Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Credits for Rugby 101: Around the World

There is always something breathtaking about a prop selling a dummy and then sidestepping neatly past the defence, holding up the entire opposition line.

The producers of the above documentary of the Shermanating Phenomenon would like to thank the following big names:

Matthias "I Got The Balls" Lim, for buying the ridiculous dummy over and over again.

Daniel "4.0" Lee, for his supporting role which brought much publicity to the star studded cast.

"Mouth" Chew, for playing the role of paparazzi camera man (as usual).

Vicky Spielberg, producer of hit TV series The Seducers for giving his valuable input.

Most of all, Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo, for bringing us one of the most jaw-dropping techniques we have ever seen.

When interviewed, Ben "Slayer" Teong had this to say:
"It was a long and ardous process building up to the making of this masterpiece. After years of deep meditation and back-breaking training with Jet Li, and replacement killer Si Jie (Chow Yuan Fatt), I can only hope that I came close to demonstrating a passable imitation of the original technique. Needless to say that our work barely matches up to Sherman's flair in its full glory. However we accept no responsibility for making it look ridiculous."

This production has been brought to you by the Poh-wer of the editors at SMU Rugby news. We would like to add that this was based on a true story.

P.S. Sherman would like to remind you to check out his calves. They are DAMNNN big. And Muscular. And table-mat material.

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