Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where is Alex Chew?

It has been a growing concern to the management of SMUrugby that "socialite" centre Alexander Lincoln Chew has gone missing for the last month or so from training.

Rumor has it that the player has been down with a bad flu over the last week or so. However, it has also been rumored that the player has taken something called the 'invisible pill", that gives him the strange powers to make himself invisible. The power apparently has given him the access to roam around school without being noticed and enjoy special access as well to the ladies washroom. This special power is so powerful, that he apparently has claimed to have been at all the trainings the past month, just that the team couldn't see him.

After having heard this rather absurd story the management has issued a stern warning to the 'missing' Alex Chew.

"It is pretty simple. He has to start showing up(literally) or face the possibility of being dropped."

Insider sources have shared news of the "Total Package" Nasiruddin to be staking a claim for a place in the starting lineup - and perhaps, Alex Chew might have to start worrying about his place in the starting lineup soon.

"I am here with the rugby team to win medals"
Nasir (right), SMU soccer & SMUrugby player expressing his disappointment of not winning a medal with the school soccer team

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