Monday, July 27, 2015

Player of The Week - Vijay Thomas

Name: Vijay Thomas
Position: Hooker/Prop
Height: 1.77m
Weight: 90kg 
Interests: Gentle Barrie Fan Club Chairman

SMURugbyNews would like to give you a better insight on one of our up and coming stars, Vijay Thomas. Picking up the sport only at Junior College level, Vijay has improved leaps and bounds upon signing with The City Boys. Vijay has also been a regular feature at his rugby club, Oldham where he has honed his skills in the art of lifting at the lineouts and scrummaging.

SMURugbyNews managed to get in touch with the busy Vijay, who is also holding important portfolios helping to organise key SMU events such as Sports Awards Night, Waikiki, Sports Camp 2015 and most recently - the annual Thosai Run, an event co-organised by the SMU Indian Cultural Club and SMU Sports Union.

      Vijay as Hagrid Ron Weasley during Sports Camp 2015

SMURugbyNews: How has the last year been at SMU? Any significant moments?

Vijay: The last year has been great. I have made lots of new friends and joined new CCAs such as the Indian Cultural Club. The annual Thosai Run is happening in a few months! It would be great if you stop by and support the event!

SMURugbyNews: How do you find life at SMU Rugby? 

Vijay: SMU Rugby is amazing. The friendships here definitely will last a lifetime and I am glad to be part of this club. The support and teamwork is second to none! I really am at a very happy place.

                              Vijay and Marcus "Mongoose" Ang

SMURugbyNews: What is your best moment with SMU Rugby to date?

Vijay: It definitely has to be when Coach Mel shouted for me to get onto the wing during a warm up game for the 7s last season. I was ecstatic and so happy knowing that he finally realised my potential and speed down the tram tracks.. that all came to a screeching halt when the entire bench (And the opposition) vociferously exclaimed that Coach Mel actually meant DJ.. and not Vijay.

                The moment when Fauzan realised DJ wasn't on the wing..

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