Friday, January 25, 2008

Match Preview: SMU vs NTU

Date: 26th January 2008, Saturday
Time: 5pm Kick off
Venue: Anglo Chinese Junior College
Referree:George Danapal

The Tri-Universities Rugby Championships will look to kick off with host SMU taking on NTU at ACJC. Prior to the match, the tournament organizers have had to struggle with problems of securing a rugby field in Singapore to hold the game, as well as employing a referee for the opening match.

Much controversies surround the referee that has been appointed by Singapore Rugby Union (SRU) for the game, Mr. George Danapal. The referee was last remembered to commit an unforgivable mistake in last year's SMU ringEmail 7s when SMU played NUS in the semi-finals, when he denied a try that was seen to be grounded by the SMU side. He did not award the try and allowed play the mysterious go on - this eventually lead to NUS scoring a try among the very confused SMU side which saw the City Boys 'robbed' of a place in the SMU 7s Finals.

Nevertheless, all eyes will hopefully be set on the two teams who will be looking to draw first blood in the tournament. There is certainly no holding back on this one...

Word from our pundits:

With both teams having a strong forward pack, the result of the game will certainly be decided at the breakdowns. The more efficient and destructive set of forwards will most likely provide the platform for victory for their respective sides.

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