Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Player of The Week - Benjamin Choy

Name: Benjamin Choy
Position: Hooker/Prop/Second Row
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 95kg 
Interests: Hiking, Exploring & Wizardry

We are proud to bring you the first post of 2015 with a special report on one of the stand out players amongst The City Boys, Benjamin Choy.

Benjamin "Ain't About That Life No More" Choy has been part of The City Boys set up since 2013, making a successful transfer from ex club, Pioneer Junior College. Having picked up the sport during his upper secondary school years at Anglo-Chinese School(Barker Road), Choy has been improving leaps and bounds and has been a regular contender for a spot in the competitive City Boy forward pack.

      Some men are born great, Some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them

Choy, a Political Science Major also holds the role of Events Director of SMU Sports Union(SSU). Having just took on the title in January 2015 he already has huge plans in the first quarter of the year with Sports Awards Night and Waikiki happening in February and March respectively.

               Choy is always up for cross cultural exchanges

SMUrugbyNews managed to catch this busy man for an exclusive all access interview.

SMUrugbyNews: Happy New Year Choy! Tell us more about the exciting events you have planned for SMU

Choy: Happy New Year! Well, as mentioned, we have Sports Awards Night and Waikiki, 2 of our marquee events that always gets the most following. Hopefully this year my team and I can make it bigger and better!

SMUrugbyNews: With the season approaching, how are you preparing for it?

Choy: I am training very hard for this upcoming season. Especially since its 7s, my forte. I believe I have mastered the art of energy conservation and will utilize my fitness and skill when the team needs it the most. I also hope to up my try tally to 2 this tournament and run over a few like a Tongan bulldozer.

SMUrugbyNews: We also hear that you are on Local Exchange this Semester at NTU. Tell us about that!

Choy: I am actually pretty excited about this to be honest. I am clearing 2 modules here in SMU and 3 at NTU. I am going to take classes in Astronomy and Defense against the Dark Arts

                                  Adventurer and Explorer

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