Friday, January 11, 2008

Writer gets slap with fine.

On behalf of, we apologize for the recent disturbance and random rant of fellow editor Benjamin Teong. The latter had apparently let a recent series of domestic affairs get the better of him, sending the emotional floodgates to open. (please refer to posts "NEWSFLASH from the WAGS newsletter" and subsequently "Update")

Emotional and incoherent in his last few posts, the blog has been well-aware of the complains of his random outburst on the blog by readers and fans. Said one religious fan who visits our blog 4 times a day,

"I do not refresh the site to hear some dude's random spouts of girl-nonsense. Worst of all he got his facts wrong the first time and came back for another random rant on the blog to correct himself."

The player cum editor has been slapped with a disciplinary fine by the board and has been told to strictly keep his domestic affairs at his backyard. His recent action has also brought his place in the editorial board in serious jeopardy. A vote of confidence by the board last night showed signs that young Benjamin might be facing more than a fine and might be shown the door by the editorial board in due time.

When approached by SMUrugby news for comment, Benjamin 'slayer' Teong, could only cover his face in embarrassment and declined to comment.

The latter is said to be schedule to issue a public apology to the readers and all parties involved in his disgraceful posts. Rumor has it, he is going to attribute the unusual outburst to a case of over-consumption of nicotine to try to save his job.

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