Sunday, January 6, 2008

Changes to Tri-Universities Fixtures

There has been a change in the date and time of the first two fixtures of the Tri-Universities Rugby Championships. The revised fixtures are as follow

26th Jan 2008, Saturday SMU vs NTU 4pm Kickoff @ YCK stadium

2nd Feb 2008, Saturday SMU vs NUS 4pm Kickoff @ YCK stadium

11th Feb 2008, Monday NTU vs NUS 7pm Kickoff @YCK stadium

16th Feb 2008, Saturday NTU vs SMU 4pm Kickoff @ NTU field

23rd Feb 2008, Saturday NUS vs SMU 4pm Kickoff @ NUS field

29th Feb 2008, Saturday NUS vs NTU 4pm Kickoff @ NUS field

*The changes were made with the consent and agreement of all team captains.

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