Monday, January 21, 2008

Tri-Universities Rugby Championships 2008 news

Rules for the tournament:

Approximate Duration: 6 weeks

Total number of matches: 6

Each team will play a total of 4 matches
The tournament will play a Home-Away format, where teams play each other twice.

The winner will be determined by the highest number of points earned in the league table.

Points system

A win is 3 points
A draw is 1 point
Scoring 4 tries or more is 1 bonus point
Losing within a margin of 7 is 1 bonus point

* In the case where teams are level on points, the teams will compare their goal differences. And should there still be a tie, the team with the higher number of bonus points win.

- Any player shown a red-card will serve an automatic one match ban.

- All schools are to submit a team list with all players in the squad and photocopies of player's matriculation card before their first match. Players must be an official student of their respective school.

- All teams to submit a squad of 22 players before each game.

Lastly, in any issues that's raised to the organizers of Championships, the organizers' decision will be final.

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