Monday, January 7, 2008

Around the World?

The Tri-Unis are coming soon and in the wake of all the preparations and endless fitness, we, the editors here at SMU Rugby have a special for you.

Around the world

Many have wondered about the existence of this awesome rugby skill. Many question the very beginnings of this skill and victims who fall prey to this move cannot believe that they were that stupid to be fall for it.

Enough of that rubbish. There has been one, one who has mastered the infamous skill and have used it on plenty, on his teammates and on his opponents, decimating them into shreds. This is him.

Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo

Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo has taken this skill beyond incomprehensible levels. Fellow teammate and prop Matthias only has this to say

"Shit man, everytime he pulls that move on me, I fall for it like a fat boy going for ice cream. It always works sia... I wonder how he does it!"

Cunning-conniver Mouff Chew and resident SMU slayer Ben Teong also has praises for Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo,

"His 'around the world' is world class. Unbeatable. Watch out for it during this coming IVP! He sure destroy everyone. No one stands a chance against him!"

As a special new year edition, the editors have dug deep and have spent many hours pouring over old match tapes of Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo in action and have finally deciphered and broken down the move.

Here's how it goes:


Draw in opposition and look for supporting player to offload.


Hold the ball using one hand and prepare to offload to supporting player.


Still holding the ball in one hand, quickly swing hand in an "around the world" motion.


Carry on with "around the world" motion, making sure that opponent has drifted off towards supporting teammate


Burn through the gap and admire the size of your calves and laugh at the demise of your opponent.

And just cause the editors are hardcore midnight madness 1 for 1, we even have a special video for you!

*The video above does not in anyway reveal the true extent of "around the world" but merely reflect the editors futile attempts at trying to replicate the move

When contacted by SMU rugby, Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo refused to divulge the secret of how he managed to master the art of "around the world". He only hinted at the state of the future Tri-Unis matches,

"I will not give you my secret but i can tell you one thing, this coming Tri-Unis, I will unleash all my process and leave a trail of destruction in my wake! Just check out the sizes of my calves, they're damm big i tell you!"

The editors at SMU Rugby wish Sherman "Shermanator" Yeo all the best in trying to unleash the devil in him and that his "around the world" specialty will win the up and coming Tri-Unis.

*The editors would like to thank Slayers Ah Teong and Lee Kong Chian for their role in this production.

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