Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Daniel Marc looking for a transfer?

Ever since the announcement of the SEA games squad, the SMUrugby press has been picking up some unusual activities in the campus. Much of which is linked to ‘Big Daddy’ Daniel Marc Chow, the latter has been reported to be seen hanging out with fellow team-mates Desmond Wee and Amos Siow on a very high frequency. While our sources are unclear of the possibility of any homo action going on, our ‘faithful insider sources’ have disclosed that there might be a plot for the Bedok King players (Amos & Desmond) to lure DMC to making a possible transfer in the winter. (Please make reference to

Such speculations are certainly unforgivable should it be nothing but false rumors. HOWEVER! Our ‘faithful insider sources’ went as far as to supply us with a picture, to prove that maybe! this time our dear ‘rumor has it’….truly has it!)

Daniel Marc Chow (above) in the Bedok Kings kit. Is this for real?

SMUrugby news has been hot on the heels of the Big Daddy, looking for answers on his future with SCC. When interviewed, the Big Daddy who reportedly dressed up as his famous idol, French Flanker Sebastian Chabel “Caveman" (right) during the recent Halloween said,
I don’t know. I haven’t had much game time at SCC this year. But I’ll like to stay. However, I’ve got a few offers from a few clubs and it’s got me thinking about my future. However, nothing is for certain…for now.

When questioned about the photo, the latter denied that it was him in the photo and claimed that the origin of the photo is questionable. He vowed that he will never don the Kings’ colors or any other club’s colors till its made official.

Meanwhile, while DMC’s club future lies in limbo, we wish to congratulate him for his selection into the SEA games squad and all the best in the upcoming SEA games.

Player Profile: Daniel Marc Chow (now known as Big Daddy)

Age: 23 (Class of 2005)

Position: Flanker/no. 8/Lock

An inspirational player who is dedicated to the sport. Daniel Marc is a role-model for many young players to follow. Debuting for Singapore in 2005, Daniel Marc is hailed as one of the latest break-throughs in the Singapore National team and will certainly be one of the main players for Singapore in this upcoming SEA games.

Others: DMC was the former skipper of SMU rugby and is now the team's events director.

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