

Daniel Marc Chow signing for Bedok Kings?

Last week, NTU took on Singapore Cup Champions, Bedok Kings, in their preparation for the upcoming Tri-Universities( The result was a white-wash as the Kings demolished NTU by 6 tries to nil.

But the main talking point of the match was not the result, but SMU's Daniel Marc Chow, turning up for the game and donning Bedok Kings colors.

When asked about how he felt wearing the Bedok Kings' jersey he said,

"It felt a bit weird, but it felt a bit good all at the same time..."

The player has had almost 4-5 season with the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) and is rumored to be unhappy at the club - and is looking for a new challenge in his career. At last year's National Rugby Championships (Singapore's domestic club league), the latter was last seen having a laugh with fellow SMU player Desmond Wee(Bedok Kings). Sources claimed, that the "Weezer" was convincing DMC to consider making a transfer.

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When contacted, Bedok Kings RFC only revealed that they have been interested in signing Daniel Marc Chow for a long time and have made an offer to sign him. However, they also said that nothing is official and Daniel Marc was only there at the match against NTU to try out what it was like to be in the Bedok Kings Jersey - and apparently, it felt GOOD.

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