Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Punch

In a freakish twist of events in yesterday's 8-7 victory over NTU, SMU's ever docile prop, Matthias Lim was yellow carded for a retaliation punch against Peter Walker.In a mix up of event that let to the punch being thrown, Peter Walker was defending a maul when he cleared Matthias of the side of the maul in an extravagant fashion, lift tackling Matthias (you can see why it was extravagant). However the events that followed was a blur: It is speculative whether Peter Walker raised his arm in an attempt to push Matthias off or to punch him but nevertheless, a clearly infuriated SMU #3 threw a punch which was caught by the ref.

Sources close to Peter Walker mentioned that pleads innocence and did not mean any malice. Regardless, the question in everyone's mind is: What got into Matthais.

All in SMU and SMU Rugby know Matthias to be a very friendly (not the Ben Teong kind of 'friendly-friendly' that ends up with a girl losing her virginity somewhere down the line but genuinely friendly)and caring person, especially tolerant. He is a gay activist who expressed his opinions clearly for his acceptance on gays in "UNMUTE".Yet a dark side in him prevailed when his inner beast came out to rampage
He agreed that his rash actions were a cumulative result of events that let up to the game and the pressure of performing well in the Tri Unis and getting a good start off the first game....

"I think i should apologise..", Matthias said, in an exclusive interview with SMU Rugby News. And on behalf of big Matt:

However, Amos was rather displeased with the various acts of fury that went on yesterday. He blasted Matthias at the debrief after the game, "If you wanna fight, u should join Muay Thai". He stands firm on his beliefs that violence is only for hooligans, non-violence and peace are the essence of resounding victories...Just Like Gandhi.

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