Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thanks for the memories, Jesse Quek

It is with sadness we announce the graduation of Jesse Quek from the SMU Rugby camp. Jesse played his last tournament with the team today racking up a couple of tries and a few mazy runs that put a smile to many faces, including his.

Jesse is undoubtedly The City Boys favourite son, having been with the squad way before his matriculation in 2011. The stumpy and lovable In-Center has  been an integral part of SMU Rugby and the culture that it has developed today. SMU Rugby cannot find another man to represent the values and traits he stood for, even up till the dying seconds of his last match this afternoon, Jesse gave his all and never backed down.

Jesse shows exemplary fortitude and determination and never slips away in limbo. He has truly been an inspiration to all freshmen who've come under his wing and downed bottles of Tiger Beer at our beloved food court at Holland Village. Being seen as one of the most approachable and friendly guys in the squad and University, it is truly hard to find anyone who shares negative moments with this fine specimen of a man.

              Jesse Quek posting about his acceptance into SMU in 2010.

SMUrugbyNews would like to thank Jesse for all he has done for the club and what it stands for. His selflessness and grit has definitely clawed SMU Rugby out of the dark ages and also brought it to its peak and prime.

Cheers to you, Jesse Quek! Enjoy this lot of pictures we dug up from the archives. Thank you for everything, and the memories. <3

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