Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Man? With Many faces

Intro by Vicky "Spielberg":
This is AMOS SIOW, not Poh Seng Song, its Amos. Do they look alike? I dont think so, but somehow or rather, everyone else thinks they do. And this is the first of many mysteries surrounding the Captain-President of SMU Rugby.

Amos is the pretty boy of SMU Rugby ( I rephrase, one of the pretty boys, the insiders know there are others). When he is not competing in a rugby jersey, he takes it off and pits his abs against the whole of SMU (see The pseudo jap heart-throb (often mistaken for Nakata when he is not confused for Poh Seng Song) was nominated one of SMU’s Eligible Bachelors’ by The Eclectic Room:

The Eclectic Room wrote:
AMOS SIOW - the name itself speaks volumes. famous amos. though he (unfortunately) doesn't own the cookie factory, he is very much a power-packed cookie in his own right. singapore rugby union, runs at the speed of light, and has his name in multiple articles, blogs, and what not. does kickass videos, studies hard, plays sports well. also loves Victoria Secret models. sounds too good to be true? sadly enough, it is. sorry girls! just found out that our very eligible bachelor has since been snatched up. see how hot our bachelors are? one's already lost!!! let us join our hands and mourn for a minute.

By now you would have probably concluded that this pretty faced social butterfly is not to be taken seriously, you are extremely wrong. Amos is a nefarious character known to give u a piece of his mind should you step on him. The SMU Rugby Team would recall the fiery email that he sent out subject titled “In or Out?” vehemently blasting all players for the dwindling training numbers.

However, he is not all evil. When players seek him for help when they are truly lost in space he is one who goes to the ends of the world to help them. When Alex Ong didn’t know how many underwears a grown man needs on a 10 day trip to Australia, Amos offered him a shoulder to cry on.

Amos recently spoke to the other editors of SMU Rugby Blog after he was ridiculed for writing about himself in the 3rd person. He commented, “When i blog its just to get as many people in the smu team involved as possible, sometimes i write or say things i want to say to the team thru the blog as well”, on his reasons for relishing the opportunity to speak like a caveman. A man who talks to himself or a case of split personalities? This Player Profile continues.

The Many Faces of Amos Siow by the Soon-to-be-Sacked-Slayer:

None at SMU Rugby have made a claim to fame as substantial as our eligible bachelor Mr Siow Chee Leong. Few have graced our media face with such alarming regularity. Ams, Refresher, Chee Leong, or known to his closest buddies merely as the most Siow On guy at training, Amos Siow is truly the man behind SMURugby's many faces. Every villain has a tragic past, and every hero has an origin. This is the epic historical tale of our legendary Refresher Ams.

From the Age of 4, Amos was always a bright child, quick on the uptake, always with a smile on his face. However things soon became complicated for our hero as the years passed.

Coming from humble beginnings in New Town Secondary where our Famous Amos felt slightly out of place, Amos often felt emo and down.

Perhaps a little spaced out and unable to adapt to his strange surroundings. This would later serve to be the catalyst that would transform Ordinary Ams to Super Siow.

Never one to let the little things get him down, Refresher Siow decided to hit the refresh button on his entire life, leaving New Town for the greener pastures of ACS(I) where he met up with fellow sidekick Valmiki C Nair.

The dynamic duo soon got right down to action. Amos was often seen in his colourful and controversially flashy costume, running to the rescue of damsels in distress (or sometimes the other way around).

Headed for greater things(just check out the overjoyed look on his face to the left), Amos soon joined SMU Rugby where his true colours finally blossomed(blossoming into the verry manly colours of spring to the right).

We at SMURugby are truly glad that Amos has finally found a home. His many startling faces aside(check out the excellent use of facial expressions), our caped(skirted) crusader certainly looks set to take SMURugby to new heights and many marvel at the possible wonders that lie in the future.

Player profile: Amos Siow Chee Leong
Age: 22
Position: Winger/Center

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