Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Will SMUrugby reach it's fullest potential?

SMUrugby has definitely grown from strength to strength over the years. The support that the school administration has been giving the team has also helped spur the team to great heights and has been recently labeled by many tabloids as a team with 'lots of potential'. However, as much potential as the team is rumored to possess, the team's management still feels that the team has yet to deliver - its "fullest" potential.

"It will be really great to cap the season off, by winning the Big One (Tri-Universities Rugby Championship). It's the one tournament that we all been eyeing on ever since the start of the season."

-spokesperson from SMUrugby

The City Boys has had the sad history of finishing last in the Tri-Universities tournament for as long as they have been involved in it and will be hoping to write a new chapter in this year's tournament.
The team has often been written off by NUS and NTU in the past years and only sprung to life and caught the attention of every one when they ambushed every one in 2006 when they were crowned champions in the NUS 7s tournament, whooping NTU in the finals by a famous score of 7 converted tries with no reply (49-0).

However, the bookmakers are casting their doubts on the boys from the City Campus. After all, the team has yet to record a victory against both NUS and NTU in the 15 a side game and has only recently recorded their first ever 15-a-side victory against SRC in a friendly recently and a second victory against the All Star Old Boys.

The team has progressed since 2005 when it first started out. The team now boasts of several supporting staff like school officer-in-charge Andrew Aaron Tam and strength and conditioning coach, Roy Chua. Both who are staffs from the school's Office of Student Life (OSL) and who travelled up with the team that went up to Perth last December for the IRAUG 7s. The duo have played an integral role with the progress of the team and are heavily involved with the team.

The club also has finally got a coach in place, Harry Mason, who was signed on a one-year contract and is also the first coached to be signed by SMU. With almost everything in place, the one big thing that the team lacks is a field to call home. Unlike their counterparts, NUS and NTU, the team has no rugby field to train on and constantly struggles to secure a training ground for trainings and matches. The team often has to deal with make-shift training venues, such as Farrer Park, the school's sports hall or the school basement concourse (which is also a public corridor with shops along it).

This has been a big headache for the team's management all season.
Spaces to train around the school compound are way too small. Players are only able to train after 6.45pm, as most classes end by then. And the only time when the players are available to train with the sun out in the sky, is on a Friday, where all students finish classes by 3.15pm. Most rugby fields that are available in Singapore - are often UNAVAILABLE due to repairs and maintenance!or been booked by either a domestic club or the National team.

Nevertheless, over the past 3 years, the team has fought all these various adversities tooth and nail.

The team that used to wear 'cheapo' nylon-like soccer jerseys for matches...NOW wears tight fit Kukri Jerseys with various sponsor labels on it.

The team that used to have ONLY enough players to play a 15-a-side game during match day...NOW boasts a squad that can field possibly two teams to play against each other.

The team that used to be the weeping and 'whooped' boys in the Tri-Unis....will NOW hope to change all that in a few weeks' time.

Are you with us?

Season 2007/2008
- Blacks Midnight 10s Bowl Champions
- Ringemail SMU 7s Plate Champions
- India Rim Australia University Games(IRAUG) 7s finished 4th

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