Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ben Teong returns home!

                                 Ben Teong in full glory

It has been 4 long years since City Boy legend, Ben Teong set foot on the rugby field donning SMU colours. After a long hiatus, Ben finally decided to join the City Boy camp for his first training tonight, with mixed feelings.

Ben Teong will be starting his JD Program in August and reached out to SMU Rugby to have a second bite at the ever so sweet cherry he could never let go of. SMUrugbyNews caught up with Ben for a quick chat after the intense session earlier.

SMUrugbyNews: Welcome back Ben! How does it feel to be a City Boy again?

Ben Teong: It feels great actually. It is as though I never left! The banter is similar and the team is really friendly. I feel right at home.

SMUrugbyNews: How do you think you can contribute to the team? Being the most experienced and oldest?

Ben Teong: As always, Old is gold. I definitely can share my experiences as a City Boy and teach the boys a few things or two about living it up on campus.

SMUrugbyNews: Did you know that the girls coming in as Freshmen this August are 10 years younger than you?

Ben Teong: Fuck.

    What happens after you leave your boots on the shelf for 2 years..

From all of us at SMU Rugby, we would like to welcome Ben back into the City Boy set up!

Ben Teong on tour - Will he make it for the SMU tour to Hong Kong this August??

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