Friday, March 13, 2015

Tertiary 7s this weekend!

After 2 consecutive 15s seasons, Tertiary rugby finally sees 7s rugby action this Saturday at the NTU field.

Besides the usual University suspects, Republic Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic are making an appearance for the first time. Republic Polytechnic are the current kings of the Polytechnic circuit and Singapore Polytechnic are close on their heels.

SMUrugbyNews tried speaking to the respective managers for a preview of their squads, but all remained tight lipped and hesitant to speak.

We do know however that all University squads are missing their marquee 7s stars, who are in full on training for the SEA Games happening in June. These players include Martin Butler and Nick Yao from NUS, Ex City Boy and NIE/NTU gas man Bryan Ng and Blandon Tan from SMU.

Speaking to Blandon Tan earlier today, SMUrugbyNews got his insights and thoughts about tomorrows tournament
                                   Blandon Tan, SMU Rugby
SMUrugbyNews: Good to speak to you Blandon! What are your thoughts on the 7s tournament tomorrow?

Blandon: I think its great to see some of the Polytechnic teams step up and compete at a higher level, a long time ago, rugby did have IVP(Inter Varsity-Poly) games but were ceased due to age differences and something silly like size advantage. The game is evolving and players are getting bigger and badder. It's a good thing that this tertiary tournament is featuring these teams, it could be the push that IVP rugby needs!

So if you want to catch the youth of Singapore Rugby tear up the pitch tomorrow, do head down to NTU field where the games kick off at 9am!

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